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Aaand? Vol. 2 :D

Maxon is really not into helping you guys?

Aaand? :D

Thanks nikolat!

But when the problems with plugin will be solved, is it possible that in the future OS X version and Windows version will be released in the same time?

Overall question - will OS X version mean that each time there will be new Corona Render version, it will be realased for all platforms? Or it is impossible to easly port majority of functions in the same time?

In the moment of realease - will C4D version be using the same engine, as 3ds Max's one? Will there be finally this pain of vRay over? (that C4D always get way older core because completely separate people are working on it)

Can you give OS X uses more info on how is the development going and what are behind the scenes of making OS X version? :) (like the challenges that you had meet and so on). It would interesting to know how much work it is :)

Ondra, are you searching for beta testers? ;D (even under the need of buying the licence before it officially will be out - vRay user here - I am really tired of it and its prices so that's why I can't really wait for OS X version)

Thank you very much Maru!

About the benchmark - I now it, I already made the test on my MBP, but it was not fascinating (around 4 minutes?).

About the schedule - I fell like a stupid - I was searching for the "road maps" for a long time at Corona sites but I didn't find it. Thanks again Maru!

Hi guys,

can you post some status on the OS X version? :) When it will be able to download alpha version? And when it will be possible to buy the licence as well? :)



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