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Bug Reporting / Passes total incorrect Corona 3
« on: 2018-11-30, 13:31:26 »
Has anyone else had an issue with Corona 3 where the Passes Total value is always lower or zero than actually calculated (especially when looking at the render stamp)?  I've been doing renderings this week for a client but it fails to recognize the main workstation passes properly but reads DR normally.  This happens when using DR only so far and regardless if it was submitted to backburner or activated normally in 3ds itself.


I need help / Re: "lockEdge" in CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2018-08-02, 20:28:56 »
It could be, but I have that roundedges map in nearly every saved material in several libraries.

I need help / Re: "lockEdge" in CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2018-08-02, 19:24:26 »
For me the question is: Which scripted plugin throws this error? "RE" - does that maybe mean "render element"? Some sort of automatte script? CIA? Aliens? :) Is there something more about that error in the maxscript listener?

Good Luck

This is my own naming convention, RE is just shortened for Round Edges.  RE/Fast is Round Edges with Fast mode on instead of Precision.  I also double-checked the Listener when it happened and the same amount of information is available as the warning pop-up.

I need help / Re: "lockEdge" in CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2018-08-02, 18:57:38 »
I'm using 3ds Max Design 2014 on a Windows 7 machine.  Unfortunately, I'm on vacation until August 20th so I won't be able to recreate the issue at work until then.  I tried opening the library at home too with Design 2014 but on Windows 10 and the error never popped up.

When I'm back at the office, I will try to create the minidump as suggested.

I need help / Re: "lockEdge" in CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2018-07-26, 16:10:11 »
I've sent it.  Filename: 1532614157_lockEdge-Error-Matlibs.7z

Its not linked to a scene but rather material libraries so I've included 3 libraries that load when 3ds Max launches.  The error only appears however, when I open the Material Editor.

I need help / "lockEdge" in CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2018-07-26, 15:48:03 »
Does anyone else have this issue where whenever I load the material editor, I get this error: '-- Unknown property: "lockEdge" in RE/Fast:CoronaRoundEdges'

"RE/Fast" is map preset I have saved with Fast toggled on and its used in countless saved materials.  This didn't happen before upgrading to Corona 2, and I recently reinstalled 3ds Max and all of my plugins after a system failure.

Does anyone know why this error happens? And is there a solution short of replacing the RoundEdges map in every saved material preset?

Has there been any update for this? 1.7 was released but I can't find an integrated light lister.

I never went through all 67 pages but is it possible to add the capability to convert mental ray's photometric lights to corona lights?  Many of my models and scenes are originally mental ray-based and it would be great if the converter could convert those lights too.


Thank you, both of you.  I ended up using a CoronaLayerMtl for it but I agree Blend would have worked as well.

Hi everyone,

I've created a model originally with mental ray and have since converted it for Corona.  Its a simpler model but with a complex series of diffuse, spec, gloss, opacity, bump, and emmisive maps.  There are parts that I would like to have an IOR value of 2.2 and other parts (metal, mirrors, highly reflective strips) to be 20.0 or more.  I've created a simple black and white mask to separate the different elements and plugged it into the mask slot of a mix map.  Using 2 falloff maps set to Fresnel (2.2 and 20.0), I tried plugging them into the two layer slots but 2.2 from a falloff map doesn't create the same effect as 2.2 using CoronaMtl's native value (Fresnel 20 works but not as well as the native 20.0 value).  Is there a way around this using a mask?  I can't separate elements of the model for two different IOR's and if it comes to that then I'll just stick to 2.2 across the whole model.

Thanks for any help with this!

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