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I need help / Re: Email notification
« on: 2014-09-02, 16:39:32 »
Great...thanks for the added info :)

I need help / Re: Corona Material Converter info
« on: 2014-09-02, 15:59:49 »
Thanks Tomislavn,

I will try again later. Hopefully the Corona Mat Library will expand with time. I have a huge collection of VrayMtl and VRmats.
I really need to convert: Porcelain. I use it for my kitchen doors.

Don't want them to go to waste cos I have just spent the last two months compiling them. In fact, in the last few months I have gone
from Sketchup + Vray2 to 3Ds Max + Vray3. But I am going to give everything up for Max + Corona. The colour mapping is the best I've seen.


So any support, however small, goes a long way....

I need help / Re: Corona Material Converter info
« on: 2014-09-02, 15:00:54 »
Thanks Tomislavn,

I did that and when I press 'start convertion' nothing happens. Maybe I am missing something.

Hey, DeadClown. Courtesy costs nothing. If you want people to become loyal to your product you have to cater to peoples needs without attitude.
If I don't understand something it's not my fault.

What am I converting? Materials in the Max viewport or specific files on my HD?
Why is there no clear instructions? The buck stops with you. Case closed.

I need help / Re: Email notification
« on: 2014-09-02, 12:33:37 »
Many thanks Tomisavn :)

Many thanks Fellazb :)  Once you mentioned the keyword "Auto-grid" I was able to research it on the net and it works.


I need help / Email notification
« on: 2014-09-02, 12:00:33 »
I don't get email notifications when someone responds to one of my questions.
Which means I have to trawl through the forum and see if I have had a resonse.

Is there a way of setting this up in my profile?

I went to the AREA Forum to find an answer to this question.... nobody knew the answer.

Please look at this Corona Vid and please tell me how the guy created the portals so quickly (to face upwards) in Max.
Normally you can only create Planes on the ground unless you rotate them 90 degrees or use them on the Front or Left viewport.

I need help / Re: Corona Material Converter info
« on: 2014-09-01, 21:37:22 »

General Discussion / Re: Questions about Corona
« on: 2014-09-01, 21:23:58 »
It's the little things that make a difference. And what I like about Corona is the Menus have less content. Just the fact that I don't have to scroll down to go through all the tables makes me happy. Also, the menus in the Corona set-up stay closed when I want them to. I like this too cos when I open the Vray set-up they are all open and it just too much on the eye.

I don't understand why the menus open top to bottom. They should open right to left so you have more real estate cos we are dealing with landscape screens not portrait.

I tried the Sigershaders. Did not like them. But I do like the idea of having a material manager. I use the Max Asset Brower to store all my objects so I can drag them in. I keep my materials in the Max Project File on my desktop.... only because I don't know how to change the paths to open elsewhere. I am new to Max. I come from the land of Sketchup.

I only installed Corona today. I still have to figure it out. Especially the converter.

General Discussion / Re: Questions about Corona
« on: 2014-09-01, 17:46:22 »
Applying an HDRi Map should be quick, fuss free. Arranging the Sun & Sky should be pleasurable because it's so easy. Materials need to be applied effortlessly. Software should facilitate the creative process... not bog it down with procedure.
It detracts from the beauty and simplicity of your original concept. It's like balancing on a high ladder with a handful of tools. You end up not getting anything done cos your too busy juggling between tools.

All this is me just talking out loud :))  No dis-respect to V-ray.

What I would like to see is a [right mouse click] procedure where all your material libraries are in one zone and can be dragged onto the object in the viewport. Then all the maps automatically load. Instead of having to add
maps you take them away if you don't want them. Reverse engineering. Textures and maps are used constantly. They should be one click away... not 10 clicks scattered everywhere on the HD. After a while it just gets tedious :(

By the way... I have seen you on other forums (if you are Icelandic?).... I checked out your work. It is very good. Inspirational :)

I need help / Corona Material Converter info
« on: 2014-09-01, 16:46:41 »
Does anyone know how to use the Material Converter to change VrayMtl to CoronaMtl?

Can someone direct me to a video or something.... in basic terms.
Also, please direct me to tutorials on how to get the best rendering options within Corona.


General Discussion / Re: Questions about Corona
« on: 2014-09-01, 10:25:30 »
Yep... question 4 is a stupid question. Just installed and everything looks good and quick to set up.
Seems too easy. I am so used to doing Kung-Fu with Vray.

Will have to delve into YouTube now and try and understand how to use it properly.

Another question....


General Discussion / Questions about Corona
« on: 2014-09-01, 07:41:09 »

I have just joined the Forum.
I hav'nt even downloaded the software yet.... but I am very excited by the software. It's beautifully simple and looks user friendly.
I use to use Sketchup + Vray. Recently, I decided to move to 3Ds Max + Vray. But, after looking at Corona, I feel this is the best way forward because of the simplicity.
I feel way behind everyone else in terms of knowledge and skills so it's nice to become part of a new software (that is like me) on the crest of accendency.

I have a few questions....

1. Can the Corona converter convert VRmats (vismats)?
2. Can I use CG Source: Floor Generator + Multi-texture map? If not, is there an alternative?
3. Can I convert my materials from with your converter?
4. Does the Slate Editor work with Corona?

In Sketchup Vray you can use the SU Eyedroper to choose a material in your viewport, right click and import a VRmat with instant result in your viewport. Can Corona do this?
What I don't like about Vray (that really gets me annoyed) is how complex it is to appy materials. Hopefully, Corona will address this and make it simpler.


PS - The Forum is great :) Very nicely laid out.

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