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Beanzvision, please help me :)
I recently upgraded my pc from an old intel cpu to a new AMD 16 core machine.
Since the upgrade I get these weird render blocks, but super random. I even get it now on old scenes that had no problems, that rendered perfect on my old pc.

I never thought there can be a render difference between AMD and intel but is it maybe possible?
I am sure I had the same corona version on both pc's... not sure anymore but this is on the latest beta.

Hi Barendby,

We still can't find this upload, are you certain of the file name? Can you try another service such as and add my email to it? jerrems at Thanks a lot!

Could you reproduce the vanishing normal map effect in the viewport IR?
I couldn't actually. It seems to work as expected which is odd.

Thanks, I'll have a hunt for it ;)

Hi, you could try using standard C4D lights and disabling their shadows. You can't do that with Corona lights. ;)

yes, I send all except the whome scene, although the textures aren't going to be very useful, without the scene... I don't think it has something to see with the animation, as the crashes begins before I begin to create the keys... Well, but after I've rigged some parts!??????

It may be rigging related, where did you upload the file to and what is it called? Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation Tom.

I have sent the scene last night after the error occurred, hope it helps

Where was it uploaded and what is the file called? Thanks

Hello we tried Corona V6 Daily Build from 11 June with Cinema 4D R19, in Framebuffer we cannot close the window, and we cannot scale window, and the checkboxes are hidden by scroll bar.

Thanks for the video. Is the behavior the same for doing a final render or just for IR?

For internal use: (Internal ID=525618249)

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: HDRI & Background way to dark
« on: 2020-06-23, 11:56:59 »
Im using the latest (test) version of corona.
Still trying to figure out if I will stay with it.

Is there any plan on releasing an update soon?

Indeed there is, we're currently in the process of finalizing V6. If all goes to plan, it will be released within 2 weeks.

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: HDRI & Background way to dark
« on: 2020-06-23, 11:07:53 »
oh man... I got it, photoshop needed to be setup to convert RGB to to gamma 2,2 in its collor settings, now its working as it should.
Thx guys!

just one last question, where can I set the preview resolution in the Editor for my HDRI, its a tiny bit to low to set it up perfectly before rendering?

Thx again!

Glad to hear you sorted it out. In regards to the HDRI preview, what Corona version do you have? The old method was to open the material, go to preview, and then set the resolution there. However, this is no longer the case with the latest release. It's a known issue that we hope to address.

I have noticed in latest build you still cannot delete saved vfb frames individually, I have reported this issue earlier here (answer#5):
Hi Daniel, Are you referring to the build from June 11?

Thanks for the update, If you come across it again, please let us know.

Hi, these aren't NaNs (they will always be black). It looks like a denoising artifact. Is this from IR or a final render? If it's reproducible, can you please share the scene with us? The private uploader link is in my signature below. Thanks!

Update. We have managed to reproduce this and have logged it internally.
(Internal ID=525184226)

I'm not able to reproduce this, can you test this using the latest build from June 11th and let us know?

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: HDRI & Background way to dark
« on: 2020-06-22, 11:44:10 »
Could it be a conflict between using the background object and a Corona sky? Would the shadow catcher be better to use here?

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