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I added some flowers from the library (FP), but it renders pure yellow color for those flowers. Why?
How can I solve this issue?

Hi friends,
When I use Forest Pack, I select all the objects and apply a simple Corona Material (diffuse without reflection) but, bushes which are FP elements, keep their colorful material and don't take effect from Corona material. How can I render in full clay?

Gallery / Ancient Lion Statue
« on: 2019-08-16, 21:06:16 »
Hi there,
This lion statue is a 3D scan model that I used ZBrush for retopologizing and adding some details to strengthen its compromised appearance, then I used Substance Painter for texturing process. Finally, I used 3Ds MAX and Corona Renderer for creating RAW image. PhotoShop post-production was the final step.
Please share your comments about this render.

I need help / Does this render look physically correct?
« on: 2019-03-18, 06:11:11 »
I've modeled this spur gear in SOLIDWORKS and rendered it in 3DS MAX and Corona. Please look at the image and see whether there is any physical defects in my material settings and render or not. You'll see two types of material for each color, cloudy and translucent plastics.

I have designed a real dimmension spur gear in solidworks and exported it to Max.
I want to render it and get a photorealistic result. What is the best material setting for those plastic gears?
The following image is an example for the material type.
Do I need to use just scattering or do I need to use transluscency fraction without scattering?
Please show me a screenshot of the settings.

I need help / Curvature shader
« on: 2019-03-12, 09:39:24 »
Hi guys,
How can we have render time curvature shader without any uv map? This capability comes in handy when we want to render sculpturs or 3d scans while it does not have any uv. Data Channel also does not work well. It uses huge amount of RAM, as well.

I need help / CG textures
« on: 2019-03-10, 09:21:09 »
Hi friends,
I need some free resources for CG textures for my products renderings. The resources that contain Diffuse, Reflection and Normal maps.
Can you please give me some links?

I need help / Radial Anisotropic Reflection
« on: 2019-01-05, 15:35:05 »
I've created a simple cylinder in 3ds max 2018 and I want to apply a radial anisotropic metallic material to it. Can you please apply it on this file and save it and send it back to me so I can study and learn from it? Please save it as 2018 version.

General Discussion / Rendering SOLIDWORKS models
« on: 2019-01-01, 15:38:06 »
I want to render SOLIDWORKS assembly files. Some of my models are too heavy to import in MAX and it consumes a lot of RAM while Keyshot can handle it with less memory usage.
What is the best procedure for rendering SW models using Corona?

Gallery / Kitchen
« on: 2018-12-04, 15:52:33 »
The following is my new interior design for a kitchen. All models are from Evermotion.
Any comment will be appreciated.

General CG discussion / Maya Nurbs vs Rhino!
« on: 2018-09-29, 13:26:21 »
Can anyone who is familiar with Maya Nurbs explain that which one of Rhino or Maya Nurbs is better for modeling products?
Which one has more control over surfaces and results in better quality final models?

General CG discussion / Hard surface modeling
« on: 2018-09-27, 08:24:54 »
The following is a polygonal camera which has not been smoothed using turbosmooth.
How the final render can be smooth while there is no smooth modifier in the main model?
What is the keyword for this type of modeling? I want to search some information on Google.

I want to create a high quality car model like what you see in the image below.
Can SOLIDWORKS model the same quality or do I need to use Maya (polygonal method?
My problem with polygonal method is its low quality and artifacts in some curved areas when I add smoothing.
Please guide me.

I'm going to render som SOLIDWORKS models using Corona and 3ds max. For lighting, I use Light Map Studio. What is the best way to render them while keeping the RAM usage at the minimum? Converting the model into OBJ or importing as STEP file without any change?
Many times converting the SOLIDWORKS model into OBJ increases the file size for example 480Mb and this decreases the rendering speed.
My RAM is 16GB and CPU Corei 7 4790k

I need help / The best texture resource
« on: 2018-06-22, 11:54:54 »
What resource is good for downloading diffuse, reflection, roughness and bump map?
Is there any webside for high quality texture downloading.? (For free)

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