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Mm for some strange reason one of us or or clients has ever noticed that the background was affected by the tone-curve.
But good to know then, we should double check this on everything

And it would be much appreciated if Dev could take a look at this, it would certainly help with our workflow :)



I have always used Corona tone-map control to get the right background color the client wants. Easy from a Corona color map with no post needed.
Now (in a recent update?) the tone-mapping is affecting the background color.
This has caused that all our background colors are now the wrong color. And we can't seem to find how to prevent that from happening.

See attached 2 screenshots with settings and the test file I made.
The #851A2A is the color we are after.

Does anybody knows a solution?


For furniture company's we do a lot of bulk renders of products.
As example: we are now working on a product series consisting of 12 types. Each type has to be rendered in 6 angles and each angle has to be in 11 colors combinations. Totaling to 792 (similar) images.

At the moment we do this trough scene states and batch renders. But this is really time consuming as the are lot of different angles/products/materials.

So we are really looking for a workflow to make this easier, how do you approach these kind of projects?

Ideally I would be something with code/scripting where we can create a long script containing all different combinations (outside of 3ds max) and turn it on in one go.
That way we could also easely alter the code if something needs to be changes (what also can become quite the challenge with scene states and batch renders)
But other options are also welcome!

We have tried "bat" files. Be we keep struggling with the gamma property's (as 3DS max is programmed to 1.0 and corona uses 2.2)


I need help / Proxy material ??
« on: 2018-08-18, 09:00:54 »

Is it possible to create a proxy like material??
A method to make an "proxy" like material that automatically updateds throughout all files.

I have 100+ different files where I use the same materials.
Now it happens so now and then that a material gets updated (like client has different supplier that has a shinier finish). Now I need to open every file to update the material, or remember really good with file I have and haven't updated.


Gallery / Some nice gentlemen shoes
« on: 2018-02-17, 09:20:56 »
A personal project that went a bit out of hand :)

« on: 2017-12-01, 08:45:34 »
Recently asked a similar question about a water drop.
Now I'm trying it with Lucid Physics
I see it as the cheaper (and maybe simpeler, havent tried the other programs) solution for real life settings. So no flying water or so.

Haven't got something to show jet, but I will when I have.

And so far it renders with corona

I need help / Waterdrop animation?
« on: 2017-11-02, 09:26:52 »

I've been ask to make an animation with a part where a single water drop falls into a glass.
They want something that looks like the animation below.

Is this possible and how would you do this?

Thanks :)

I need help / Re: Do you Halo?
« on: 2017-07-23, 17:47:44 »
My method for doing this:
make 2 renders:
1. only the object, set the background as not visible (object properties) in render but still on so you get the correct shadow etc. render with a pure black background. Save this render as an 32 targa with compress on, alpha slit off and pre-multiplied alpha off.
2. render the shadow, so set the background as visible and the object as not visible, render on a as white as possible background. Save this renders as a file you want.

then in Photoshop:
open render 1. go to "channels". right-click the alpha. back to layers, create mask and delete mask (yes apply changes). Now you have a perfectly sharp cutout. tip: select with the magic want tool the empty space, create mask, select mask, Ctrl I. right-click mask, "select and mask" and now you can feather the edges of your object as you like.
open render 2 and place it as background in the render 1 file. use the level tool to make the background of render 2 pure white. create a pure black layer, give the pure black layer a mask. hide your object so you only see the shadow (on pure white). then ctrl A, ctrl shift C, Alt on mask of black layer, ctrl V and ctrl I.
Now delete render 2. Make a background layer (white?) and adjust the pure black (shadow) layer til you have a shadow you like.

Good luck :)

Gallery / Popsicle
« on: 2017-05-31, 10:55:17 »
Someone fancy's a cool Popsicle with this warm weather?! At least warm over here

A small spare time project :)

Off-Topic / Re: Working via distance
« on: 2017-05-15, 11:32:06 »
So you say that making the same folders on one drive in your laptop and in your workstation keeps the same paths? so you can directly open it via distance? without the download situation? Thanks!

Yes correct, but they must have the exact same path, so the disk letter should also match.
Onedrive will then sync everything. You just need to be sure everything (that is connected to the scene) is sync before opening it.

Off-Topic / Re: Working via distance
« on: 2017-05-03, 08:49:43 »
I'm working for a long time on both my laptop (when at clients) and desktop. And it works perfectly.
Before I used Onedrive but now I have my own synology.

You just have to make sure the folders and files are on the same place on both computers, like:

I use chrome remote control, to work from my laptop on my desktop.
Create the scene on my laptop, save, wait for it to appear on my desktop, open & render.

It kept happening after deleting the files from appdata ....
So dit a fresh install of windows and he hasn't asked for a license since! Yeah except when installing corona :)

General Discussion / Shadowcatcher mtl giving light?
« on: 2017-04-06, 22:33:50 »

For product shots I often use a HDRI with a (corona color) Shadowcatcher ground for the shadow on a plain background. Because of the great control of background color.

I noticed something strange, did some tests and it looks like the shadowcatcher mtl gives light??
I have no idea for how long this is, but it doesn't look good..

What are your thoughts on it, or does someone has a solution?

Attached a simple scene with a shadowcatcher ground, a basic corona mtl ground and my results.

have you installed hotfix 2 though? It was not fixed in hotfix 1

Yess sorry meant hotfix 2 :)

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