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On a lot of our render farm servers its saying waiting for render to start under slave, and under master it says rendering. It just stays like this. I've tried reinstalled corona on my computer and the render nodes. Not sure what the problem is.

I've got the same pb with some of my slave (along with )

I need help / Re: Real Cool Alpha
« on: 2017-11-09, 11:44:41 »
And remember if you need to grade or colour correct an image with alpha, first you must unpremultiply the image, then grade, the premultiply the image, otherwise you will be colour correcting the partially transparent pixels incorrectly.

Mmm not sure to understand...

But, actually rendering on a black BG worked well, thank you !
It's not very convenient (imo) because :
- it adds a setting to get what the alpha is made usually for
- when using a black BG, it's visually disturbing while rendering to have a black sky for example (and much more to use Lightmix as a correct exposure of the sky is imo important for an overall correct exposure)
- if a client want finally to change your sky but you rendered without a black BG, you're trapped.

I need help / Re: Real Cool Alpha
« on: 2017-11-08, 20:33:18 »
Yes, really:

Thanks to both of you, i'm trying right now (on a final render :/ )

I need help / Re: Real Cool Alpha
« on: 2017-11-08, 19:04:54 »
You have to render with black background.

Really ?

I need help / Real Cool Alpha
« on: 2017-11-08, 18:59:52 »

i'm getting a bit crazy here as I cant never have real alpha cutout on my renders.
Whatever I try I always get an edge all around, even when using Cache>Remove Stroke (that is for me a non-solution : they shouldnt be here).

Am I the only one here getting tropuble with alpha cutout ?

Thank you !

Resolved bugs / Re: Corona version mismatch.
« on: 2017-11-08, 16:12:11 »
Yes I will ty this !

Also, some node wait the render to start forever... when the other render correctly. Weird...

Resolved bugs / Re: Corona version mismatch.
« on: 2017-11-08, 10:31:34 »
Nothing like that... just a simple node : 1 max 1 Corona

Resolved bugs / Corona version mismatch.
« on: 2017-11-07, 18:33:16 »
Corona version mismatch. Slave version: 1.6 (hotfix 3), Master version: 1.7
The image may come out wrong (e.g. darker or missing objects) because of this.   

I reinstalled 2 times Corona on this specific node, still the same log.

Awaking this topic !

Any plans for this Proxy Exporter ?
I assume some people ask for at least :
- favorite menu to quickly access save location for proxies
- auto-rename existing geometry (in a same object) when exporting

This would save a lot of time...

Thks !


I need help / Re: Whole DRserver system gone
« on: 2017-10-10, 11:29:05 »
In fact, WS01 is working with Max launched, the other one only with DRserver and no License server installed.

I think I solved the problem by installing a fresh hotfix 3.
Also, the scene is pretty heavy with a lot of displace & proxies, so I think it didnt helped sharing the scene through the network.
I have a bug on the list of connected slaves into the VFB, not showing any movment of RAM/CPU that's why I get crazy...

I need help / Whole DRserver system gone
« on: 2017-10-10, 02:03:13 »
I'm facing a problem using DR with 2 WS and 4 nodes.

Actually, I just got a new WS and adding it to my network just broken everything that was well running before.

No Node can connect to the Master WS01, and they also appear sometime connecting to WS02 IP (but no License Server on it) and no more to the WS01 one...
The WS02 DRserver cant connect to the Ws01, neither the nodes... but I can access everywhere through windows and eveything ping well.

Any idea why a new installation would have broke evrything ? I'm out of idea here...

Thanks ! :)


Bug Reporting / Re: 3DSMAX rendering exception
« on: 2017-07-04, 16:39:50 »
Pb is it doesn't crash totally, after clicking "abort render" it just does nothing more.

Thanks, I will have a test !

Bug Reporting / 3DSMAX rendering exception
« on: 2017-07-04, 16:18:25 »
i'm facing a pb since some day, as you can see in the attachment.

I thought it was maybe coming from a plugin as PSD manager, as it happens at the end of the rendering, when 3DS is "cleaning" and before psd-manager compose the psd file.

But even without psd-manager, the rendering fails at the end.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

I need help / Re: ram distribution isnt equal into DR
« on: 2017-06-14, 17:04:20 »
In fact I found the problem this morning, some PCI drivers wasnt nicely installed and they blocked smthg...
I just changed all my MB so I had to recheck all drivers.

After installing the PCI driver, everything run smoothly on every nodes.

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