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Hi Monkeybrother,
I suppose you've bought two xeon e5 2660 ? what motherboard you bought? and how much have you paid ?

Juraj sell me your workstation ahhaha

My $800USD HP Z620 arrived today. Looks really tidy - just a couple of scuff marks on the case. Anyway attached is my cinebench score.

hi , where can I find these deals ? you found it on ebay ?

Gallery / Re: Johny Mrazko WIP/finished work thread
« on: 2016-07-23, 09:56:03 »
hi johnymrazko,
n I ask you how you made the grass?

Gallery / Re: tv unit studio
« on: 2016-07-18, 09:46:04 »

beautiful lighting! you put a light area or spot ?

Gallery / Re: living room
« on: 2016-06-01, 15:09:14 »
hdri and sun fabio

I follow your work! always have a beautiful soft light! you use a very high value for the highlight compression?
I also bought 4 your scenes but unfortunately i use Cinema 4d

Gallery / Re: living room
« on: 2016-06-01, 12:59:57 »
very beautiful. Congrats! the exterior light is a hdr?

reading various posts on Corona render 3ds max section, I found that Corona does not produce a 32bit images with the full dynamic range inside. I hope i'm wrong but this is a big problem because in postprocessing, can serve often fall below some exposure stops in some areas of the image.
so it's like Corona save the EXR image 32-bit but within an 8-bit image

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: C4D Roadmap
« on: 2016-05-26, 16:01:45 »
is there any news about the commercial version or new alpha?

in Corona for 3ds max there is the setting watts, lumens.   I hope that in the future we will have Corona same as the version for 3dsmax

Hmm, I didn't manage to save the 32-bit information either. I'll let you know once I know the solution...

thanks a lot, is very important because, usually in vray, the render saved in exr or 32bit tiff, in post-production you can go down to 8 stop exposure under

I have a problem with the dynamic range, the Cinema 4D workflow is linear and i loaded the HDR files into the diffuse channel of a standard material of Corona.
The lighting is correct but the exr file has no information of dynamic range and then down the exposure in post-production, I lose image information.
I also tried to load the HDR material, alone inside the tab environmet scenes, but I have the same problem

I don't think this is possible yet.

when it will be possible? is very important to be able to work correctly.

the multipass components with their channels (diffuse, reflect, refract ...) does not work. I forget something?


how do you set a light with an intensity to 1000 lumens?

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