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Ok Tom, all clear, thanks for the assistance, good day

Thanks Tom, forgive me I misunderstood, I thought that the adaptive light solver since it is selected by default was correct to keep it selected.
So if I have not misunderstood, if I have at least two corona sky objects and in one of these I deselect refraction reflection therefore I have to deselect the adaptive light solver?
if so, in terms of quality and time, something changes by deselecting 'adaptive light solver.

Thanks for the assistance, I just uploaded the file, I'm waiting for you to verify it, good evening.

Forgive me for the delay in replying but with what is happening around the world everything has suddenly become complicated and is very time consuming, returning to the problem exposed by me I think I will share the file, unfortunately I have to clean it almost completely leaving only the elements affected for various reasons, both in size and in authorizations that I do not have for the work in question.
Could you please give me a link to get to the upload page, thanks.

I ask for forgiveness, I integrate the question hoping to receive answers that solve the problem:
-Cinema 4d r21version
-windows 10
-Corona version 5.0

Lately I am testing various types of lighting, and in the various tests I have noticed that the sky crown produces a strange artifact, I made three screen shots, in the first image with only the HDRI the image is correct, in the second and third image where it is also the sky crown can be seen, like the large pixels on the glossy lacquered material, then the reference images with the settings:

Hi Beanz, I could also try to render standard but I don't think it depends on a limitation of takes, I think so because I often render at that resolution using the takes at least two or three times a week for at least two years, and it's the first time that happens to me , I would like to investigate the fact that the files once rendered remain in the history folder for some time and then delete themselves, because of what I don't know but it's the only thing that comes to mind.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Render not saved in the history
« on: 2019-12-12, 09:32:05 »
Good morning, it is the second time in two days that in the evening I prepare the takes for the views to be rendered, I launch the views for the night, and in the morning when I return to the office I find the images all rendered but not saved, and therefore not present in the vfb history, I do not understand where to intervene, because it is an operation that in these two years I have always done and I have never encountered any problems, moreover, I did tests on the same files with low resolution images and everything seems to work, therefore even more difficult looking for the problem, I hope to solve this problem which is causing me serious delays for deliveries, thanks.
Cinema 4d r18
Corona v5

Thank you

Hello, can you tell me what the difference is between the color in kelvin and the temperature?
In this example, setting it the same light, with the same corona intensity produces two different results, in addition to understanding the difference between the two modes I would like to understand which would be the most correct to set on artificial sources.
Thank you


Hi, a few days ago I downloaded the latest build of the beta 4 and I'm having a problem that in beta 3 I didn't find, in short, finished rendering, I go out the file in cxr, I open it with the external editor, the sept, except in exr and I open it with photoshop for further changes, so I do it by empre, I noticed between yesterday and today that the image in editor changes once exited in exr.
I wonder how I could intervene, thanks.

Probably no need to set the directionality with ies files, it made no difference in this test with an area light. And spawnik is right, some ies files render invisible.

No, I'm sorry I expressed myself, I meant light area with varying directionality but obviously without file ies loaded, the file ies reproduces the photometric curve and from there you do not change the direction of cone, this I had already tested, thanks.


I understood, thanks.
So maybe I should return to the old method that I have always used for the commercials, that is, light area resized to the spotlight, with directional light between 40-50.
If you have other advice to give me, I willingly accept, thank you.


For the first time I'm using ies files in Corona, but is it normal that they are not reflected?

Off-Topic / Re: Hdri
« on: 2018-10-27, 13:04:44 »
This on max, I use cinema and I do not think there is such a thing.

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