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Bug Reporting / Corona 2/3 very long render SSS materials
« on: 2018-08-10, 13:26:35 »
In the beginning I want to thank you for the wonderful render, and the work that you are doing!

I have this problem
On an example of this heavy scene a lot of SSS material. Corona 1.7 visually, the noise goes much faster, Corona 2 counts four times longer.
This scene in the format 1920x1920 when the renderer writes will be counted as 70 hours !!! Instead of 16 !!! :(

Example 640x640

I have the same problem when there is hair in a heavy scene.

Gallery / CASIO AQ-190W V2
« on: 2017-07-08, 12:03:07 »
My favorite tradition is to return to my old works and bring them to the desired level to date.
A week for setting up materials and a twelve hour render for each frame.
I tried to make it as realistic as possible, which could not be distinguished from the photo. Much has been emphasized from the work done on the adjustment of metals, and he created textures for himself.
Enjoy watching.

(Sorry my bad English google translate)

Gallery / CASIO AQ-190W
« on: 2017-06-28, 21:39:57 »
SolidWorks, 3dsmax, Corona Render 1.6

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