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Good morning, can someone tell me where to buy interior scenes of excellent invoice for payment?
Obviously in c4d, preferably mapped in Corona.
Thank you


Thank you for the support, I tried to proceed as you say, but I always seem the same.

Hi, I do not know if this topic has already been dealt with, today while I was rendering it, I noticed that rendering in the cinema view is not only chromatically different but also more realistic in reflections and in the reproduction of light and materials in general.
I'll be happy to make me deny, thank you.

If you looked through my past posts, you'd see that the vast majority of them were helpful and led to the solution of many problems.
Aside from mostly theory in animation and programming, I know C4D inside-out and backwards.

I'm just sick of answering the same useless questions over and over again.
Especially those with a poor description and not even providing a picture or a scene file.

What I was trying to do was to hint at you that more information is needed.
You didn't get it.
This was an exception and sadly it wasn't worth the time.

I'll stick to only answering questions that are worth answerĂ­ng, again.

Are you tired of answering? Why who asked you?
I do not look into your posts because I simply do not care to know anything about you, I'm just a simple user who still has much to learn and I try to do it with the help of the various forums, and with what little I've learned until now if I happen to be able to help a user I do it without being a fool like you do.
Conclude by saying that here as in other forums there are users with square balls that sometimes with a lot of humility lend themselves to give explanations to those who know less, humility, what is missing to you that you are a simple user as there are thousands .
Bye ...
You can also close the post, thanks TOM.


Yes certainlyTom.
I did not immediately explain the resolution of the problem just because it was not a problem attributable to the crown, a series of tests made at the time when I was presented to the problem I had mistakenly doubted the crown, but in reality the cause was I.
In the sense that I made chaos with preferences in the film texture directories causing this slowing down in the initial stage of cinema.
Sorry if I disturbed for no reason, I thank those who tried to help me.Then I did not want because it is definitely his goal in this forum but I want to spend only one word for this user who in his speech does everything but help the forum, I I address not to him but to the administrators, what is a character like this doing here?

In all seriousness, we would need more information. Is this just one scene, or every scene? I am not sure what is meant about the "size of the image" - is this the resolution you are rendering to, or does it refer to texture maps used in the scene? Are there any plugins used in the scene? An example image of what is in the scene would be useful, but best of all would be the scene itself for testing. What stage is Corona at when it is running slowly (there should be a message on whether it is parsing geometry etc)? Which version of C4D is it?

The more information you can provide - and always, best of all is the scene (the private uploader can be used if you can't share it publicly,  - the better we can understand and diagnose any problem.


Fortunately I managed to solve the situation.
Thank you so much Tom ...


Beyond the unnecessary comments, nobody has happened to this situation?
I am interested in understanding if it is a problem already rediscovered by someone, to arrive at a solution to this problem that is penalizing me and not a little.

I've tried astral projection but it didn't work.
I once was able to leave my body and walk around. Well, I was high, but I still think it was a real experience.
Tonight I might try far-seeing, but I didn't know if it'll work. So, have you Scene open and I will tell you the solution the next day.(if my attempt is sucessful)

Mmmhhh I think you have the wrong forum

I was doing tests to understand why this problem occurs to me:
So, with Vray everything goes smoothly, even using heavy scenes, so I exclude that the problem is hardware, but with Corona I noticed that while rendering light moloto scenes you eat 6-7 GB of memory.


Hello, I'm having a problem for two days, a problem concerning the rendering phase. Specifically if I cast a crown view, any view, the initial phase is very slow as if it were a large file, but then again, this problem comes with either HD or LD images, either with small or large files.
Honestly I do not know how to intervene, I tried to upgrade version of the crown to beta2, to update the beta1 but no positive result.
I hope there is a solution because the work has slowed down considerably, even using IR the same situation happens to me.
Thanks Roberto.

P.S. I forgot to say that once the rendering started then everything proceeds normally.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: Problem IR
« on: 2018-04-13, 15:54:21 »

Unfortunately I can not post full images, nor files of some of my work, however I noticed that exporting everything to another file works again.
With the boredom of having to recreate all the multipass.
another question, there is no rescue of the multipass setting?

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Problem IR
« on: 2018-04-13, 15:14:44 »

Hi, I would have a problem with the IR, this is the second time that happens to me on a file, and both in the previous file that in this one I'm working on suddenly the IR has stopped working, in practice it opens the window but not the rendering, does not stretch between parsing scene and preparing geometry.
I do not know absolutamnete where i intervene, and for what reason this happens, someone has solutions?
thank you
P.S. the version is the beta 1 core 1.7

Fixed, it was enough to bring the axis of the camera to 0.

Good morning, does anyone know how to solve this artifact that is created by rendering the 360 view?
Thank you

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Tiled camera 360
« on: 2018-03-26, 12:00:04 »
Hello, I'm trying to render a 360 view, but unfortunately I'm out of memory, so I thought to use the tiled room and divide the image into 4 tiles, but I'm having problems with the 360, as doing all the operations for dividing the 360 into four separate images always appears to me the whole image, does anyone know other solutions or procedures to solve my problem?
Thank you

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