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Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2018-11-07, 19:39:50 »
OK, that's fancy! But that's typically the kind of stuff that will remain on the bottom of my most wanted feature list. You know, the kind of stuff that works well with a teapot and a cylinder but not that much with a real production scene...

Let's concentrate on what offer real value and most importantly fix things that are not working properly since ages (like reflection override for example).

I totally agree. The thing is, V-Ray (Chaos Group) can have some fun with fancy features since their Renderer has already "all" the features the users/studios need.

Im in exactly the same boat (...) just as im leaving c4d and the arrival of the node editor

^ Exactly. I even published a feedback/Request for their C4D node editor :
I never used Max before and now I understand why they added "views" in C4D Corona editor and I understand better its purpose. I don't think it was needed to have a similar view-page-system though. Corona is still very much appreciated in C4D, we needed a good CPU PT Renderer on C4D, and a fast one. V-Ray should catch up soon as well now they got it back.

I'll certainly miss some stuff from C4D but I know how powerful Max can be and the tools available are very strong as well as you mentioned. Quite expensive for sure...Another good thing : we get the most recent updates in time...this time as there is no more porting-delay. Not bad at the end...I think Max is more external-renderer friendly than Cinema4D but the User Experience with the C4D interface is much more responsive. I saw other people videos/streams, it's not only me, it's jut Max and its weird 90s looking responsiveness.

Thanks for giving your insight!

PS : You sure about TIFF though? Have you tried exporting via Corona VFB? Still learning Max, did not had time to try this out yet.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Automotive Look Dev
« on: 2018-11-07, 14:32:21 »
I thought I was looking at reference photos for a minute there. Very nice.

Corona gives this feeling too...haha. Thank you for your compliment. Appreciate it.


Would you mind sharing the V-Ray scene in .c4d / .fbx format? I realize there is .max version available online but I am currently not subscribed to 3ds Max. Would appreciate it a lot :)

Special thanks to @Tago on discord for doing the conversion. I switched to Max 2 days ago though. Next upcoming look-dev will be from Corona for Max from now on. I probably will release my old C4D stuff on gumroad and share more making of here as requested. Just didn't had much time since then...

Download link (fbx/obj) - I personally improved a bit the UVs :

I recently finally switched to Max for some pro/personnal reasons that you may know already. This isn't the subject of this post anyway.

Obviously, my first renderer for Max will (is* , since yesterday) Corona. I've been using Corona Alpha C4D (yearsSssSss ago). Thanks for the 42 days free by the way, until I learn Max Interface.

I noticed quite obvious differences (to the eye). But before, let me be clear : all devs and Render Legion staff are doing a great job, I'm not here to discredit them or anything.

Compared to in-Cinema4D, I felt Corona being way faster, smoother, and "richer" in Max. It almost feels like I just bought a new and better CPU than my i7 5thGen...

- Faster : Parsing and rendering is overall faster, denoising faster (without denoiser, I'm talking samples), maybe it's related to how my CPU is being used, in max at his full potential or something ? No idea of what's going on under the hood.
- Smoother as there is some VFB interactivity differences. I can resize the VFB, it will adapt the scale without changing resolution settings. Smooth is also related to the speed above.
- Richer...This one is surprising. I haven't done any technical test as it's time consuming for me right now, but I really feel like specular/reflection are seriously crisper, depth of the falloff is also different (using high quality HDRI) colors are also much more deeper. Feels like going from sRGB to AdobeRGB if you wanna know.

This is based on "feelings" but I'm pretty sure there is technical explanations. I do like to specify : I did not switched to Max because the Beta of CoronaC4D isn't great, no no. I needed Max for work and felt limited on C4D but more on C4D related stuff than Corona itself (which can indirectly get affected but no big deal).

Is it possible when porting, that there can be core engine differences "affected" by the "portation" (if that even the right term...).

Anyway, I loved Corona before, loving it even more on Max.

Gallery / Re: mediterranean style
« on: 2018-11-06, 18:28:34 »
That's why I mentioned softbox as it's the same concept. Good work nonetheless.

You need to first understand how it works in real life : It has some kind of LED diodes light inside, the light is being then reflected from the metallic "mirror-ish" material inside and then emitting from inside to outside by going through a orangy glass material.

I would suggest you to : do not make your entire surface full of LED, but only the center, like a real light diodes

The Bloom and glare will give you a much better result this way, as it is more physically accurate. It's a win/win.
You also need to use correct measured light intensities in order to not have a mess of glare everywhere.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: car lights
« on: 2018-11-06, 18:09:47 »
Try the same and use Corona materials instead. I did not watched the tutorial but it might work.

Gallery / Re: mediterranean style
« on: 2018-11-06, 18:05:16 »
Beautiful mood (I love mediterranean style, which I'm from), details and lighting. Especially the night shots.

On the day shots (I'm guess the first three ones are day-lighting?) the lighting is not natural. Looks like a white area light/softbox and doesn't feel like the sun.

Any Behance link ?

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2018-11-06, 17:39:14 »
I've said it before, but I think real, realistically usable caustics will actually bring about quite a significant improvement in image realism and aesthetics across CG as a whole, so this will always be at the top of my list.

People just under-rate "caustics" and perceive it as a "fancy rendering thing" while it's surrounding us every day in real life on some daily simple objects.

I paid more attention since I made some study/used caustics in 3D and it's crazy how many times I saw caustics coming out from simple plastic reflection (strong caustics) and of course metallic/glass etc.

Especially in Arch Viz/kitchen but not only. Automotive has it too and not only on wheels or paint. So many exemples....Glad I'm not the only one.

Your welcome. And yes, I totally understand.

I personally am very satisfied with the native fresnel shader for exemple, which I almost use all the time. But sometimes I feel like a custom one can be better, also not very obvious for someone new to the node editor and corona, to know where are all the compatible nodes. They mostly all are anyway.

Ok, I understand now, it wasn't that clear from your first post, because "texture" is just one of the shaders in C4D lingo. But nevermind that, I see what your point is now and I think that the projector shader should do exactly what you want. That said, I just tried it in R19 with Beta 2 and it doesn't update correctly, so that will need to be fixed. But if we put that bug aside, why wouldn't the projector shader suit your needs?

I tried every shader that has an option to resize, including triplanar, nothing worked. I thought I was missing something so I made this post but I should report next maybe. And I requested features as well.

Projector node : it didn't work at all. I  tried just right now it worked, now I don't remember if it was before or after I installed Beta 2 final. But project has a 3 axis resize option and doesn't have a chekbox to resize them all at once. Also, I cannot plug in a float value in the size input since there isn't one. It's a quick way to change the value without scrolling the entire shader.

it also has uncessary options such as projection mode : spherical as default. this option is not changing anything.

This is overall why I prefer custom made shaders, as they are 100% working and compatible with the option the renderer can handle and no external options (in this case, options that C4D handles).

Thank you for your time!

Look at the attached picture. No projector shader is necessary...

Hi Houska,

Please have a look at the Octane attached GIF. This is a per-texture option, not overall material in the material object tag.

I added a request for all missing nodes etc here :

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Automotive Look Dev
« on: 2018-11-05, 09:38:11 »
Corona Swirls R&D - Look Dev

I tested Bump only and Normal maps only.
It's faster with normal maps but should be easier with bump. Waiting for an improved Corona_bump (too slow to "compute" hi res micro detailed map for now).
The bump value is very very low in case someone is wondering. Pretty much the only thing to know when doing micro surface details such as Swirls.

Still need improvements...

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« on: 2018-11-04, 16:44:14 »
I meant : dubcat doesn't have all the answers yet. He is still figurring some stuff out as I am myself. Maybe confused wasn't the correct term here.

There is hidden informations that he has no access to as well. Anyway. 

I need help / Re: Car Swirl marks
« on: 2018-11-04, 15:35:53 »
(...) and turned down bump strength a lot, like 0,05.

The bump in Corona is weird. I added a very very low value as well. Preview of my R&D (I generated procedural maps myself). Rendering complex tiny bump details with Corona is very painful as it takes ages to compute. I heard they are working on improving it somewhere in the roadmap or the forum. I hope it has to do with how it's calculated micro surfaces...

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