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Moreover, if I load a bump texture without bitmap loader it doesn't have effects on render.

The shader preview not working is indeed a known issue.

As for the "bump texture without bitmap loader", what exactly do you mean? In any case, try it in A6.3 now, as we fixed a lot of issues related to bump-mapping.,15419.0.html


Hi and sorry for such a late reply. We will be looking at all the issues with the TR soon. Could you maybe elaborate the bug report a little bit more? It is not obvious from the pictures what the problem is. Thank you :-)

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Z Depth
« on: 2017-03-28, 17:36:25 »
I just tried this in A6.3 with no obvious issues. If you still experience this bug, please create a new bug report. Thank you

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Re: Proxy Coords
« on: 2017-03-28, 17:26:38 »
Ok, since this seems to be resolved, I'm closing it. In any case, if it returns, please open a new bug report!

Hi, developers read and see everything even if they don't reply immediately. :-)

Anyway, this reminds me of a problem that we've been looking into recently. Could you send us your scene? Thanks

Hi! Although this is old, I can reproduce it exactly as you described! This is indeed a bug!

Ok, we need two things:

  • Could you please send us the _BugReport.txt, so that we can see where the crash happened?
  • Also, the crashing scene would help a lot


Well, I'm glad it's OK now. And it was not 5 years, but 32 days - not so bad after all :-)

This seems pretty weird. But I can see you're trying version A6.1, so could you try it in the newest version - A6.3? I double-checked just now and the installer looks fine to me.

Ah brill. Hopefully tracking it down to that is half the work. I wonder if this has any connection to bump mapping? I find it a bit hit and miss and much less pronounced than Vray

Ive attached a couple of examples. A diffuse grey with some reflection on both so only the bump is providing the texture. I have had to crank the corona one up to 800%. Whilst I much prefer the light and look of the corona one it cant be denied that there is more detail in the bump in the vray version. The first example uses a karate tile shader with random planks and the second is a regular tile.

Hi, to me it looks like the Vray version has a completely different lighting setup, which makes the bump features more pronounced, whereas in the Corona scene, you have pretty much flat lighting, which flattens the bump too.

When I tried multipass last time, it was OK. Closing as resolved. If you still encounter this, feel free to write a new bug report!

Alright, moving to resolved ;-)

Hey guys, still getting crashes with the motion blur? I will move this to resolved, as it is a very old bug, but we can reopen it if it is still an issue.

Link to Mantis ticket:


The scene environment override setting is indeed limited to only spherical maps. What should work for you is Cinema Sky with a Corona Material applied and with its mapping set to frontal. I just tried it in A6.2 and it works, except the mapping is not straight, but curved a little bit.

We will need to fix this, so thanks for the report!

Also, the blending seems to work exactly as I would expect it to - look at the attached scene.

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