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I would like that change. If there would be button for everyone there's only win/win. I like that.

I had .3ds models imported from skechup in the same file. They were hidden during rendering though. I deleted all the sketchup stuff and now max does not render anymore. But it still freezes alot with this scene. I upload the scene and freeze minidump. I couldn't use the upload cause the file was bigger than allowed. I used the other upload method that was meant for bigger files. I hope you can solve the freezing.

Scene started crashing again. I load the crash minidump to you via uploader. This crash minidump is now separated and did not come with the rest of the files.

1523015794_3dsmax-minidump.dmp This is the name of the minidump

Thx for the reply. I'll do that.


Have any one else encountered this behavior with recent patches, at least hotfix 3 and 4. I have relatively small interior scene and when I use interactive mode all is fine for a few moments then corona freezes for quite a long time. Blue circle starts rotating and when corona comes back from freeze interactive mode starts again from black screen. Now when I close interactive mode max crashes every single time. If I continue working with interactive mode on max won't crash. It happens when I close interactive mode. This is so annoying.

I have to check if this happens with every scene or is it just with this scene I am working now. Or is this related to some objects in my scene. I haven't had this problem always. It started when I updated hotfix updates.

I am pretty sure it's just that. Though still when doing arch viz I am pretty sure some surfaces that are close each other does not have so dark "corner" in real life.


I was wondering does corona render some kind of AO in renders even if I am not using AO pass. Many times I get much darker shadow area where wall and roof intersects. It looks like AO shadow. In some pics it's not so visible and in some pics it's quite distracting.

General Discussion / Re: Win 10 memory management.
« on: 2018-02-17, 11:31:38 »
This has imho nothing to do with Windows 10 but 3dsMax and Corona combination and was written about sufficiently to prove it.

Your memory consumption (of the combo) will rise after subsequent rendering (normal or IR) and won't get back. Corona can't flush all the data.
This has been proven times in comparison to Vray.

It usually isn't 'too big' issue since Windows will swap data around during the early rendering part (usually precomp, which is when mem consumption rises to astronomic values), but usually is problem with final high-res rendering.

I have 64GB memory, but when I do final 8k rendering with displacement, I have to restart 3dsMax if I need to restart rendering because of something I forgot. The second rendering would run out of memory that wasn't flushed back after quitting and displacement/GI precomp/etc... would just take forever while Windows would be trying to swap data that 3dsMax would be hogging.

I've seen the fault is being given to Autodesk since Corona can't force it clean up everything but still, it's the combo that is power-hungry.

Thanks for the reply that this is common issue. And what you described is just what I am facing. I no longer blame win 10 for that.

General Discussion / Re: Win 10 memory management.
« on: 2018-02-12, 20:52:36 »
I was using exactly the same machine with win 7. With win 7 I ran out of memory many times but it was always because my scene was too heavy and optimization was enough. Nothing ate my memory slowly.

I have tried to alter win 10 memory management and changed the swap drive to my m2 drive but win 10 won't save the settings. It always defaults back to default settings.

General Discussion / Win 10 memory management.
« on: 2018-02-12, 08:01:16 »

I used win 7 for years and I recently updated to win 10. I have noticed that memory management is much worse with win 10 or is it corona behaving differently with win 10.

My scene may take memory 12 gigs. But when I have used interactive renderer for awhile and made some test renders I notice that my scene won't render or pre calculation is really slow. When I check my memory consumption it's something like 20 gigs and I don't have memory left for rendering. I have 32 gigs of ram. Now I have to regularly shut down max and other apps to free memory and then start max again. It's staring to be quite annoying.

So scene has eaten 8 gigs of ram when doing test renders and interactive renders. Is this normal with win 10 or is my memory management settings wrong in win 10?

Can you give any advice for win 10 memory management? And do you have the same problem win 10?

I used to have something similar with max 2008 and win 7. Max had a bug where it would fill memory eventually and you had to clear memory with script. Could this be something similar. I am using max 2014. I didn't have this kind of memory problems with win 7.


What kind of lightning should I use to get this nice soft diffuse look to renders. I really haven't seen this kind of look in corona renders. How would you need to set up the lights to get this look?

This pic is from restoration hardware site and they have lovely interiors pics. I just can't mimic them in corona.

I need help / Re: Window reflections
« on: 2018-01-10, 21:24:46 »
It was refraction that caused the mix. It's abit pain to use jpeg in override slot cause it's really hard to adjust the right part of the image to reflection.

I like to use lightmaterial on plane and put my bg image there so window reflection catches that plane. Is there any to to tell corona that the image on plane should only be reflected by windows and not affect any other material or object?

I need help / Window reflections
« on: 2018-01-10, 17:01:18 »

I am using hdri map to light the scene. What's the best option to get desired reflections to windows in one pass render? Glass materials override slot does not override totally hdri reflections. It's a bit mixed result. If I use plane with desired background every reflective material reflects it. I would like to just windows reflect the background on the plane. So what would be the best option?

General Discussion / corona and forest pro
« on: 2017-11-29, 15:08:20 »

I am having a bit of memory problems with corona. I am doing arch viz scene that has lot's of trees scattered with forest pro. I have previously used vray and had no problems with forest pro. Now that I am using forest pro with corona I am running out of memory in scenes that I could easily render with vray. Are there any tips to decrease memory foot print when dealing with forest pro. I have 32 gigs of memory and my scene takes 8 gigs of memory. Still I run out of memory. That seems a bit odd.

Why Corona does not support forest color? I have used it alot with vray and it's a shame I can't use it anymore.

General Discussion / Corona converter
« on: 2017-11-29, 07:43:23 »

I migrated to Corona from Vray and so far I have been very pleased with Corona. Converter works like a charm but there's one problem. I have vrayfastsss material that I should convert to Corona and converter can't convert it.

Are there any patches to converter that could convert vrayfastsss material?

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