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Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-12-03, 13:28:36 »
I wonder how much the above from Optimus is just hype but I presume there will be some reviews in upcoming weeks. 200 dollars is solid amount of money but it's looking nicely overbuilt.

I just sprang for the TR3 block and the res/pump combo (some nice black friday discounts on their site).

According to some tests of their Intel block, they were shaving off 6-7 degrees C in direct comparison to a Heatkiller block (arguably one of the best WC block manufacturers):

I can only imagine that those temps would scale similarly due to the large surface area of the TR3 heatspreader.

Still not sure what model of TR3 I'm going for, think I'm going to wait until January for the 64 core reviews.

Got some other nice bits too: 2xHWlabs GTS 480 + 1xGTS 360 rads, going to fit them in the Phanteks Luxe 2 case. Now just waiting for Noctua to finally release their black nf-a12x25 fans!

Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2019-11-28, 18:21:06 »
What exactly is meant by "DSLR style tone mapping"?

Tone mapping that works like an actual DSLR camera's response (which can't be faked with LUT's), specifically in terms of dynamic range (no ugly murky greys), pleasant highlights/burnouts, natural colour shift in relation to exposure e.t.c.

At the moment Corona's tone mapping is very much in the realm of "CGI". Compare it to that of Fstorm and the difference becomes immediately noticeable. It's not a case of GI/light algorithms, it's purely how the the final image is tonally mapped using some sort of transform matrix to produce a pleasant and convincing "real" image.

It is the single biggest factor imo to producing a convincing image. You can have 100% spot on materials, lighting and modelling but if the tone mapping puts a 2005 Mental Ray sheen over it, it will never look great.

For some examples of great tone mapping take a look at: You'll notice just how balanced and "real" the images are. No ugly black crush, no washed out grey mids, no overly burnt cellphone style highlights, no neon colours under burnouts.

I was reading about the following and was wondering if this applies to Corona/3ds max in any way:

Cliff notes:

Anything that uses the Intel Math Kernel Library ( uses a discriminative CPU Dispatcher that does not use efficient codepath according to SIMD support by the CPU, but based on the result of a vendor string query. If the CPU is from AMD, the MKL does not use SSE3-SSE4 or AVX1/2 extensions but falls back to SSE1 no matter whether the AMD CPU supports more efficient SIMD extensions like AVX2 or not.

When fixed, the results are claimed to be: "AMD’s performance improves by 1.32x – 1.37x overall. Individual test gains are sometimes much larger. Obviously these results are much worse for Intel, changing what looked like a narrow victory over the 3960X and a good showing against the 3970X into an all-out loss."

Devs can you weigh in on this?

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-11-25, 15:03:38 »
So it seems there might be a 64 core part in the works for next year as well. Surprise! :)

I respect Linus for standing up to what he believes is right there. He did it in a very negative but still tasteful manner imho.

I'm torn between waiting for the 64 core part or getting the new 32 core now. Things seem to be scaling pretty linearly with the new 32 core in the blurred benchmark image above...however the 64 core may not scale as well as I doubt they will be able to sustain as high all-core boost clocks even with an over the top water cooling setup. I can see the CPU easily drawing 700w+ past 3.5ghz all core (if it's even possible to boost that high). So the 32 core might end up being the best bang for your buck?

Feature requests / Re: Improved Animation Support
« on: 2019-11-25, 14:49:14 »
Personally I'd like to do away with the UHD cache/animated UHD cache setup altogether.

Recently we've been doing a lot of animations with Fstorm with moving lights, objects and DOF with zero GI/AA flickering issues (and the speed is great too on a single 2080ti). The render times for the same scenes using Corona (on very good setups, even with heavy scene and sampling optimisation) was simply unacceptable.

Another point is that the animations somehow feel "smoother" in Fstorm despite both results being rendered at 24fps (with or without motion blur) - there's no choppiness on pans and zooms, but there always seems to be with Corona, and I end up having to use Optical flow to smooth out the Corona result. I think Corona really needs a revamp for animation purposes as the competition is hands down better. Case in point:
t=2s - this would be hell to render in Corona to achieve the same level of smoothness/cleanness.

However for complex interior/large exterior stills I still come back to corona for the vast plugin support and ease of use.

Gallery / Re: Nordic House
« on: 2019-11-12, 16:14:38 »
Wow these are stunning! Nothing gives these away as being CGI.

Can you share some tips on your lighting and tonemapping setup? I often find it a struggle to blend interior artificial lights with neutral exterior light when using realistic values (i.e 3200k interior spots with mid grey scandi exterior lighting).

Gallery / Re: The Beachfront
« on: 2019-10-18, 23:49:17 »
No worries man, they look great!

Gallery / Re: The Beachfront
« on: 2019-10-17, 18:39:33 »
Lovely mood in those images. Do you mind posting up a few links where I can get those sea backplates? Always have a hard time finding good ones.


Feature requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2019-10-07, 23:06:06 »
I just want reflection from the HDRI to be seen in reflections and that's actually not usable for now.


Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« on: 2019-09-30, 20:08:57 »
Hey Dubcat! Good to see you posting again. Just wondering if you have any inside knowledge from the dev team regarding the new/updated tonemapping features for Corona? Or if you've made any more progress with your LUT/VFB settings in nailing the "DSLR" look?

I've been working more with FStorm recently and while not strictly related to tonemapping another nifty thing I've noticed is the way noise clears up - images are a lot more "analogue" in the way noise is distributed/cleared, which also feeds into some of the magic that can be achieved with the engine. It's quite hard to describe properly, but you can definitely get away with more pleasing noisier images without the clear giveaway of the "obvious" CGI style noise - it's quite a lot closer to film.

General Discussion / Re: Project Lavina for Corona?
« on: 2019-09-16, 19:43:28 »
wow dont think its useless, really think its the future


Spending big money on render farms for animations will be a thing of the past in 5-10 years as UE4 improves. With the industry moving this fast, either keep up or get left behind.

When faced with a bill for a "physically based" 15K animation or a 5K animation at 90% visual fidelity...I know which options most clients will take.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-28, 17:08:41 »
That's nice to hear, thank you for your feedback!
We have used an Hdri to light up the scene combined with some light planes.
Yes, exactly the animation was done in 24 fps.

Thanks for the reply! Would you mind posting up a link to where I can purchase the HDRI? Looks really clean/neutral without a colour cast (did you colour correct it?). I tend to shy away from HDRI's due to the colour cast issue (especially with white walls), generally sticking with Corona Sun + Sky which gives me quite a bit of control. That last render is epic - pure studio photo quality!

Re the animation I've found myself recently rendering at 30fps with fairly heavy motion blur then interpolating to 60fps in Resolve to get rid of the "juddering" that I sometimes get at 24fps on pan/zoom shots.

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-28, 15:16:18 »
Wow, really great set of images! What's the exterior light setup here?

One small criticism on the animation is that it looks a tiny bit "choppy", was it done at 24fps?

How would you control the rotation and scale of the triplanar map with this setup?

Gallery / Re: Apartment
« on: 2019-08-05, 12:48:58 »
Thank you for your kind words. Good question about the walls. I try not to go higher than RGB 204 (80% White) to make the shadows a little darker. About the contrast, I try to go high as possible, but till it look natural and not to much. I think the punchieness comes from the armchair and the sky. To give the interior a highlight, I wanted to keep other colors natural and a little bit more special on the armchairs.

Thanks for the info!

Are you using Corona sun & sky or an HDRI as your exterior light source? Re the tone mapping are you using any luts or just cranking the corona contrast spinner?

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