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I need help / Re: Animation Fireflies
« on: 2017-09-20, 16:06:22 »
I also had some strong fireflies in an interior shot, but lowering the MSI did the job and also decreased rendertimes (of course in exchange with a bit more bias)

I just uploaded a minidump too. Max 2016, 1.7 DailyBuild Sep 18 2017

In the scene there was just a free camera, nothing else.

Geometry-Motionblur enabled, DOF enabled, IR running -> "autokeyed" Target Distance in camera -> freeze

Any progress on this? :)
Its still freezing on DB 2017_09_19

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2017-08-30, 14:31:48 »
Hi. Don't know if it's already requested, but I could really use the EV value to be animate able.

You should be able to animate the exposure and other tonemapping-stuff in the CoronaCameraModifier

Have you checked the "Exposure" Rollout in the Physical Camera? EV too high or ISO too low?
Is the Physical Camera Exposure Control in the "Environment and Effects" window active? Try to disable it and restart IR.

I am able to reproduce following bug:

3ds Max 2016
Corona 1.6 Hotfix 1

Create a Free Camera
Enable DOF
Enable Geometry Motion Blur
Enable Auto-Key
Start IR (i used the IR in the Quad View)
Animate Target Distance

--> Freeeeeeze

General CG discussion / Nozon PresenZ
« on: 2016-05-03, 15:23:16 »
Crazy stuff.

Free Demo Scenes

Currently there is just an Arnold-Plugin, they want to release a V-Ray Version soon...
Its absolutely stunning with the Vive!

Daily builds / Re: Texture baking prototype
« on: 2016-04-27, 19:33:04 »
Tested Corona VFB and native Max VFB. Any ideas?

How did you test native max VFB? Maybe you're doing it wrong? Render To Textures has its own render button.

HM? I just changed it in the Render Settings (System->VFB Settings), then pressed the Render-button in the RTT Dialog. Just thought it could be a framebuffer problem. :)
Mental Ray works fine.

Daily builds / Re: Texture baking prototype
« on: 2016-04-27, 18:24:46 »
Rendering itself works fine, but i also have the file saving problem, even if "Render to file only" is ticked. (Max 2014 and 2016)
Tested Corona VFB and native Max VFB. Any ideas?

you forgot about world position pass...

cpu mode works here but it seems it's much slower (just commented out "gpu=" in cfg file). took  approx 10+ minutes to process 3000x3000px image and it has required over 7.5GB of RAM. I guess that's why you couldn't filter out high res on a GTX970.

I think it's early to judge. But if they come sooner with an integration for max+corona, than Ondra's integrated solution and it won't cost an arm and a leg. I'd give it a go.

But then again. It's november already :D and once corona has it's adaptivity and noise filtering of it's own...

Would be nice from Ondra to tease us with some numbers if some early tests had been done, to know if it's even worth it to think about this innobright thing :)

read somewhere that someone had strange results with using a world position pass, but i'll give it a try :)
has anyone figured out the correct command line syntax to process an animation? the altus command-help describes the cmd-line-options, but it's not working for me :/
and yeah, i'm also reaaaaaally excited about Ondras solution!

Exist blur Artifacts on white lighting on the ceilling
and on highlights/
may be wrong Elements you used?
You use Standalone or version for Maya?
From 3d max I need Command Line for launch this application?
Please describe me a full work process.

yeah, there are artefacts, but the input images are reaaally noisy...
I do not know if these Elements are the best to use.
I am using the Altus Standalone with the command line..

in my case the command looks like this:

altus.exe -r 10 -i "text" -o "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\output" -b "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b0_.exr" -b "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b1_.exr" -a "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b0_CShading_SourceColor.exr" -a "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b1_CShading_SourceColor.exr" -n "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b0_CGeometry_NormalsShading.exr" -n "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b1_CGeometry_NormalsShading.exr" -v "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b0_CShading_Shadows.exr" -v "C:\InnoBright\Altus\bin\input\b1_CShading_Shadows.exr" -g

Just did a small test:

Just 4 passes
GI/AA: 24
MSI: 10
You need to unlock the sampling pattern
Elemtents: Beauty, CGeometry_NormalsShading, CShading_SourceColor (Albedo?!), CShading_Shadows (VIS?!)
(Not 100% sure if these are the best passes for the AOVs)

Rendertime: 1:40 min per image
Filtering Time: 43Sec

Edit: tried to process a 4960x3508 Image, but there is not enough ram on my gtx 970 und the CPU-Mode does not work for me...

I also think that the cube camera 6+1 (or the spherical one) could be a very nice option in Corona.

YES! This would be awesome!

Does anyone know if there is a way to render a 12x1 stereo cubemap from 3Ds Max without VRay 3 or Octane?!

General CG discussion / Re: MAX UI help
« on: 2015-07-12, 10:11:34 »
Maybe you should try to recover this folder:

Just replace the new one with the one from your old HDD!

Maybe the path differs a bit ;)

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