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Houska : I want to open this scene (attached screenshot) and edit it OR replace it by a new custom scene. As simple as that :)
I've attached a before after with Indigo Renderer. Instead of a cube it was a sphere of course, but I replaced the scene so can't make a comparison.
the material preview scene is located in the Indigo Renderer C4D plugin folder.

Resolved feature requests / OSL Support
« on: 2018-01-12, 13:41:22 »
As requested by HOUSKA, reposting this thread here for the Core engine :;topicseen

Josef : I think too. I know I can make the scene myself and add it among the others but the issue is that I'll have to manually do it (select my own material preview while adding a new standard material) every time, right? That's why I would like to modify the original scene directly (like Arnold or Indigo for exemple).

Eddoron : override setting for the original scene ? Would you please show me/give me more details ? :)

I need to modify the material preview scene to my need, how to/where? I can do it with Arnold, Indigo etc but not with Corona, seems like you've hidden this one quite well :)

On the Corona discord someone else would like to do the same too.

Feature requests Cinema 4D / OSL Support
« on: 2018-01-12, 07:00:13 »
When Node will be available for C4D it would very cool to integrate OSL support to it.
Node will already open millions of new shading possibility and way more with OSL (such as procedural flakes, no texture, texture mapping and more procedural stuff). Being able to write in OSL / use available library (most of them free "open source" spirit) will be a big plus to Corona.

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Re: VRscans library
« on: 2018-01-12, 06:52:18 »
Maybe because vray for c4d is not made by Chaos Group team itself. Corona for C4D is developped by Corona Team (Render Legion), Chaos group hired a company/dev guys to do the job. It's good but can be way better, that's why people dosen't like VRAY for C4D and maybe explain why VRscans is not yet supported.

Note that : VRscans can be in any renderers. It's all about business to make it happen. It's exactly like OSL, works everywhere but need to be integrated to the renderer. The community/customers dosen't request VRscans, Chaos Group wait for request from Renderer company > get a deal/business partnership > done.

Someone from Chaos Group told me that.

Wiat what? I thought I had the newest version. Weird. Will do a test early tomorrow and let you know!

EDIT : Daily builds should be the newest version available for c4d right?

Resolved feature requests / uber shader (coat request)
« on: 2018-01-11, 15:01:44 »
I don't know if it was requested by someone before (search gave me 0 result).

For those who don't know, an uber material or shader is a material that contains "everything". It's almost the case with Corona. It's missing Coat which I use quite a lot for car paints, objects that have roughness + reflection coat. I'm not enjoying blend material and It would be better to work with Coat.

Coat = a true copy/secondary reflection.

My bad for the late reply, I lost my loggins....

It was a very rare bug, I can't remember how but I find a way to counter it. It was a few months back...can't remember...

Gallery / Re: Velvet Material
« on: 2018-01-11, 14:18:24 »
Very beautiful. I also love a lot the custom made shader ball. Looking forward to see more shaders look dev.

Hi Ales, thanks for the reply!

I tested DoF with the newest daily build of december (Version: B1 daily Dec 21 2017 (core 1.7 (hotfix 2)) - C4D R18, I created a new simple scene : sphere, HDRI Sky and when I add custom map (different extension files) nothing. It was working before but wasn't stable, now it seems to be ignored by the renderer.


Better late than never :)

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Physical Camera New Features
« on: 2017-11-26, 12:00:08 »
Aspect ratio settings :
- Film Aspect Ratio
- Lens Squeeze Ratio
(like in Octane/Redshift)

Custom bokeh (improvements) + UV Distortion Map
Arnold - Redshift

Fisheye Camera :
I'm pointing Redshift because the Fisheye (not a real one) in Octane is not a Fisheye, just a simple distortion value (0-1) that gives this Fisheye effect.
Redshift has a more accurate fisheye with degrees settings + front hemisphere of the camera (in other words : rectilinear and the circular fisheye lenses like some 8mm lenses in real life : ).

UPDATE 2 : I had time to investigate more regarding the uncorrect camera DoF. The physical camera works, you get bokeh at F2.8 - 35mm sensor with real life scaling.

Problem is with custom map (using IR not VFB) :

CAMERA TAG : It dosen't work. I've tested JPG/JPEG - TIFF - BPM.

Corona Settings : It works great : texture details or chromatic RGB both works but it rotates anamorphic shapes to 90° on the right and crashes sometimes with anamorphic shapes. Also, it's weird but I feel like it works more with the chromatic RGB color than the shape itself.

If you can add an aspect ratio (to distort the shape) it could fix it but overall give more creative flexibility (Film Aspect Ratio + Lens "Squeeze" Ratio).

Good test, you should also try with the skin shader and see how it compares :)

Thanks! I tested both on this exemple. I written the details and made a GIF showing the shader settings using SSS mode instead of volumetrics scattering mode (used on the "jade-like" and "ice-like" only by the way). Check it out and tell me :) I might be misunderstanding.

I'll do more tests and a technical comparison test soon as well.

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