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I need help / Re: Fabric
« on: 2015-12-16, 18:18:46 »
It looks like a: divina melange
Maybe not exactly the same.. but I think you can use it as a reference

Same here

But I found out that if you turn of the renderqueue (bottom left in the slate editor) it will speed up a lot.
Only the material previews wont update anymore, so its guessing what the material will do in the render. Or use the interactive render to see what happens.

Off-Topic / Re: Copyright
« on: 2015-09-25, 11:28:01 »

Thanks for your answers

I've done some more research and also contacted the dutch bureau of copyright:

According tot the dutch law; when a products design is original or connected to a brand you need their permission to post a visual/photo of their product online. It does not matter if it is for personal or commercial use, you need there permission. There is no such thing as ''fair use'' in the Netherlands :(

A comment I find on a similar question (for photography):

Green_MoonSitePoint Addict                                       Mar '12  #8
@ webwolfwizard, if I read your post correctly, what you are asking is whether you can buy a common product, take a photo of it and use the photo in your portfolio. The answer is basically yes, with a couple of caveats that I will explain.

The basic starting point is that you can take a picture of anything and use it for any purpose, unless there is an overriding law (whether statutory or common law) that says otherwise. The main areas of intellectual property that give someone else rights that you might be infringing are patent, trademark and copyright. In the case of individuals (but not corporations or inanimate objects) there is also a right of privacy and in some cases a right of publicity. In addition, though it is unlikely to apply in this instance, in many countries (but not the U.S.) artists have "moral rights" that may impact your ability to do certain things.
Taking them one at a time, you can rule out patent infringement if you are just taking a photo of any object.

You can also probably rule out trademark infringement in most cases. You are not selling the product and therefore it seems doubtful that, even if the photo contained an image of a trademark, the owner would be able to successfully argue that your use created a likelihood of confusion. One caution, however, is that famous marks are protected by another legal concept known as dilution. If your use injures the famous mark, you can be liable even if there is no likelihood of confusion. For that reason, you would be safer photographing an off-brand soft drink can rather than a Coca Cola can.

You can also rule out copyright in most cases, for two reasons. One is that most products are utilitarian and the designer does not have a copyright at all. That may not be true, however, for highly stylized products. For example, if you go to a Target store and buy a desk set designed by Michael Graves, there is very possibly a copyright involved. The second reason is that copyright law, unlike patent or trademark law, includes a concept known as fair use. Although that is determined on the facts of each situation, there is a good likelihood that fair use would apply to allow you to take a photograph of a copyrighted product in this case.

So, on the whole, you will probably be on fairly safe ground if you photograph everyday products and avoid photographing famous brands and designer-type products.

[This post is for general information only and does not constitute legal advice]


So if i want to show a famous product I need to ask their permission and otherwise i just need to moddel brandless products.

Off-Topic / Copyright
« on: 2015-09-21, 09:54:53 »

I have a question about copyright.

Can I upload renders of for example a Ferrari, iphone or some furniture to my website/portfolio or do I need to keep account to some kind of copyright law?
May the logo’s be visible of should the overall shape be different?

I really want to expend my portfolio by making some high quality (advertising) renders of known products, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

How do you guys do this?

Also I see some people sell 3D models of products (cars for example). How does this work? Because now they make money of it?

Gallery / Re: Mint-leaves plant
« on: 2015-07-30, 10:02:49 »
Ow I mean more like instead of the tree and fence models use a photo.
The fence looks a bit to simple and trees are just difficult mutha fukkas to get realistic
As we say in dutch: why the hard way when you can do it easily

Gallery / Re: Mint-leaves plant
« on: 2015-07-29, 22:47:58 »
Love the interior!
But exterior looks kinda fake,. maybe try a HDRI or a photo?
Woud like to see the difference!

Gallery / Re: 4 rooms
« on: 2015-07-23, 11:16:27 »
whow,. just amazing!

I need help / Felt Chair
« on: 2015-07-18, 17:03:19 »

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