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Problem: I create a nice material using distance texture, and link the distance to geometry or splines in the scene. I add the material to my library. I open the material in another scene, and get the red "error texture" all over my materials since to objects it was refering to isn't in the scene.

Solution: Add an option to set the distance from another material. In this way you can create great masks by using various Multi/sub materials, which will carry over no matter the geometry.

If this isn't possible, please keep the name of the deleted objects, instead of just having it say "<deleted>". Would make debugging a lot easier.

Feature requests / Make Autodesk Materials renderable
« on: 2018-02-21, 14:35:58 »
I often work with importing and rendering architect models coming from Revit, and more often than not, they are a complete mess when it comes to materials. Being able to render Autodesk Materials would help immensely - it wouldn't even have to be a perfect representation of the original material - just make it so it doesn't render that red warning material!

Alternatively, provide the option to override non renderable materials with a corona material of your choice Like the "Mtl. override" we have now, but with the added option to only replace the problem materials. 

Also, a side note: It would be very useful to be able to ignore material warnings in the render all together. Thinking primarily of the message you get if you have an undefined distance texture.
I don't need it to screw up my render; a note in the Error Message log is more than enough.


I just tried CIE for the first time, and.. I'm actually very surprised by lack of save options. 16 bit TIFFs are very useful, so please implement that.

Gallery / Re: DARTOFANG sketchbook
« on: 2017-10-09, 10:27:29 »
Just wanna say I really like your work. Consistantly high quality. Keep it up!

« on: 2017-09-20, 11:26:14 »
I always remove the sun from my HDRis and use Corona sun. Pretty flexible, and best quality. Photoshopping out the sun only takes like 10 minutes anyway...

What does the float controller do? Never used it before.
It's just to be able to quickly see and manipulate the values that would otherwise require you to click into each of the maps. And as Pokoy said, it's great because you can instance that value to drive several maps, if you so wish.

I moved from Vray to Corona a year ago. I work exclusively with archviz, and often close to the architect, which means a lot of sketching and trying out early design drafts.

There are so far only three things I really miss from Vray.

1. Vray toon. Great to get those "hidden line" renders that work very well when doing "npr" images.

2. Clean masks. Vray always produce perfectly clean edges on the render elements. Corona's are very noisy, and working with them in PS is not as nice.

3. 2D displacement. Often worked even better than 3D displacement, was quick to render and used little memory. Being the memory hog it is, Corona should really try to implement this technology.

Then there are little things, like being able to use the "shellac mode" in the layered material. In spite of it being "unrealistic" it's very useful for creating a coat of varnish on another material.
The aerial perspective was rather nice too, but I think Corona's global fog is better, even though it's not "free" the way aerial persp is.
Vray plane was also rather useful. 

I'll try that!

The first output really doesn't do anything though. It's merely there so I only have to link the map at one location.

This is my approach:

Keep a couple of HDRI's in the slate mat editor. The "Env map" Output is a "container" that is linked to the rest of the slots. Change here, and change all over. Very simple.

I've set this up in my template file, so I only need to set it up once.

I'm right now working with converting a model used for archviz into one used for a VR presentation.

If there's ONE request I have, it's that Corona can handle the baking within the render dialogue itself, without involvement of the (rather complicated and bad) max script. Having a one-click solution for rendering Corona materials to correctly set-up Standard Max Materials would be amazing.

Resolved bugs / Re: Any change in the material balls scene ?
« on: 2017-09-08, 16:20:11 »
I made another thread on this subject:

The fix I use is the values

float mtlEditor.lightsIntensity = 0.75
float mtlEditor.lightsSize = 1.25

in the dev/debug dialogue.

Would love to see this fixed permanently though, since these settings are sometimes lost (possibly when opening old files?).

Vlado, I understand that you're disappointed. I'm sure you were hoping for a community thrilled and happy about the merger.

I can only speak from my own point of view, but for me Corona was the very thing the archviz scene needed. I was using Vray from the beta days, and I was loving it, but as time went on, more and more issues started to show up, and tbh, it felt as you shifted all your focus from archiviz, to vfx. Also, the way the software grew... it just became increasingly cumbersome to work with.
Then Corona showed up, with a very fresh approach, and they truly seemed to understand the artist's point of view. I switched over one afternoon and never looked back. The software just delivered in every aspect and made my proffessional life about ten times more delightful. (Not to forget: At a very reasonable price!)
And what's most important: They brought competition. Which is extremely needed in these cases. Look at ADSK... the latest 3dsmax release is a joke! Complete stagnation. All they do is milk us of money through subscriptions.

So now, when I hear you're taking over the show.. I fear Corona's days are numbered, and that makes me sad and angry. Why? Because we've seen mergers like these before. Initially, the talk is all sunshine, and dev teams will go on, and that no product will be sacrificed etc...then fastforward 2 years, and the story is very different. Especially in this case, where the products are so very similar, and the user group is practically the same, I can't see why a company would want to use resources for some kind of parallell development. Then we all know Chaos will not scrap Vray...

If I am to be optimistic, we'll see a fusion of the two renderers (Corona's simplicity and foolproofness, with.. whatever benefits vray might add) and that you find in your heart (and wallet) to sell it at a decent price.
If I am to be pessimistic, you'll pick whatever tech Corona has that you miss for Vray, then discontinue Corona completely. Then hike the price of Vray further, since you have all this new and cool features.

It's up to you (or your investors?) to deciede. In the meantime, I'll just hope for another challenger to appear. Since this business badly needs good competition.

I am truly disappointed. Say what you want about tools being just tools but corona had a fresh look and feel. Now I have the feeling this tech exchange with vray will lead to a sea of monotonous vray-corona hybrid renders. :(

R&D will be amazing from now on...

Kinda like it's amazing with Autodesk's 3dsmax.........

Guys, please stop the wave of hate, stay calm, and take a look at
Nice words and all, but so far, I'm waiting to see ONE SINGLE merger of this kind, resulting in something benefiting the consumer/user. You just ruined the competition in the rendering business - ence all the hate.

Vray and Corona are too much of similar to keep developing them as seperate products in the long run. My bet is Corona will be around for a year or two, then it will be fully incorporated into Vray. Some time during this period, Corona subscribers will be offered a discounted switchover to Chaos's "render package". This is just how things work in this day and age.

Enjoy your new monies, though.

I'm shocked, outraged and first ande foremost: disappointed. Chaos Group is turning into another Autodesk, and these types of deals are NEVER good for the users. The strength of Corona (outside of the actual renderer) was its position as a challenger - a challenger that could push development and competition.

It was fun while it lasted. I assume we'll start seeing forced annual releases, without interesting features and jacked up prices. Looking forward to that new challenger appearing...


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