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Glad to hear! :)

Seems that your scene scale is too large, try and reduce it to see if the error goes away.

You could use c4d lights or sun to get a preview of the shadow.

No problem!

No problem at all. The above image was created in Cinema 4D but was just as easy to recreate in Max. The file is attached.

It's an area light inside the mesh with an IES file attached.

Are you meaning the LED's appearance?

Glad to hear you got it sorted. ;)

Sure was, I think it still it's. :/

I had XL too, it was free on a CD(!) of a CG magazine that I bought on vacation.

I was just looking for my absolutely failed attempt at modeling a dragon using SDS modeling (I didn't have a clue how it worked, just knew it made things round).
Anyway, here's 17 yr. old me trying to create a space battle (ca. 2003) Didn't know what UVs were at that time...

Crack up, I got my copy from my sister when she went on holidays. Apparently, the guy who was selling "legit" dvd's also had software. (Must have been a reseller) ;)
So from Bryce to C4D I went.

Have a laugh at some of this old sh*t. :D

Back when Renderosity was huge!

I still remember the XL6 days, back when god was little O_o

I just noticed the car ;)

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: HDR Light studio connection
« on: 2018-04-02, 18:32:11 »
Hi, are you still having this issue?

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