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Resolved bugs / Re: BUG: Random slowdown on scene parsing
« on: 2015-01-26, 18:38:40 »
Scratch the "complex scenes" part. I just uploaded a small scene with three crappy trees with the link you gave me ( . Same thing happens approx. 1 out of 10 times. Also the mat editor is insanely slow on in all my scenes, this one included.

Running Max 2015 on dual Xeons on a Supermicro MBO with 48 GB ram, SSDs, the works. As for plugins, besides Corona, we also have Vray 3 (SP1), ForestPack, RailClone.

News / Re: New website is out
« on: 2015-01-23, 13:01:44 »
I dig the new design, clean and professional. Good work guys!

General Discussion / Re: corona "vs" redshift
« on: 2015-01-22, 10:42:07 »
Like Keymaster said, although I appreciate the effort, I find comparisons like these irrelevant. Testing render speed should be done with really complex scenes to get any decent results. What happens with difficult light scenarios or very complex materials? What happens with thousands of instanced vegetation objects? What happens with an interior packed full of glossy reflective materials? How does complex displacement impact the renderer? Lots of questions to be answered... :D

And also, while speed is an important factor, for a professional there are lots of other things to consider if you want to have a valuable comparison. Like pricing and licensing options, how good is the integration, etc. :)

Resolved bugs / Re: BUG: Random slowdown on scene parsing
« on: 2015-01-21, 12:59:53 »
I run a dual Xeon with 48 GB of RAM, so I don't think it's that. It's not all that big of a scene.

It also happens when I isolate a single object in that scene and try to render. I'll send you the scene after I finish work today. :)

Resolved bugs / BUG: Random slowdown on scene parsing
« on: 2015-01-21, 10:06:31 »
So with the 19.1. daily I'm experiencing weird and completely random slowdowns when rendering a complex scene. Sometimes the render starts instantly, other times "Parsing the scene..." takes a minute or more, and sometimes "Building acc. structure..." takes a minute or two.

All of this happens without changes in the scene, ie. I press render and cancel a few times in a row, and each time the scene preparation behaves differently.

I'm using Max 2015.

Gallery / Berlin hotel dining room
« on: 2015-01-02, 15:27:45 »
This is one from a series of renders for a hotel renovation project in Berlin.

The whole thing was a rush job (as always) so I had exactly one day to do this one. What saved me is that I didn't have to fake anything. The only light in the scene is a HDRI coming from the two half-covered windows. It feels amazing to have the freedom do do things like that, without having to worry how to fake stuff. :)

If some of the colors seem weird (like the pinkish ceiling) that was all specified by the clients, and yes, the empty picture frame is meant to be empty for some reason, and the dark one is a mirror unfortunately reflecting the curtains so it looks weird. But for a one day job, it's fine I suppose.

General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2014-11-03, 11:20:10 »
Finally found some time to test the new workstation, here's the results:

General Discussion / Re: what the heck... bump map
« on: 2014-08-08, 03:44:49 »
Gods. I never knew also. Just tried to see it with my own eyes and yeah... bummer.

Would love to hear an explanation why that is so though. o.O

Edit: I asked around a bit and it seems the CC map itself is to blame, because for some reason it performs no modification to the bitmap if it detects it is plugged into a bump slot.

No problem. Glad I could be of help. :)

Well, it's a start but I would consider it far from done.

I'll try to quickly go over what I see image by image to make things more clear.

-the grass has no self-shadows and therefore looks completely artificial, more like something painted than realistic
-AO on the roof is much too black, that would never happen in reality
-there are no shadows to speak of except from excessive AO
-if you have no interior modeled, it is usually preferable to do a daylight scene with the glass being slightly reflective to obscure the lack of detail on the inside
-the vegetation looks much too big for the model, I suppose you just scaled it up
-everything on the image is too blurry

-you can see the excessive AO on the inside walls
-the bricks look weird, like something is wrong with smoothing, or a too strong/too blurry bump.
-the background vegetation seems pasted on, it doesn't seem to sit naturally in the scene

-you can see the leaves being clipped by the ground plane
-the fence is not really appealing, nobody would put a prison-style fence around new houses like that
-car materials are a bit plastic-looking, and the red tail-lights on the left one look really fake, avoid things like that

-it is better to put two cars in a scene in a smart way, than to copy the same car over and over
-the chairs on the left-most terrace flew apart
-the ground texture is scaled wrong and looks blurry and fake, especially apparent in the corners

A good place to start would be to bring in some sun or a good HDRI, and get more dynamic lighting with real shadows.
Find some better plant models, there is free stuff all around the web.
Take a look around the forums, there are beautiful images by very talented users here, try to analyze how they achieved the atmosphere in their images.
Some of the artists here have blogs with very useful tutorials, find them and read them.

I know you probably don't have time to do all that on this project, but try to study lighting and materials a bit more.

Unfortunately I have no clue about Blender so I can't help you with specifics, but good luck anyway and keep it up! :)

Gallery / Walk-in wardrobe
« on: 2014-07-23, 11:47:17 »
A simple walk-in wardrobe. Commercial work. Could have done some things differently, like more variety with the clothes' colors, but the client was in a rush and
said this was good enough.

I just uploaded my first material, and immediately something came to mind. I see all the materials are moderated before being published which is great, but it seems that I can't edit (or even see) the given material before it has been moderated. I noticed a lot of users requesting 2012 max file versions (I uploaded 2014) so I could have changed that immediately before somebody even took time to look at it. It would seem logical to have a "pending" section on your profile where you can see what you have uploaded and edit it somehow. This way I have no way of knowing if I successfully uploaded the material or whether I forgot something.

Not really an important thing, I know, but it would be nice to have. :) 

And I suggest adding some sort of "approved user" status later. It makes no sense to moderate materials from users who have published let's say 20 or more good materials. It could save you some valuable time.

Keep up the good work :)

Gallery / Re: Corian Kitchen
« on: 2014-06-02, 02:29:41 »
Hi, well, no, there shouldn't be a problem with the hob at the window. I've seen it dozens of times. And the oven opens to the side, instead of the usual way, and the rails slide out, so it's not really all that impractical. (On a side note, I had nothing to do with the design itself, it was provided by an architectural office).

Gallery / Corian Kitchen
« on: 2014-06-01, 23:06:58 »
Hi Guys,

This is my first post here, and I'm completely new to Corona. I'm a long time 3dsmax user (I use mentalray).

I got a rush job a few days ago to do a series of renders for a small kitchen, and I took the plunge and tried Corona instead of my usual workflow. And I must say I'm really impressed with the results and ease of use. Simply amazing.

The clients wanted their current Gaggenau appliances in the new kitchen so I had to model them, and the main feature is that mostly everything is made of Corian, so it appears as a single block, no seams anywhere. And also no handles due to a push-to-open system. All in all they had specific appliances, chairs, table, lamp, and tiles which had to be custom modeled and textured. The rest is run-of-the-mill stuff. All work was done in only two days, and in that time, I'm very satisfied with the results, mostly thanks to Corona. I'm officialy a fan.

Renders were PT+HD, around 2 hrs on one  i7 + one AMD X8 @ 2500x1400px.

Comments and suggestions always welcome. :)

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