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Maybe if enough people ask, you make an even better one for us? :D

I use Neil Blevins' Blended-Box-Map script all the time, although it's a bit convoluted. But having this in Corona would be a dream come true.

General Discussion / Re: Multiple lic servers?
« on: 2015-09-01, 11:34:12 »
While on the topic of 2 lic servers, I also have a question, so I'll just put it here since it's similar.

We have one WS+3 SaaS licence in the office. I also took one WS+3 licence for my home. They are registered on different mail accounts since one i paid for by the office, and one by me. Can I use my private licences in the office given that I'm not using them at home at the same time?

If yes, what's the best way to set that up? Do I just run 2 lic servers on 2 different machines and give each one the respective login details and the nodes will sort themselves out, or what?

Gallery / Re: Office space
« on: 2015-08-08, 00:21:17 »
How have you lit this scene to get such ambient lighting? Looks great :)


The lighting is really straightforward - there's a coronaLight beneath every lamp in the scene. No sun, no HDRI, no"fake" lights. Brute force lighting, if you will. :D

Gallery / Re: Hotel room interior
« on: 2015-07-29, 11:03:20 »
Would you mind sharing how you made that material on the soft wall behind the bed? I've got to do something similar for an upcoming project and I like the subtle bump you've got going on there.

Sure, basically it's the leather material from the Siger Studio Set (, I just tweaked it a bit. Nothing special. :)

Gallery / Hotel room interior
« on: 2015-07-28, 18:44:52 »
Double-bed room in Sheraton Hotel, Dubrovnik. Since it was published in the papers recently I finally get to upload it here too. :)

We originally made much nicer, more wrinkled bed sheets and some other stuff. But unfortunately that got dumped.

Gallery / Re: Office space
« on: 2015-07-28, 11:03:21 »
and the guy masturbating in his pants is internal joke here on the forum, I get it ;)

Lol, he's an internal joke everywhere :D But the client wanted that guy there. Maybe it makes sense since the client is a woman... Hmmm...

And thanks for the comments guys, yeah the models are AXYZ.

As for the xeons, we have various but most are 10-core 2650v3.

Gallery / Office space
« on: 2015-07-23, 17:08:19 »
Here's some of the newer stuff I did with Corona. Average render times were a bit less than 1 hour at 3000px wide on 4 dual xeon machines. Could probably be faster but I just left it at 300 passes and went home. :)

The cat is an internal joke with the client. Disregard plz. :D

But you know that you can use Corona 1.1.1.? :)

Hahaha, yes I know, but sadly didn't have time to reinstall the farm. :)

I encountered something weird. I wanted to plug in a CoronaAO map in the refraction color slot of a glass material so that I get some non-transparent edges. What happened was pretty weird so I made a little test scene to see if it's somehow related to the scene I was working on - and it is not.

To reproduce just make some boxes or whatever, and make a CoronaMtl with the default settings, only reflection and refraction set to 1, ie. standard transparent glass. Render.
Now put a CoronaAO map in the reflection slot of that material, and render again.

This is my test scene, just a plane, CoronaSun and a few boxes with the glass material.

Here are screenshots from my test:

This is without the CoronaAO map. The 1st pass took approx. 27 seconds, and notice 7 mil rays/s. Now WITH CoronaAO in the refraction slot:

1:21, so three times slower, and check out the stats: 23.2 mil rays/s...

I would expect slowdowns but not by 300% for such a simple scene. Also, what's with the rays/s stats?

In a more complex scene this also impacts UHD cache speeds, where I encountered a 500% percent slower solution (maybe even more) just by adding one box with a material like this.

[EDIT] Forgot to add: I'm using Corona 1.01.00 (Jun 16 2015) with 3dsmax 2016.

Gallery / Re: Nissan GTR | Studio
« on: 2015-03-05, 12:58:06 »
Those are some sexy highlights! Excellent work! :)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Laubwerk Plants Kit problem...
« on: 2015-03-04, 12:34:48 »
Np, what matters is that you're aware of it. I'm sure it will be fixed soon. :)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Laubwerk Plants Kit problem...
« on: 2015-03-04, 11:38:47 »
Hi, I've just sent a mail to info@laubwerk about it, but from what I'm seeing, all the opacity maps are improperly plugged into Fresnel IOR slots, which in turn makes max crash whenever I try to render. Manually reassigning it to opacity map slots solves the issue, but it's a huge hassle.

Daily builds / Re: Daily builds
« on: 2015-02-24, 12:42:32 »
Cool, sent you a PM. :)

Daily builds / Re: Daily builds
« on: 2015-02-24, 12:28:08 »
Is there a way to test the RC2 on a renderfarm? What steps should I take regarding the license setup and such, ie. how to activate the demo license on render slaves, if possible?

Resolved bugs / Re: BUG: Random slowdown on scene parsing
« on: 2015-01-27, 15:47:15 »
I have an update:

I uninstalled and reinstalled service pack 3 for 3dsmax 2015, and it seems both problems are gone. Seems it was Max's fault somehow. I did have SP3 installed before  (no clue if the installation could have gone wrong somehow) but Max works in mysterious ways... :-/

Hope you haven't spent too much time on it, or any for that matter.

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