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Hi @gurkmukh23. No AC23 version is not ready yet. Please report the bug into this thread: so we can look at this issue and fix it :)
Thanks for your cooperation!
Thanks Alex. Great work on it, even though it's alpha it's fully integrated into our workflow!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the great work. Do you have a version for Archicad 23 available? We are getting crashes when working with render outputs like Mask ID


If you have numerical keyboard shortcuts, for instance 1 is True Line Weight, 3 is Unify,4 is intersect. Then you cannot input these in the VFB, for example if you want to type in an exposure value of 10 or 3 it isn't possible.

Kind Regards,


Just have one issue. Could you include conversion from Mental Ray Pro Materials? They are still used by some of us with older scenes/materials (these were there before Autodesk Materials)

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