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I need help / Re: How to do a planet like in this photo
« on: 2017-03-30, 22:25:19 »
Well, there they talk about the falloff method in order to get the border smoothed but I've tried it and I haven't get any satisfactory result. And I've made a lot of "tries and error" tests.

Thank you.

I have the same needing: how to implement this fading atmosphere for a planet rendering from the space.

I need help / How to do a planet like in this photo
« on: 2017-03-30, 12:35:59 »

I need to create a planet for a scene which I need for a client inside a series of a robot.

I would like to create this degradation between the planet and its atmoshpere, with this smoooth degradation (see "reference" image attached).

I have by now this image (test).

And the materials settings (materials).

I tried to add some kind of falloff property applied to the opacity and transparency setting of the planet material making it gradually more transparent near the exterior of the planet but I couldn't reach to any satisfactory result.

Any idea?.

I've attached the scene in order to see if it's easier and faster for you make some test.

Thank you very much in advance.

I need help / Re: How to create thick fabric rug?
« on: 2017-02-01, 14:15:15 »
Good work, overall for the "hairs" of the pair of edges.

It would be good to show us how did you set the material.

Best regards.

I need help / Re: How can I create this material?
« on: 2017-01-31, 00:56:58 »
Perfect perfect perfect!.
This was what I was looking for.
This is a a comparison of how it looked before (first plane) and how it looks now (in the back).
Best regards and thank you very much Romullus.

I need help / Re: How can I create this material?
« on: 2017-01-30, 23:04:00 »
The problem is that the zone of the text which shold be with the same glass than the rest, is darker and I don't know which parameter should I modify in order to leave both zones unseamed.


I need help / How can I create this material?
« on: 2017-01-30, 22:31:24 »
I want to create an electric crusher with some text keemping the transparency like you can imagine.
My best test, the one attached is this (crusher_test.png).
And my materials attachments (materials.png) shows the material used for the glass zone with text and the another for the rest or the body of glass(materials2.png).
Thank you in advance.

You're wellcome.  :) :)


The problem was that I don't know why the object of behind the mirror plane didn't was well meshed and the mirror material didn't work ok because it was like if both material and meshes were transparent at the same time.

The fact is that I changed the mesh of both objects and keep the settings of the materials, leaving invisible to the camera the first plane.

And "voilĂ ": infinite results depending on the IOR of the reflection property in both materials.

Here you are the desired results.

Thanks to all of my friends of this community!!.

Yes Belly.

the problem is that between the camera and the first plane where the reflections take place must be seen some objects.

Thanks for your explanatin belly.

A camera clipper?.

I don't understand you.

I've unchecked the "visible to camera" object property. Did you want to say this?.

Kind regards.


I'm in a hurry: how could I create infinite reflections between two reflective planes and one of them with transparency?

The idea is to get infinite reflections where each reflection fade out in each iteration...It's like trying to achieve a sensation of movement with a few frames...But they have to be seen only in the mirror plane.

I expected to create reflections between the two planes practically till the infinite varying the IOR in their reflection properties panel.

I attatch the result (only one reflection in each plane, 2 reflections in total) and a simple scheme of the main idea.

Kind regards.

Thank you very much romullus. I think I have solved my problem thanks to your both materials attatched in your scene although I have to make some post-production with Photoshop but it can do the trick very well.

Kind regards.


Let me see...

I don't know at first sight where the catcher and caster options are located...

I have never done something like that but I think it's what I see in your render image: only the shadow and light beams...All except the geometry.

I'm gonna download your scene and see if i can achieve this result.

I'm in a hurry: please could you help me with how to project a shadow from an object which I don't want to be seen?.

I'm using 3DSMAX.

The scene needs to place some furniture in a room which is a 2Dimage as background. But the room has a lot of cristals/windows which have frames which projects shadows over the furniture I want to place. So I decided to model approaching the frames and cristals to the 2D image in order to project "accuratelly" the shadows, but I don't want that the model of the room can be seen: I need its shadows but I don't want to be seen.

3DSMAX has via Object->Properties>Hide_To-Camera option which worked for me in the past, but I fear that this could be due to corona Renderer.

Would you know how to help me?.

Thanks in advance

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