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Was Backburners "Split Scan Lines"-Option used?
If so, make sure to use Animation UHD Cache or Path Tracing for Secondary GI


we are evaluating the Demo-Version of the C4D Plugin right now and it seems to be pretty unusable when using the Interactive Renderer :/

Its crashing all the time and i was able to narrow down a nearly reproducable bug.

1. put a Corona LightMaterial with an animated texture on an object
2. animate the objects position or rotation
3. scrobble or click a random position in the timeline while in Interactive Rendering
4. enjoy a crash

The possibility of a crash increased when using a animated texture, but we also had crashes just with a plain light material assigned.

Reproducable on two different PCs.

Bug appears with the Corona 3 Hotfix 1 and also with the Daily Build 2019-02-20.
Cinema Version is R20
Windows 7

created a ticket. #17392

Off-Topic / Re: Hdri
« on: 2018-10-27, 11:44:09 »
We still need infinity plane in Corona to make it in geo...not sure if making absurdly large plane (I think there is way (modifier maybe?) to make it uber-large only during rendering) can get you close in look, but worth a try.

Actually such option is embeded in plane primitive itself, it's called render multipliers.

wow thanks!
The answer is right in front of your eyes and yet I have always been frustrated with ridiculously large planes and the resulting shitty navigation in max...

I need help / Sampling Focus, Lights
« on: 2018-10-25, 16:25:16 »
Hello, I have a little problem here.

It seems that the "Sampling Focus" is especially strong on and around light sources (e.g. front lights of the bike), while other noisy spots never become clean (area above the front lights, helmet reflections). I know there was an oversampling of dark areas in the past, but now it seems to behave the other way round in some scenarios.

Does it make sense to turn off the adaptivity in such a case?

I don't know why, but I have the feeling that the good old "bucket mode" used to do better on "DOF highlights" and other special cases than the "new" adaptivity mode.
It was said that it will never come back... so, are further improvements of the adaptivity algorithms planned for future releases? :)

I need help / Re: Not much Bokeh effect and weak DOF
« on: 2018-10-02, 12:18:42 »
you could increase the sensor-size to simulate a medium-format (~45-90mm) or large-format camera, wich should give you a more shallow DOF with the same FOV and f-stop... you have to increase the focal-length to get the same FOV with a bigger sensor size. that would be the photographic approach...

or you could just lower the f-stop value :)

Hey! My dual Xeon at work has the same problem from time to time :) I'll try to make a minidump the next time this happens...

2x Xeon E5-2630 v3

you can try to add some noise back to the final render... not sure how this will work out...


I cranked the images up a bit and now it becomes clear that the denoising in the final render introduced some banding...
often a little additional noise is used to reduce banding artifacts in 8-Bit images

some options:

1. decrease the denoise-amount to leave some noise in the background to reduce banding
2. add a "beauty" render element with denoising set to 0 and mix them in the post
2. save as 16-Bit Half or 32-Bit Float EXR and dither in the post when converting to 8-Bit

Resolved bugs / Re: Strange Artefacts with Sharpening
« on: 2018-02-01, 12:26:13 »
Example-Scene uploaded :)

More infos:
File Save Format: EXR 16Bit Half, RGBA, RLE Encoding
i increased the gamma a bit in post... so the artefacts are more visible...

Resolved bugs / Strange Artefacts with Sharpening
« on: 2018-01-31, 17:08:16 »
i just discovered a strange bug when using Sharpening/Blurring:

Framebuffer looks great but the saved EXRs show some strange horizontal and vertical artefacts when there is a bright light source...
if i disable Sharpening, everything works fine.

Edit: Corona 1.7 Hotfix 2

I need help / Re: LOW QUALITY RENDER
« on: 2018-01-20, 10:46:56 »
in the top menu:
Rendering -> Print Size Assistant

Hello everyone,
I come back to my post because really, this window that grows steadily is really unbearable. It would not matter if you worked with three polygons in the scene. But with Forest and Railclone, millions or billions of polygons, it's really very annoying.
The idea is just to add on the VFB an icon like a padlock for example, locked by default. That's all, nothing more.
If this is not possible technically, it would have to work with a normal window, like for a rendering of production.
Thank you !

Again, +1 ! :)

100% this ^^^^
146% this ^^^^^

Feature requests / Re: Integration of Cryptomatte
« on: 2017-12-19, 10:50:48 »
any news on this topic?

General Discussion / Re: Corona and network deployment
« on: 2017-12-06, 14:50:14 »
You could use/modifiy the Batch-Script from this thread...

Remote Execution can be done with PSEXEC from the pstools

I need help / Re: dome Hdri
« on: 2017-11-24, 15:43:11 »
Looks like you need to increase the radius parameter of the dome in the Corona Bitmap

Edit: do you have a "Direct Visibility"-Override in the Render Settings?

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