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Resolved bugs / Re: Max number of lights in corona?
« on: 2015-03-05, 15:58:45 »
..And here is the same scene, with a corona light material on a multi sub object.

Resolved bugs / Max number of lights in corona?
« on: 2015-03-05, 15:09:01 »
I have a scene with 440+ lights in it. It is a christmas decoration for flagpoles.
When I render it looks like the attached picture. Is there a max number of lights in corona? When I load the interactive renderer it just removes the lights from the scene, and then adds them again when I cancel the interactive renderer.

OR is there a workaround? Can I use a light texture instead? I'll try now, but I wanted to check and see if Corona had a max number of light sources as this could be good to know.

This is a wonderful renderer by the way. I'll buy it ASAP.

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