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On one of my render notes I have to re-enter my corona license sometimes up to 10 times a day.
Does someone knows a solution so that that computer will remember my license?

I already have reinstalled 3DS Max and corona, but it didn't solve it. Next step would be a full clean install of windows.


Totally agree!   
The hole linear thing is just confusing and a pain in the ass..
Especially since corona 1.5 VFB controls most of the images I make wont even see the post production part, so to have even more realism in corona itself would be awesome!

Coincidentally Blender Gugu posted a video about sRGB in Blender yesterday, about why it sucks. I'm not realy at home in the hole technical stuff so I dont know if it also applys on corona:

And we need a ''like'' button ;)

General Discussion / Re: Color scheme map plugin
« on: 2016-12-01, 09:03:06 »
Tnx for your answers

New RAL Color plugin will be available soon. In progress new version ported to C++ and fixed some colors.
Super! looking forward to it

BTW, why to save colours as materials instead of maps (CoronaColor)?

Didn't know that, tnx! More practical than making a material for every color. Especially when you have materials with the same colors but differed values :)

General Discussion / Re: Color scheme map plugin
« on: 2016-11-28, 12:30:44 »
Mm the thing with material library's is that if your need to change 1 value you're fucked... especially when you have 100+ color options

The paint plugin looks interesting, will look into that, but for what I see now you can't put in your own colors.

And for the RAL Plugin, you can't download it anymore. But I have it attached :)
''Extract the downloaded archive to maxroot\scripts\startup\
Restart 3ds Max and now the new texture map plugin RAL Color Solid is available.''


General Discussion / Color scheme map plugin
« on: 2016-11-23, 11:32:40 »
Hi everybody,

I work for a company that uses multiple color scheme's for products, like the RAL Palette.
Sigerstudio used to have a free RAL Color plugin for 3DS Max, witch I still use a lot, where you have a map for in the diffuse slot where you can choose witch color you want and it uses that RGB Code, see attachment.

Now is my question: does somebody know a way to create something like that, on your own, but with different color schemes?


General Discussion / Re: Image filtering
« on: 2016-10-27, 14:36:45 »
Ah yes thank you, then I will leave it at that

General Discussion / Image filtering
« on: 2016-10-27, 11:12:09 »

In the system tap of Corona you have the option to choose different Image Filter Types.
I can't find a explanation of the types and what the difference is between them.
Does someone maybe have a file or knows the characteristics of each Filter Type?

Otherwise I will test them all in the coming days, and share my findings with you.


I need help / Re: shadow catcher and corona light
« on: 2016-10-27, 10:22:34 »
Attached a simple scene.
I noticed that with some HDRI's the effects it a lot stronger and with some the transition to the background is smooth.
So also attached a HDRI where I have the effect, light, buts it's there.

I need help / shadow catcher and corona light
« on: 2016-10-26, 22:46:38 »

I often use a plain light grey background with a shadow catcher material plane to create a catalog like render of a product. A plain background with shadow from the product.
For lightning I use a HDRI and if necessary an extra corona light.
With this method you reduce rendertime, beceause there is less background to render.

As far as I can remember I didn't had any problems with this method before v1.5. But now when I add a corona light the shadow catcher plane gets darker than the background.
If the corona light is turned off the transition from background to shadow catcher plane is smooth.

In the attachment my scene.

Does somebody know a solution?


General Discussion / Re: Release 1.5 news?
« on: 2016-09-19, 10:50:17 »
Aah yeah!

That will be in time for the project :)

Thank you!

General Discussion / Release 1.5 news?
« on: 2016-09-19, 10:05:36 »

I'm wondering if there is any news/information on the release date of Corona Render 1.5?

The new options and effects in the frame buffer would make a huge difference on a project where i'm currently working on.
Lots of bulk renders. And it's undo-able to do beautification-post on them, it would be way to error prone in a Photoshop action batch.

So I would love to tell my client that with a new update it would be possible to do some beautification, if it would release before the deadline of the project of course.
Or is the Daily build already so error prove that I can use it as main render engine?


General CG discussion / Re: NAS vs Cloud
« on: 2016-03-31, 13:43:29 »
Where I live, putting client's data on Cloud services is gray area illegal.
You give user data, which may or may not fall into the category if "sensitive user data" to a 3rd party, which in case any thing happens, won't hold up in any court.
Encryption is not feasable as a workflow.

I have heard enough horror stories to stay away from these solutions.

Yes I think something like this is also the case in our country. But only for personal information like medical documents or home address or so, if i remember it correctly.

No you can't, don't mix it up, raid 0 is striped performance, if one HDD dies you are screwed.
Raid 1 is the mirroring you mean.

I know, but i mean that I use the two HDDs at my home office both for storage, without instant protection (raid 0) so i have the full storage capability. But they backup every night to a NAS on a different location. So if one fails I stil have the backup from the night before on the other nas system.
Because I have synct my projects where i'm currently working on with my desktop, with synology cloud. I can still work on those local synct projects if one nas drive at my office dies. And the project that are not synct to my desktop are on the backup HDD.

I hope it is clear so

General CG discussion / Re: NAS vs Cloud
« on: 2016-03-27, 19:08:53 »

Thanks for your answers.
I've done a lot of research and finally went with the two NAS system configuration. I think this is the best way to have a secure backup and quick accesses to everything if something goes wrong.

I bought 2 two bay nas systems, with four harddrives. Of which I have installed one at my home office and one at my grandparents :). The harddrives are in a RAID 0 configuration and backup every night to the one away from my office.
They are in RAID 0 because I have the projects where i'm currently working on syncs to my desktop. So if one nas drive fails i can work further.

General CG discussion / NAS vs Cloud
« on: 2016-03-04, 14:19:38 »

I'm doubting between investing in a NAS or getting a Cloud subscription.
They both have there pro's and con's.

With NAS you can have a lot of storage but it is also expensive. And if the building burns down or someone steals it, your files are gone.

With a Cloud subscription you get less storage but it's a lot cheaper (1TB for like 7 euros), and your files are safe! But they are stored on someone else there machines. And if you have a small render farm you every node needs a hdd where it can store the files, it goes over the internet so its also slower than a NAS.

What do you guys use and why?


I need help / Re: Fabric
« on: 2015-12-16, 18:18:46 »
It looks like a: divina melange
Maybe not exactly the same.. but I think you can use it as a reference

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