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Feature requests Cinema 4D / OpenColorIO (OCIO) Support
« on: 2017-11-08, 14:32:12 »
► Official informations :
► FILMIC quickly explained and schematized :
► EDIT : There is "now" ACES working with OCIO

► Integration exemple in a renderer (also available for compositing application) :
↳ V-Ray:

↳ Arnold:

PS : I'm the guy who signed the death of sRGB.

General CG discussion / Re: Why is Redshift so popular?
« on: 2017-11-08, 00:41:09 »

General CG discussion / Re: Why is Redshift so popular?
« on: 2017-11-07, 23:11:01 »

I'm doing so self search and I think I might know why causes the problem. This ACES lut should work inside an OCIO environnement (basically using OCIO currently not supported in Corona for C4D).

If you guys want to add the OCIO support this should help

A question came in my mind : what color space the Frame Buffer is using ? sRGB by default?

I've tested a LUT : sRGB to Linear and selected "Input lut is in LOG color space" to have the proper flat linear workflow. I'm trying to understand, I might do something wrong. It's a bit different than doing everything in post like I usually do since there is no color management in C4D (just sRGB, Linear, Disable and frame buffer is not affected, it works mainly for the materials as I understand).

Should I create a new thread about it ?

PS : I've read that

but it's for 3ds max.

Yes, I uploaded the file : 1510072560_LMT-ACES-v0.1.1.cube.

it's an official LUT and works in Davinci Resolve. Actually, something weird happend : it worked (I saw the visual changement to the render) and just after it says error. I did it again on a simple scene (plane floor, a sphere, an area light on top, nothing else) - still the same. It's not urgent, no rush needed but just reporting.

I had this question in mind while using Corona (new user)
Wouldn't be more optimized if when you start the VFB the native C4D picture viewer don't output the render as well?

For exemple in Octane the LiveViewer is detached from the native c4d picture viewer. By doing a right click you "export" the output from the Octane LiveViewer to the native C4D picture viewer if needed. Does it have an impact on the consumption?

Nevermind, I just understood how it works. When using the IR > if I stop the render > I should click like the screenshots attached (click on "render" and drop down the menu to select IR) otherwise it would render as the non IR viewer (VFB). Thank you and sorry for the waste of time! It could have been done  in a different way like seperating those "render" button such as "IR Render | VFB Render" but it's okay, I just didn't know about the secret drop down menu :)

Hi Houska,

Thank you for the fast reply. I'm sorry for the missing informations. I've been using Corona really recently, I missed a few rules! Excuse my noobness :)

There is a new icon for the IPR (compared to the 1.5, it was added recently), there is the classic one to start the non-IR Frame Buffer and there is the IR icon, starting the interractive rendering. Screenshot attached.

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Nov  3 2017 18:08:51
Version: B1 daily Nov  3 2017 (core 1.7 RC10)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R18.057 S
Plugin status: initialized successfully

PS : I'm already using the daily build, someone sent me the link and it's really amazing. I'll try to be short : thank you to all the team for your efforts! I hope I will help you to fix those bugs with reporting.

General CG discussion / Re: Why is Redshift so popular?
« on: 2017-11-07, 01:34:20 »
To be honest, if you had €5,000 to spend on graphics cards it might be work using as a a production tool.
But for large Arch jobs all the GPU setups are not usable.
Main Model, trees, railclone, cars, HD maps...........

Not sure I understand. Do you mean that memory wouldn't be enough?

Yes, one of the main reason why I switched from GPU to CPU (Corona) renderer :)
can' t go back to GPU. I would rather do a primary/secondary rendering choice and use Corona as my primary one for complexe or big projects the VRAM limitation is nothing compared to GPU. 

Right now, the main problem is : you can buy as much 1080ti (11gb VRAM I think let's say 4 of them, so 44gb you will say? Well, not even close, it will be using 11gb. And some renderers are even worst in term of VRAM limitation : let's say you have a GTX 970 4gb and a 1080ti 11gb, the renderer will use the lowest VRAM (4gb) and not use the 11gb.

Reporting : When I stop the IPR and turn in on again it is not interractive anymore, instead he's acting as the classic Frame Buffer.

C4D R18 - Corona 1.7 RC10

off-topic question : Should I use the request form (3ds max) to report a LUT Aces file or is there a specific C4D form somewhere? I checked and the lut file is compatible, it works but crashes endlessly.

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