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Hey Guys

I`m very proud to give you NoEmotion HDRs. Collection of 150 spherical HDRs, 15000 x 7500 pixel resolution. I shot those in 2010  in about 10 months time. We`ve been using these on many projects in the past and finally we decided to share them with the community. It`s absolutely free, just visit our website and download the ones you like.

The final HDR files together are around 35GB, and are hosted on multiple servers. Dropbox Pro and Google drive  services and we are also using other two webhosting servers for mirrors. We cannot provide more than couple of Terabytes of traffic per day.We understand that you want it all, but please don`t download everything at once, if you do, nobody else will be able to, and  most importantly, be patient :)

I would like to thank very very much to  Ondra KarlĂ­k for helping us with hosting one of the mirror links on the Corona server!

thank you Happy rendering


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