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I need help / Re: Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-21, 17:09:23 »
What I do every now and again... is have not 1, not 2, but three beers at home.... :) wow!!!

I must add that I don't drink much and I am a complete lightweight.... but... the icing on the cake is I listen to all my old music from
the 1980's & 1990's... when music was music. And sing at the top of my lungs. Helps clear the cobwebs.

I don't get out much too.

In the UK things are very straightforward. But, here in Egypt things are very different. Whoever pays you, owns you. And you have to kiss ass and do what master bids. It's also hard to get paid on time. The positives though is the pace of life is slower and less demanding. Nobody works in the summer months... they are all on the beach.

Also, I have a huge rebellious nature. Which often gets me in trouble. Cannot help myself :)

The architect Frank Ghery once said: "I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do".


I need help / Re: Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-21, 12:38:47 »
I will upload the pics high res once I have processed them in PS to the Gallery.
Still alot to do. I can do in PS what I cannot do in Corona.... yet.

Dubcat explained how to use your material.

Maru... I noticed you are always eager to help and have a pleasant manner. And I very much appreciate any help given.... it cheers me up.... and helps me feel part of a community.... rather than a bug that needs to be squashed. Ha ha :)))

Poland seems to be a happening place at the moment. I don't know if you watch the YouTube channel LEVEL UP..... about digital art.
Those guys come from Poland too. Maybe you all drink at the same bar?

I need help / Re: Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-21, 01:01:06 »
Thanks. But, I could not have done it without the help and knowledge of others.... on this thread.
Once I put it into Photoshop I will enhance it further with puddles.

Craftsmen also use an hourly rates when making something. They know it will take (x) amount of time to make a chair.
But, here, an hourly rate would scare people. But, a daily rate feels abit better.

When I do an interior design job I make a 12 week contract. One year later and can still find myself working on the same project which makes me resent the job and become upset with myself for not having a 'get out of jail card' factored in the contract. There is always a fear though of losing a potential job due to being too expensive or being too difficult with the boundaries. So, I sometimes sell myself short just to keep the wheels turning.

Very much appreciate your reply....and I understand it is an open-ended question.

I once asked another CG artist this question (who was German) and he said he charges 600euro for the first image and 150euro for each image thereafter.
Must add that I am from the UK but live in Egypt. People pay much less for this type of work.

I will try the links you suggested.


I would appreciate any info on what is the going rate for a 3D render and what factors govern the price.

I became an interior & architecture designer after many years working as an illustrator. I have gone full circle
back to presentation but use software instead of traditional pen & ink and marker pens.

Very interested to here how others charge. How to combat against clients that change their minds alot and the
timescale you would allow for undertaking a presentation project.

I understand this can be a sensitive subject and people don't normally give info about how much they charge.

Just to put you in the picture.... I am talking about commercial projects for large building projects like Football Stadiums
and recreational clubs and office building blocks.... as well as smaller residential projects.

I need help / Re: Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-19, 09:15:41 »
Maru.... I have enclosed some pics of what I am working on.... Shipping Container House.
I downloaded your material, put it in the Mat editor... but, I don't know what to do with it. Looks an interesting technique though.

These pics are post processed. I am going to put them in PS and use a Wacom tablet to add grunge to the edges of the rust. Though I would rather do
this in the future in Corona. Hence, the above.

I need help / Re: Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 22:55:39 »
I am neither obnoxious or rude. And I feel sad that you should think that :(
I should have put a smiley face at the end of the comment to disarm it :)

But, I am impatient and have a dry humour. ...which could be easily misconstrued by someone straight laced ;-]
Thanks for your reply though. To the point and no tech talk. Great :))))

I need help / Re: Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 21:31:45 »
Many thanks for the reply.

I often get confused at some of the terminology used in rendering... which in turn makes me upset, cos when you
want to get good at something... you really get eager to know more. There is always something more to learn.... and the rabbit hole gets deeper.

I am really happy about finding out the Tent filter info... increase from 1.5 to 3px will yield softer results. I will try it out. Great.
I did a Z depth pass (for the first time) and hope I can soften things with this in Photoshop.

I will stick with 4k even though it takes forever. If I use 1920 x 1080p I will always have a seed of doubt in my mind.

I need help / Re: Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 19:32:39 »

Yes, well, that's all very fine and dandy.... and I admire the patting yourselves on the back routine ....but, getting back to my question...

What's this 3px theory.... and can it help my renders?

I need help / Re: Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 14:15:59 »
So, you are saying I should stick with my present render size of 4K?

But, you mention 3px filter that Juraj uses. How do I do this?
Where is this located and recommended setting? Are you talking about the TENT FILTER?

I always find the image looks best when you first start rendering and it has abit of noise in it.
Slowly though, as the image gets clearer over time, the image becomes too sharp and looks computer generated.
I really dislike this.... and would prefer a softer edge.

I need help / Re: Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-18, 12:25:00 »
What I want to master next is vertical wood or concrete. Where the rain has wet the top of a structure, while the bottom is dry. Any tips on this problem...?

Some ideas: top/bottom material or Corona's AO. Maybe a creative use of both?

Many thanks for the reply. I will check them out.
I spend weeks in Max designing a good model only to let things down by little details. All help is appreciated.

Also, I just posted a new thread on "Render Size". Maybe you can shed some light on this topic?

I need help / Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 09:01:49 »
I always doubt what render size to render at.

I render at 3840 x 2160p. I have read that animators render at double the size and then reduce by 50% for the final image (1920x1080).
This softens the hard edges and helps in Photoshop if you want to doctor things.

I am not talking about print. I am concerned about what size to render at for web.

At the end of the day, rendering at 4K takes alot of time and the file sizes are big.

Can someone educate me on this subject?

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