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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Lightmix cinema crash
« on: 2017-10-03, 10:45:28 »
A repost from the dailybuilds thread.

Consistent crashing when trying to use / render a simple scene with lightmix. At first I thought it may have been my file but after creating a new scene the error persists. Scene file and bug report are attached. Thanks

Hi guys, I'm currently doing some product renders and have been adding my layers to the multipass, is there a way to render reflections to a transparent background? I've attached my reflection pass.

Is it possible for a mod to create a freebies section for the users of c4d? The one in the general section is 99.99% all Max. As usual...

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Beta 1 crash
« on: 2017-08-06, 12:42:05 »
Hi team, It's been a while since I've found any bugs. Today was the day. I've attached the bug report and a screen cap of the settings I had changed in the Corona settings.
They were:
  • Development/Experimental stuff>
  • Primary solver>Photon mapping
  • Acc. Structure>BvhSAH
  • Exit color>White
Crashes on render and can be replicated.

I mentioned this in the beta 1 forum. Crashes cinema without generating bug reports, reinstalled A6.3 but am now getting the same result. Currently coronaless!! Windows 10 Pro, Cinema 4D R16.050.

Not sure if this is possible, But the chances of loading an already existing render (done via VFB) and being able to make changes to the render settings instead of re-rendering the file again. I guess similar to a RAW file in Photoshop.

Attached is a screen shot of the settings prior to crashing. Every time I replicate it I get the same result. I'm using a distorter filter in the Diffuse, Reflection and Bump channels. It seems to only crash when changing settings in the bump. In the distorter settings there are some options to change the type from "Directional, Bidirectional and Flow field". If i set flow field on all activated settings (diffuse, reflection and bump) I get a delayed crash of about 3 secs after engaging it. Directional and Bidirectional are fine.

Gallery / Chilean Bathroom
« on: 2017-03-05, 19:35:17 »
Cinema 4D R16 - Alpha 6.2

Gallery / Skyy Vodka
« on: 2017-02-05, 16:17:31 »
Product shot. Modeled/Rendered in C4DR16, HDR setup in HDR Light Studio. 50 passes Corona Alpha 6.1. Post gradient added in Photoshop.
Thanks for looking!

Work in Progress/Tests / New render
« on: 2017-01-18, 21:03:34 »

Just playing around with a wax material.


Stucco wall texture. Adjust the displacement & bump % to suit your scenes scale. Change the colour under the diffuse channel.

So I was creating some materials and changed the black point setting and got the follow error message. (see image)

Cinema R16 with Alpha 6 RC6

I'm guessing this isn't normal...


Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Old scene file crash
« on: 2016-12-17, 13:34:02 »
I was having a look at an old scene file which I think was from RC3 but not 100% sure (I can't seem to find it now). But upon opening the scene I had an instant crash without the chance of rectifying the file. Just thought I would let you guys know.


Playing around with some material settings and came across a bug. Happens every time.

Steps to reproduce:
>Make new Cor material


>UV Tiling/No tiling (drop down)/Then any of the 6 options selected will crash Cinema.

Cinema R16 / Corona Alpha 6 RC5

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