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unfortunately, no

Ok, you have to lower a lot of world size, the problem is bypassed at the expense of a huge amount of memory to lend.
wolrd size from 0.05 down ...

Try enabling the devel/debug mode (in Corona preferences) and then using this string option:
float geometry.displace.maxSizeScreenOutFrustumMultiplier = 1

After entering the string I have to launch rendering with world size selected?
I tried with screen size selected and I did not solve anything.

Good morning beanzvision, I would not want to be wrong but I think it's not your right example.
I understand that in the example tuom the part to reflect is all within the screen .... or am I wrong?

This isn't a bug, it is a wanted feature to speed up performance. Corona calculates displacement only where the camera can see it. As the displacement is calculated before the reflection, the camera doesn't know that it sees it (in that case in the mirror). This feature to speed up the performance has it's limitations as we see in your example.
Hopefully we have the option to calculate only seen displacement and all displacement in the future.


Yes, thank you, I had guessed it, but I'm trying to figure out if this problem can be remedied.
For the moment I followed the suggestion of romullus but without result, I hope there is a solution to this problem.

Good morning, thanks romullus of the suggestion, I tried to tack on world size but I have not solved anything, indeed, notable consumption of memory and moreover the displacement was not present on the whole shader.
I hope I misunderstood, and that the parameter to be changed is not this:


Hello, today while I was rendering a scene I finally realized this problem on the displacement map that was reflected in the mirror.
I tried with the search button but I did not find anything about it, it would seem that the part of texture that is not part of the PV has problems of display map displacement.
Someone knows how to solve, thank you.


thanks beanz ... I'll try


I wanted to kindly ask to beanzvision if you can kindly post the parameters and the shader used to get to that result, I honestly tried to improve it but I still can not get close to your result, thanks


Thanks to all the suggestions and support, I think I will continue to use my material trying to modify it according to the tips received from beanzvision, as soon as I can place something.

hello eddoron, you only image still, however today I tried to improve it I'm still not 100% satisfied ...
I worked above all on diffuse levels and inserted a normal, so far no reflection.


Yes, it is very complicated as a shader, I try to see in the forum 3dmax as you advised me hoping that in the meantime someone has some tips to give me, thanks maru

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Moquette material
« on: 2018-02-27, 11:06:54 »

Hello, I am trying to replicate this material in the best possible way, but I am sincerely not satisfied at all, I willingly accept advice on how to approach this material, I would like to get as close as possible to reality, thanks.

Yes, congratulations I had put a deformator in the roof to simulate a carpet, removed that I solved the problem to make it soft I had also put a Hipernurbs ... thanks for the support.

Obviously not roof but floor, forgiveness

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