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tl;dr: Download and run the special Licensing Server (link below), if you have bought a commercial license and want to use the Beta versions
Special licensing server is no longer needed. Use licensing server from any newer version and it should license even beta versions just fine. (see text below for more info)

By popular request, we are releasing a way for the paying customers of the commercial version of Corona for C4D to fallback to the non-commercial versions of the plugin. The way this works is that you run a special Licensing Server and then you run the Cinema 4D with an older version of Corona of your choosing. If you have a valid subscription, your older Corona for C4D will then get a working license from our servers through the running Licensing Server.

In the future daily builds, this will work with the standard licensing server too, so this special Licensing Server is a temporary solution before we release a new daily build with this functionality inside. For now, you can also use this Licensing server instead of your standard Licensing Server. No need to use them both at the same time.

You can find the special Licensing server on our daily build Google drive folder, in the subfolder named "Beta licensing server", along with a readme with instructions on how to use it:

Corona Standalone / Corona Standalone 3 build
« on: 2019-02-25, 11:05:40 »
The latest build of a free version of Corona Standalone with Core 3 for Windows and Mac can be found here:

For now, this Standalone version should work as a replacement for the Corona for C4D Standalone, which is no longer available for free.

Please keep in mind that Corona Standalone is not a "studio" application with graphic user interface. It's only capable of rendering scenes saved using special exporters. For more info see: How to render using Corona Standalone?

Feel free to ask questions and send feedback in this thread or by contacting us at

Corona for Blender / Corona Standalone for Blender exporter
« on: 2019-02-22, 17:30:35 »
The latest build of a free version of Corona Standalone with Core 3 for Windows and Mac can be found here:

For now, this Standalone version should work as a replacement for the Corona for C4D, which is no longer available for free.

Please don't create new feature request threads, unless you cannot find your feature request on this list.

This is a comprehensive list of all the pending feature requests in this forum. It serves for a quick overview of the requested features for both the developers and users.
If there is a request in the forums that is not in this list and it's older than one week, please let me know through a private message.

Save lightmix settings into camera or scene -,14647.0.html
Don't apply post-process to both images in A/B comparison -,14812.0.html
Apply post-process only on certain objects (maybe mask-based?) -,15893.0.html

Cache for displaced geometry -,14984.0.html
Global displacement toggle -,11453.0.html
Displacement preview in viewport -,15833.0.html
Vector displacement -,16249.0.html

Multipass settings to render settings -,14215.0.html,12187.0.html
Make depth in ZDepth pass able to use camera focal distance -,15010.0.html

Option to show material channels in viewport for Corona Mat. (a.k.a. Editor tab in Corona material) -,12389.0.html
Simple material presets -,12730.0.html
Max corona shader preset importer -,11244.0.html
Various material editor UI changes -,13808.0.html
Exclude material from material override -,14767.0.html
Maxwell to Corona material converter -,14424.0.html
Substance to Corona material converter -,15833.0.html

Layered material
Layered material copying/saving/loading -,13721.0.html
Layered material ignores Material IDs -,14447.0.html
Re-arranging layers in layered material -,16350.0.html

Shaders and maps:
New falloff shader with more controls -,16073.0.html
Possibility to use image alpha in opacity channel map -,14063.0.html
Color variance shader (e.g. different color per instance) -,11824.0.html
Invert checkbox for some material maps -,14091.0.html
Add a hue slider to Corona Output shader -,14587.0.html
Curvature shader -,17107.0.html
Fresnel curve for control over fresnel reflectivity -,14803.0.html,12206.0.html

Lights and sky:
Emission texture for Corona light -,13607.0.html
Corona sky with texture slot for easy HDRI setup -,13713.0.html

Better viewport material preview -,14793.0.html,15833.0.html
Preview AO unoccluded shader in viewport -,13969.0.html

Corona proxy:
Quick exporting of data for Corona proxy -,11232.0.html
Corona proxy vs. polygon selection tag -,14944.0.html
Faster proxy handling, better proxy preview -,13002.0.html

Simple tweaks:
Temperature in light material -,12353.0.html   
Render to viewport respects camera limits -,11292.0.html
Place Corona shader menu directly to Create material menu -,13476.0.html
AO shader would fill-in subshader if placed over existing shader -,13969.0.html

Support for high-res rendering -,12342.0.html
Official license server integration -,11184.0.html
Spline and point render -,14919.0.html
Dump EXR for all animation frames -,15796.0.html
Support for foreground (and other object primitives) -,15842.0.html
Show noise level on TR clients -,15918.0/topicseen.html
Texture baking -,14727.0.html
Camera perspective correction -,16562.0.html
Incremental scene processing in animations -,16991.0.html
Corona VFB docking -

Needs support in CoronaCore:
Export of post-process settings to LUT -,15310.0.html
Sky with volumetrics -,14920.0.html
Complex reflectance function -,16073.0.html

What will be done:
Render selected object -,11179.0.html,11440.0.html,15765.0.html
Node based material editor -,13311.0.html,12730.0.html
Front/back material -,11701.0.html
Interactive render -,13585.0.html,14921.0.html
Light lister -,14093.0.html
Deformation motion blur -,14022.0.html
Heterogenous media (and VDB support) -,13469.0.html
Togglable layers in layered material -,15507.0.html
Texture mixing -,14809.0.html
Hair shader -,11829.0.html
Shadowcatcher material

What we will probably not gonna do (unless something changes):
Texture mapping in Corona bitmap instead of only in texture tag -,15193.0.html
Multiple IR views at once -,13997.0.html

It's now impossible to save animation frames as Corona EXR, which is especially problematic when you want to render multipass. This was originally reported here:,14159.0.html

tl;dr: Be as simple and descriptive as possible. Provide pictures, videos or scenes.

Hi everyone!

For people not used to the way software development works (but even for the experienced ones), it can be difficult to write a good bug report. So if you want your report to be understood well and processed in the quickest time possible, make sure to read and follow these simple rules:

  • Choose a descriptive topic title
    When going through the forms, it helps us if we can identify the individual bugs by their description, so always write the titles so that it's obvious what the problem is from the title. As an example, "Crash when using normal shader inside layer shader" is great, whereas "HELP, please! I found a bug :-(" could actually mean that the bug will be processed later.
  • Ensure reproducibility
    For a bug to be fixable, we need to be able to reliably reproduce it and later verify the solution when fixed. So if you report something like "in 5% of the cases if I do XY, the WZ will not work correctly", it is not really useful, whereas "if I do XY, then WZ always crashes" is much better. Of course, if you cannot reproduce it 100%, it's still better to write a bad bug report than nothing...
  • Simplify the circumstances
    This cannot be stressed enough and people often tend to report with huge scenes or long set of steps to reproduce the bug. But it helps us immensely, if you take the time and find the simplest scenario where the bug happens.
  • Provide good "Steps To Reproduce"
    "Steps To Reproduce", or STR in short, is simply a set of instructions to reliably reproduce the bug. It can be as simple as "1.) Create new scene; 2.) Create new material; 3.) Corona crashes!". We are also just people, so the shorter and easier to understand the STR is, the better! Also, it's great to try out your whole STR yourself to make sure it really causes the bug to appear.
  • Pictures or videos are great!
    As CG programmers, we are very visual people, so one picture or a simple video is often worth a hundred words! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, as long as it shows what the problem is. But please bear in mind that often, we don't know the requirements that you have on your scene, so simply posting a picture and saying that "it is wrong!" is not very helpful. It is better to explain why the picture is wrong and what exactly it would look like if it was correct.
  • Uploading scenes is great!
    Giving reliable STR is good, giving a scene where we can click and immediately see the problem is even better. Saving our time means we can fix more bugs in the same amount of time! Moreover, we can use the scene in our internal testing tools to ensure the bug never appears again. Note that we treat every scene that you send to us as confidential and if you request it, we can even delete the scene from our harddrives once we find the bug.
    You can use the private uploader for the scenes, where noone will be able to see the scenes except for the Corona developers.
  • Describe your platform
    Often a bug is specific to one Corona version, one OS, etc... So it always helps if you describe you platform in a very simple way. At least, say what OS you're using, what version of Cinema you have and what version of the Corona plugin (can be found in the about dialog) causes the bug.

Thanks for reading this far and for being such an enthusiastic community!

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