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I need help / Shadow Density
« on: 2016-05-31, 22:15:55 »
Stupid one...

In max it's easy to adjust your shadow density and make it darker or lighter but where in Corona do you achieve that?

Gallery / Re: first exterior render with corona
« on: 2016-05-31, 21:55:16 »
Hi Gilhal,

Man that looks amazing! Really!

Would you mind shedding some "light" on my plight :) I can hit up great interior and exterior ground renders but when the camera goes up in the sky and looks down my lighting is too harsh or the image is too sharp or something just doesn't look right :(

Your image has great lighting and soft light shadows and the whole thing just looks tranquil. Mine is hard and uninviting. Is it all Rendering or post production tecnique?

I'd really really appreciate some help if you could man?

Desperate Ed

I need help / Bird Flight Exterior Lighting
« on: 2016-05-31, 21:50:03 »
Hi Guys,

I am having a hell of a time trying to get a birds eye view render done of an exterior building (or street).

All my ground shot exterior lighting looks great but as soon as your up in the sky looking down the render just looks horrible. The lighting is too harsh but even dropping the intensity nad fiddling with setting isn't making it look any better. I don't know if it can't be done out of the renderer and it is a post thing with heavy AO or what it is but PLEEEEAASSEEE help :(

Makes sense especially as it is probably not that common. I've just sat for 4 hours selecting and converting my Corona Mats to Standard. Even if it's just the simples like Diffuse / Bump / Reflection.

It would be such a win to have a button to take 4 hours off my evening.

How do we go about doing this :)

Start with a bunch of flowers and a ton of gratitude...

Heya fellas and feller-ettes,

So here's a Q. Any chance of a button in the converter to go from Corona materials back to Scanline basic materials? I have bumped into a workflow whereby i sometimes need to take my file into other apps that use scanline...


I need help / Re: Filters
« on: 2016-05-01, 18:02:08 »
A little summin summin like this Mental Ray option -

The mr Photographic Exposure Control lets you modify rendered output with camera-like controls: either a general exposure value or specific shutter speed, aperture, and film speed settings. It also gives you image-control settings with values for highlights, midtones, and shadows. It’s intended for high-dynamic-range scenes rendered with the mental ray renderer, the iray renderer, or the Quicksilver hardware renderer.

Standard menu: Set mental ray as the renderer. > Rendering menu > Environment > Environment and Effects dialog > Environment panel > Exposure Control rollout > Choose mr Photographic Exposure Control from the list. > mr Photographic Exposure Control rollout
Enhanced menu: Set mental ray as the renderer. > Rendering menu > Environment and Effects > Environment and Exposure Settings > Environment and Effects dialog > Environment panel > Exposure Control rollout > Choose mr Photographic Exposure Control from the list. > mr Photographic Exposure Control rollout

I need help / Re: Filters
« on: 2016-05-01, 18:00:05 »
My Bad. I was looking at Corona Labs SDK and thought it was for Corona Render.

Anyone have any clue as to how to bring saturation down on the final render?

In MAX I think you can do it using the camera but i don't think it translated to Corona side?

I need help / Re: Sketchup to Max to Corona
« on: 2016-05-01, 17:49:18 »
Weird thing is that it looks fine in MAX before converting. I'm using the latest converter. Both houses are showing brick then I convert and it turns grey, I click show materials with the "selected only" check box off and then brick is back on one house and 2 walls of the other house but the other 2 walls are BLUE? and 8 out of 12 window sills are concrete and the others are WHITE?

I think I'll check the normals in Sketchup and failing that it would be easier to bring in only geometry and texture in Max like suggested.

Only thing there is both houses come in as one piece and I need to sub-object select polygons and detatch them to seperate material groups.

At least I love doing it ;)

Thanks for all answers and any further advice.

I need help / Re: window generator
« on: 2016-05-01, 17:42:50 »
Long shot but i usually build in Revit and then bring into Max. Revit has tons of libraries so why not download from Autodesk Skked website in DWG format and import to MAx straight?

I need help / Re: Best vegetation pack for corona
« on: 2016-05-01, 16:53:02 »
Have I missed something but i haven't seen anyone comment on Laubwerk - good trees from a distance and nice options with age and season but not the greatest close up. Also too saturated. Then there is GrowFX which needs a bit of work with regards to inverting the opacity map and actually adding it to the map slot, then also using the converter and finally scaling it up but after all htat it actually is really good!

I need help / Filters
« on: 2016-05-01, 16:11:27 »
Hi guys, can anyone shed some light on where to add the filter code for a specific item such as desaturation -

object.fill.effect = "filter.desaturate"

object.fill.effect.intensity = 0.5

I need help / Sketchup to Max to Corona
« on: 2016-04-27, 13:18:56 »
Hi, this is a mess :(

I get a Sketchup file from a client. I import to Max and it comes in with all materials applied and looking good. They use Arch and Design mats. I then convert using the converter to Corona MTL. Some of them convert and some don't. The biggest problem is that If we have a building with 4 walls and they all had brick applied. When I convert then maybe 2 of them keep the brick and one will turn blue and the last will turn white?

It literally uses the brick then applies 2 other materials to the other 2 walls. There are then window sills, frames, roof edges etc that all have 2 or 3 new materials randomly placed on faces.

What is the best way and sequence to do this without having to sub element select all polys for brick and apply a single material etc for all objects?

Shoo. I hope that makes sense :)

I need help / Re: Best vegetation pack for corona
« on: 2016-04-27, 13:14:35 »
Forest Pack with HQ plants work really well using the Corona MTL Converter once placed.

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Panorama Exporter
« on: 2016-04-06, 14:09:23 »
Balls, Ok. Corona Camera Mod in Modify Stack :)

But.... (<- There it is)

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