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I need help / Re: render elements saving corrupt
« on: 2017-03-04, 19:01:28 »
As I remember it, this max-bug is completely random. It happens in one scene- the next scene works fine.

General Discussion / Re: Royal Render
« on: 2017-03-02, 18:46:51 »
Uh. I had some trouble in the beginning as well. But, i can't remember the details- getting old.
You have to watch the log-files closely. If you don't succeed, open a support ticket at RR. They will help you.

Thanks a million for that. I'm very sorry if I gave the impression of being very familiar with tonemapping in general and specifically with the ACES-stuff.
But in a nutshell: The controls(tA,tB...) where can I read a description of what they do?

..oh, that's sounds interesting. I would give it a try....

Hardware / Re: keyboard suggestions
« on: 2017-01-28, 19:23:12 »
Good question. When I visited the shop I checked some gaming keyboards- this mechanical things tends to be huge and - at least the ones I tried- felt to hard/crisp.

Hardware / Re: keyboard suggestions
« on: 2017-01-28, 11:34:43 »
thank you very much. I have a look at the corsair models as well. Probably I'll order a few to choose- Zalando-style, hah! :D

Hardware / Re: keyboard suggestions
« on: 2017-01-24, 14:36:46 »
1. the budget? If it fits all my needs, I would spend a fortune. :D
2. You're absolutely right. Nonetheless I hope to get inspiration from you guys. As I said: There are so many keyboards out there. And I doubt that I would find a recommend Keyboard horrible.
3. I will have a look into this. Probably I will order some to choose.

thanks, maru.

Hardware / keyboard suggestions
« on: 2017-01-24, 12:37:49 »
I'm very fond of a nice keyboard with a proper keystroke. Soft, but solid and not noisy. Hope this makes sense to you.
I used a Logitech K740. I like working with a illuminated keyboard( you can control the brightness level on this one) The keys feel ok on this one, but they are not great.

I'm suffering from a kind of tendovaginitis and I decided to change my working Layout.
Before: Keyboard in front of me and wacom on the right side.
Now. Wacom in front of me. Keyboard behind it.

Works better for me, but of course I would like to have the keyboard as close as possible. Unfortunately both Keyboard and Wacom have 'border areas'(see attachment)

I'm trying now to get a keyboard with a  more narrow layout(but I have to keep numpad, arrowkeys, page up and down.)
I'm trying now a rapoo X8100, but this is plain awful for a dozen things and is really hard to find a good model on the internet, because there are a bazillion models out there.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: vr-displacement test
« on: 2017-01-16, 20:41:18 »
I hope ultra-dizzy in a good way. :D

Work in Progress/Tests / vr-displacement test
« on: 2017-01-16, 15:08:00 »

I uploaded this to youtube, but I only got a OculusDk2 here and I'm not sure if Youtube plays this alright.
Can you give me feedback if this looks ok to you?

I would love to have some in depth feedback upon the shaders, but since I cancelled my corona subscription it would be no help.
One I renew the subscription I will repost it with screenshots of the shadertree.
thank you.

if  SDW-catcher is noisy, you still might be able to use it if you can live with soft shadows. Blur(or denoise) it until noise vanishes and use the alpha of the cars as a mask/cut-out.
It might work in your scene, probably not, by I would give it a shot. Mblur is rendered or post?

You might want to use the SDW-catcher-material inside a rayswitch to preserve the reflections(No Max here... just a shot in the dark)

I need help / Re: render elements saving corrupt
« on: 2016-12-24, 00:48:02 »
I'm pretty sure: It's the bug. Manually adding the RE to the exr- does this work for you?

I need help / Re: render elements saving corrupt
« on: 2016-12-24, 00:17:22 »
But the Beauty looks ok? It could be this infamous max-bug. Try manually adding the elements: Uncheck 'auto add/remove element' and add them by clicking 'add'.

I need help / Re: Send jobs over network
« on: 2016-12-22, 14:35:24 »
You can use Backburner, which should already be installed. Or you can use something more complex like Royalrender- it's free up to 4 Rendernodes.

I need help / Re: VR video- is there a standard?
« on: 2016-12-20, 17:34:59 »
I managed to convert the overunder using this:
But still no luck with all the VR-apps I installed- I guess it's related to the phone. I will upload the test to youtube when the rendering is done.

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