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Ok, I think my problem has been solved.

The main issue was the unknown Corona Camera Modifier .

I've made some tryings and I think I control the DOF.

Thank you very much all of you. :)

P.D.: It would be good to stablish a system to give positive votes to other members who help others inside this community, just like happens in the Stack Overflow community of programmers.

Thank you very much Juang3d ("Gracias" si hablas espaƱol , pues soy de EspaƱa).

I didn't realised that this modifier existed!. What a mistake by my part.

Anyway, let me ask you two questions more (in green):

1).-With this feature we can set the center of the DOF.
2).-With the f-stop we can set the depth of field.

But this is only an approaching achieved with "iterations" of try&error process . If I want to calculate more accuratelly I would like to check the equations of the on-line calculator 's link

The problem is this: I can't get the desired DOF through the parameters I can manage.

This is a capture I've made with the most relevant parameters I think we need to solve this issue.

Maybe I'm not a great photographer.  :P

Thanks a lot.

First of all I want to say that I'm using Corona as a plugin for 3DSMax.

I'm trying to associate the parameters of a DOF calculator with the right units but I haven't found any logical relation:

For instance, I've found this calculator:

But I couldn't find the way to calculate the DOF through the parameters of Corona in 3DSMAX and the link's formula. :-/ .

Any idea?.

Thank you.


Do you have any tutorial or guide where we can learn how to use the settings available in corona in order to achieve a good comprehension of this feature?

Thank you.

Gallery / Re: Modern Kitchen
« on: 2014-12-16, 20:22:34 »
May I know if you applied the DOF from Corona or it was in the post production phase?.

Gallery / Re: Quick project - God Jul
« on: 2014-12-16, 20:18:40 »
I love it!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: corona dof test
« on: 2014-12-16, 20:16:44 »
Which settings ofr the DOF did you use?.

I'm having problems to find the correct settings for the right use DOF in corona render engine.

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