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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: SIMPLE RENDERINGS THREAD
« on: 2013-07-01, 00:16:44 »
why the long render time for something this little? was it intentional?

Gallery / Re: jg first test
« on: 2013-06-29, 21:47:55 »
How come?........2 hours VS 13 minutes ???......speechless difference considering d benchmark performance. Is this alpha V5

Gallery / Re: Meeting Room Scene
« on: 2013-06-28, 11:42:53 »
noe2arch ... youre welcome Sir.... also take note of keymasters tips, they are necessary processes for optimizing quality n speed in corona
* i tried what i could with the shaders... still have alot to learn in that department as well. peace

« on: 2013-06-28, 07:29:55 »
photo-realistically amazing stuff...

#render setup and settings pls?
#render time?
#what did you use for post(photoshop, nuke, AE)?

Gallery / Re: Meeting Room Scene
« on: 2013-06-25, 13:20:15 »
first of all - my post is aimed at the possible challenges a mid-level artist may face using corona. its merely a referencing than it is a comparison.

Bigguns - i would like to see you do a better comparison that we can learn reasonably from... whatever keymaster meant by "furryball ones" is just laughable not entirely contributive so since most of us are here to learn a thing or two about corona, i sure cant wait to see your contributions. thank you.

keymaster - "what is great about comparisons is that you can always make one that supports your opinions". (not quite what i expect from the founder but thank you for this wonderful renderer)... instead, i was hoping you could tell us what critical settings to work with to improve the quality of our renders and knock off the noise significantly? :D

Materials / Re: Idea for Material library
« on: 2013-06-24, 01:44:29 »
nice but what material is this suppose to be??? and wheres the link to the scene file???

Gallery / Re: Meeting Room Scene
« on: 2013-06-22, 09:59:06 »
its sad to see that the noise in corona lets it down. ive converted most of my archinteriors scenes to corona and the problem remains the noise within a short time given for a complete render in vray.
for your meeting room:
1) you havent worked with AO in your shaders... you should check that
2) some of your materials are not well tweeked/converted(e.g the more reflective wall at the end facing us).... did you use the dead clown converter?
3) i can see you struggling with coronas contrast. while i feel its more of a gamma issue, i might be wrong but if i take the render to photoshop i just might be able to adjust to get a very similar result. the overall result looks washed out and the contrast option could be hard to work with so i'd rather leave that aspect to post production.
4) diffuse issues: your wood for example might have to be adjusted by reducing the diffuse or the output options of the map is the only option i can think of.

to buttress the discussion: left is vray in 9mins from max no pp. middle is corona from max.  right is corona photoshoped.
you can analyse n let me know what you think.
Note: # very talented artist are welcome to help ,advice and give tips

Gallery / Re: Exterior scene
« on: 2013-06-13, 23:13:33 »
chakib  -   just take off the woman and the render would be fantastic

headoff   -  do you mean pt + pt ?

« on: 2013-06-13, 00:53:16 »
nice shaders and details....but the chandelier looks weird. may be its because i haven't seen that type before. hmmm. keep it up

Dayuuuuum!!! pls enlighten us all especially on leaf material .... was a Hdri used?

awesome! can you please share your metal material settings with us via jpgs? thanks

Gallery / Re: Corona Renderer sample scene
« on: 2013-06-09, 01:57:23 »
IM beginning to think corona is only good at interiors? i know it is good at exteriors as well but when are we going to see you talents render a major kick ass exterior scene with corona? not these small houses we see every talking commercial buildings, major high rise apartments or sky scrapper office buildings of great architecture and lots of glazing to play with, and reflections to deal with, street lights, cars and people. lets express some variety and versatility on this site pls. its just been interiors every day and i don't think that's a good enough portfolio for corona. its just my personal opinion and i hope anyone who has posted images and who is about to post any images in the gallery can relate to what im saying....? look back page to page and you will observe that only 8% or less of the gallery are complete exterior scenes. tada!!!  pls guys, amazing interiors with great design and realism can get boring after a long while. lets explore coronas possible potentials on the level of exterior high end Archviz pls pls pls     but remember to tell us how u achieved it :D   

attached are a few samples my pain. lol

Gallery / Re: Trailer: The Capybaras Rebelion
« on: 2013-05-31, 17:52:58 »
holy crap! dude, you have to tell us how u did all of this.... keymaster is right, it warrants a "a making of" even if most of us dont use nuke or AE in our pipelines it will encourage us to.  This is a classic!!!. However, my mind tells me this was just a portfolio attempt (demo reel thing) and the movie aint coming to reality... am i right?

Gallery / Re: Living - 5k image in 3h 50 min
« on: 2013-05-22, 18:52:28 »
Yes, you can view my efforts on my website.  let me knw wat u think n where you can help out but they were all done in mental ray and I'm trying to move to corona 4 archviz. Thanks

Gallery / Re: Living - 5k image in 3h 50 min
« on: 2013-05-22, 13:52:00 »
wow! corona and vray master... i believe u can do a mental ray version? so u mean the render times where similar? when are we corona fans going to get an amazing video tutorial or tutorial scene from one of you geniuses to help us study and start uploading wonderful images like yours on front pages of online viz sites like evermotion/corona??? Grrrrr!!! Not fair(cant find a smiley to express my angry and sad crying face)

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