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I need help / Win 10 folder sharing
« on: 2019-02-25, 13:31:39 »

How do you setup two win 10 machines for distributed rendering? I can't even make win 10 see the other machine in network.

Thx for the replies. I started using connector and it's a great tool.

If you have 90 models in library you have to relink each model and textures on it manually? That's quite a job. Or can it be done differently? Or what's the best way to do it?

Yep, that is working. When I relink the file in asset manager it's working. Does it mean that I have to do the relinking every time I open a scene that uses those assets? Or do the relink go to some global asset system?

Seems to be the case indeed. All the missing files are bought models. I have always just added the required paths to external files paths. When I was looking asset manager the paths were the paths where modeler had the files. The files that I have created myself are not affected.

General Discussion / Missing external files in every scene.
« on: 2019-01-16, 12:53:50 »

Last night everything worked just fine. I had notification that win 10 is having an update. This morning every scene is giving missing external file notification and the list is long. What could have happened that most of the scene materials are missing and yesterday there were working just fine. Can win 10 update somehow fiddle with paths or is this just something else? Or are there too many lines in my external file path so it's exploding now to my face? 

General Discussion / Re: CORONA 3 NVIDIA AI Denoiser
« on: 2019-01-07, 06:43:22 »
I used nvidia denoiser for the first time in interior shots. It's a real life saver cause it saved me tons of render time. It's really handy when you are trying to nail the lightning and doing a lot of little tweaks.

General Discussion / Re: CORONA 3 NVIDIA AI Denoiser
« on: 2018-12-10, 07:03:47 »
Can you lower the denoising amount? It's denoising way too much for my liking.

Never mind. I now used to denoiser and it's awesome for previews.

I have some models that have vray fur on them. I would like to render them in corona. Is it possible? I have vray next too but I want to render this in corona.

General Discussion / Can we have hybrid denoise?
« on: 2018-08-24, 10:10:29 »

I am just doing late night shot where I have fireflys and I can get rid of them using only remove fireflys option. But then I loose option for denoising. Would it be possible to have one denoiser where you could use sliders how much you want to remove fireflys and how much you want to denoise?

I would like that change. If there would be button for everyone there's only win/win. I like that.

I had .3ds models imported from skechup in the same file. They were hidden during rendering though. I deleted all the sketchup stuff and now max does not render anymore. But it still freezes alot with this scene. I upload the scene and freeze minidump. I couldn't use the upload cause the file was bigger than allowed. I used the other upload method that was meant for bigger files. I hope you can solve the freezing.

Scene started crashing again. I load the crash minidump to you via uploader. This crash minidump is now separated and did not come with the rest of the files.

1523015794_3dsmax-minidump.dmp This is the name of the minidump

Thx for the reply. I'll do that.


Have any one else encountered this behavior with recent patches, at least hotfix 3 and 4. I have relatively small interior scene and when I use interactive mode all is fine for a few moments then corona freezes for quite a long time. Blue circle starts rotating and when corona comes back from freeze interactive mode starts again from black screen. Now when I close interactive mode max crashes every single time. If I continue working with interactive mode on max won't crash. It happens when I close interactive mode. This is so annoying.

I have to check if this happens with every scene or is it just with this scene I am working now. Or is this related to some objects in my scene. I haven't had this problem always. It started when I updated hotfix updates.

I am pretty sure it's just that. Though still when doing arch viz I am pretty sure some surfaces that are close each other does not have so dark "corner" in real life.

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