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I need help / Re: need to reduce noise in reflections
« on: 2015-06-29, 16:32:01 »
thanks for the quick response:
-remove the falloff map from opacity - it makes no sense to use it if you are using refraction
It is hack, yes.But I have forgotten to mention that we are using Corona in an unusual environment: it is about cartoon characters. So it doesn't have to be physical correct.
In this case the prop is rendered against a bended grey background waiting for approval. The refraction gives it a black 'outline' which is killed by the falloff.
I removed it- rendertime decreases only 2 seconds. Noise seems to be comparable.

-use path tracing as both secondary and primary solvers
ok...For other reasons not an option(but only very little difference)

-why did you increase light samples multiplier to such crazy value? is there any reason for this? leave it at default 2 or even reduce it to 1
-if you want better time/quality ratio for glossy reflections - increase "gi vs aa balance" (not too much, check values like 16, 24, 32...)

this was due to try&error:I increased GI-AA up to 64 with little difference. cranking the multiplier up to 8 however reduced the noise. rendertime increased from somewhat 5 to 8

-why are you using both time and pass limit? again, is there any reason? I think you should use one or another, preferably pass limit only, to have the same image quality across all of the frames
I'm sorry, that this was misunderstandable: I use pass limit only. But because of the huge amounts of frames that have to be rendered, rendertime per frame is crucial.

--reset render settings to defaults
this was the key! :) it rendered much better. I wondered why because basically I only changed the multiplier. It seems that the reason for the noise is the 'use' Corona env 180,180,180 RGB setting.
Can you shed some lights on this?
---it seems that is has nothing do with corona or max env: it is only the bright color which is causing the noise.

many thanks Martin

I need help / need to reduce noise in reflections
« on: 2015-06-29, 15:23:08 »
I need to reduce the noise(in the reflections): The glass-object is simple 'one-sided' geo and 'thin'.(plse find mat-editor/screen attached)
The rendersettings are 1: render time=10 min , Pass limit 60 and Light samples multiplier cranked up to 8. All other settings should be default.
2 Lights setup: bluish coronalight left and coronasun from the right. Scene env is 'use' Corona with a 180,180,180 RGB setting.

Any ideas which settings I could use to decrease the noise? Pls note that this will be used in animation- so rendertime will be crucial.
Simply cranking settings up is no option.
thanks Martin

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