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There are many cases which cause restarting IR:
opening ME, going into submap, rollout some material section, switching between material slots
staying with mouse over some object in viewport to popup small hint with object name,
pressing keys Q, W,E,R
selecting object but don't move it

Gallery / Re: Area Gourmet and Leisure Area
« on: 2016-07-05, 12:32:23 »
I really like this renders, non destructive post(it looks like real camera photos), good camera positions and colors.
I can not understand why there are no comments.

I made quick comparison:

-low cost scenario, single node rendering, same scene 300MB(max. file + assets), same settings, corona 1.4
Rebus farm: 34.4min., 1.58€
RenderFlow: 90.76min., 0.94€
home i3 SandyBridge @3.5GHz: 240.5min.

+..maybe 3x quicker scene export and also faster upload (cca. 50Mbit/s)
+..cheaper for me, because render time is not so important for me, it is always faster than on my home PC
-..absence of VIZPark crossmap?? ..manager check scene without errors => big difference on chair in normalmap...I dont thing it is caused by missing textures on floor(crossmap used)
-..full plugin list missing on web
-..I dont understand cost cauculator, but it doesnt matter, after one render test I know exactly how much it will cost in the future :)



Bormax: Try to change adaptivity interval via maxscript to higher number(maybe half number of phases or higher) as default(5):
Code: [Select]
renderers.current.adaptivity_interval = 48With this setting will be the image rendered with equal portion of samples in each pixel from pass 1 to 48.
After pass 48 will start adaptivity do its job :)
According sampling focus render element adaptivity is "drastic" in distribution of solution is let corona render image with adaptivity only last few passes. For me ideal number of interval is between half and 3/4 num. of total passes. I discovered 10% less render time and of course noise eliminated on problematic materials and dark areas :)

Someone could say, that with high interval values there will be few or only one calculation of adaptivity during rendering....but when I was watching SF render element, is it enough.

I found solution. It only works with properly render, not render elements only. So I set material for everything pure black(for grass + forest edge map), and add objects which I need adjust later in CMasking_mask element RGB list sections.

It is possible to have forest edge map properly working in render elements?
I need B/W mask from some objects with concrete material for postproduction.
My settings in attachment

Gallery / Building lands for houses
« on: 2016-05-10, 12:41:43 »
Project of four building lands for houses.
Here are 12 panoramas

If you dont have option to change leaf geometry shape(example B,C from first post), keep leafe geometry as it is and just decrease color depth of leafs alpha image from e.g. 8bit to only 1bit B/W and save it as png. It has only tiny visual impact but same speed improvement like in example B.

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