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Hi, a few days ago I downloaded the latest build of the beta 4 and I'm having a problem that in beta 3 I didn't find, in short, finished rendering, I go out the file in cxr, I open it with the external editor, the sept, except in exr and I open it with photoshop for further changes, so I do it by empre, I noticed between yesterday and today that the image in editor changes once exited in exr.
I wonder how I could intervene, thanks.

Probably no need to set the directionality with ies files, it made no difference in this test with an area light. And spawnik is right, some ies files render invisible.

No, I'm sorry I expressed myself, I meant light area with varying directionality but obviously without file ies loaded, the file ies reproduces the photometric curve and from there you do not change the direction of cone, this I had already tested, thanks.


I understood, thanks.
So maybe I should return to the old method that I have always used for the commercials, that is, light area resized to the spotlight, with directional light between 40-50.
If you have other advice to give me, I willingly accept, thank you.


For the first time I'm using ies files in Corona, but is it normal that they are not reflected?

Off-Topic / Re: Hdri
« on: 2018-10-27, 13:04:44 »
This on max, I use cinema and I do not think there is such a thing.

Off-Topic / Hdri
« on: 2018-10-26, 19:23:28 »
Good evening, I can not find anywhere a hdri set in the sea, with afternoon skies.
Anyone can advise me where to find hdr professioanli with sea setting? Also buying them of cours.


Ok, I'm sorry maybe I explained myself badly, on that I had no doubt, the problem I asked was this:

I think I did not understand, I'm sorry, you can explain me better.

Amazing and the rendering time is fast.
I can already make carpets with this type of finish.
Thank you very much friends, excellent work.
Would you mind to share a scene or your setup?
I am new to hair in C4d... I tried this without success....some help would be much appreciated.

if I gladly share the file
I have no experience with hair and I still do not understand the
Corona hair material, but !! playing a little you can get
good results

Yesterday I did qulacosa very similar, and as in your example I can not understand why some guides do not take the dynamics and remain stiff. To understand a few tufts of hair do not have gravity as you can see.
How to intervene to solve this?

Angelo Ferretti has some nice offerings on his Gumroad:

Oh and he has a 50% discount atm on all items, check out the corona for c4d group on facebook for that.

Yes, I have noticed thank you, I have been following Angelo Ferretti for some time, if I will certainly be useful, I will do it.
But for the work that I have to do I need big scenes like, large living rooms, halls of hotels, commrciali centers, .... large spaces.

Unfortunately I would need it soon


Thanks, I'm looking all over the web and I have to admit that it is difficult to identify qulacosa that is in my case.


opss ... thank you so much tom, it was two steps away :))

are you looking for completed interiors?

I don't think there are sites selling them...especially in Corona.
If there are I would also like to know :)

We do mostly interiors, maybe we can help with something... but I need to know what you want it for etc. Maybe a private discussion will be better.

To make me understand better, this for example  :)


Good morning, can someone tell me where to buy interior scenes of excellent invoice for payment?
Obviously in c4d, preferably mapped in Corona.
Thank you

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