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Exist only two ways///
To choose from those clients who understand what this "Physical base render and material",
or making fakes:)))

With first one you'll stay without clients. :)


You're right. I always need to fake something. What I try to say, that if I know how it is working - I know how to fake things.

BTW the new PBR tutorials of CoronaTeam is very understandable, but doesn't help in my particular case. I think that with new level of renders we'll have options to fake less and less. :)

"If the material on the balconys' ground is reflective - disable reflections, so more light can bounce off from the diffuse part of the shader." -  Must to test this. Never thank this way :(

Edit: I tested it. With dark materials no different, with bright - reflection adds more light in surrounding. As it must be by logic.

@ TomEnokR  Thank you. Nice explanation of the problem. I really can't find simple and trusted information. There is a lot of opinions but 90% of users don't understand what they are talking about.
Sometimes I haven't experience to solve the problems, but I have enough to distinguish stupid answers.

Just a simple example from my everyday work.
First revision - my client asks "more light in balconies area."
For sure I may fake it (just paint balconies floors in white or redraw HDRI).
But what will be a right way to increase reflected light "without touch the reflection"? Increase IOR and glossy? I never played with IOR before for this needs. I want to understand a way, it will take less time then a lot of tests.

It's not offtopic. I tried to explain why I want verified help documentation so much. Or any kind of another verified practical information.

PS. For BigArtists. Here is not final render, just model in early stage.

Yes. It was stupid request. Just delete it.

@TomG @Maru

There is some bug in in General Settings where Render selected - mode "disable" at the right.

Same bug there in in Camera section

It's what I usually used to do before. As I understood from other users PRB materials work in different way.

Thank you for explanation. Really simple.
And I'm sorry for nightmare. This thread about simplicity of managing new concept. I don't want to confuse other users with other point of few.

I'm looking for non-artistic way (means catalogs, reference books and so on). Something simple like add 10% to glossy >> reduce 10% from diffuse lightness.
It's hard to explain to artist, but it's clear enough for non-artist. (Just two different ways of thinking).

After all, my goal is to follow to client's requirements.
I used a lot reflectance values from catalogs but they are out of game now, as I understand. So I need another simple way to manage materials without "go to photoshop and change your glossy map with this simle LUT" for every material in the scene. It's just impossible in real workflow.

And yes, I haven't standard help documentation. And usually I'm out of forum, I just haven't time. So I may miss things.

I think it will be useful to have an option for automatic darkening of diffuse depended from glossy value.

Just to keep overall brightness of material the same. This may be some button. Don't need - don't press. Is it possible at all?

This would be good for work with clients. It's very hard to explain to constructor the theory of lighting, when he will ask: "I asked only polish, why it is brighter now?"

If somebody interesting in.
I try to compensate brightening of the material from interaction with glossy by darkening of diffuse.
(Artist will be against this, less-artist will understand me.
May be ask from Corona team a "compensation button"?)
I keep my refl.glossy constant. When I increase output of diffuse map - everything as expected, material in render brighter.
But when I decrease it - material brightens too. With output=0.1 my concrete map almost black, but in render it's brighter, then with output=1.0

I think there is some explanation, which I don't know, but interesting anyway. With RGB level everything works as expected.

Thank you. You really helped. I missed this announcement. And didn't receive the mail which I usually got for updates.

@TomG @Maru

There is some bug in in General Settings where Render selected - mode "disable" at the right.

Same help for materials would be a useful thing.

BTW what is it Hotfix1?

Yes. It's my case.

I began to work with corona, because it was much more friendly, and worked better with HDRI. There was a lot of splotches in vray from strong HDRI. I used only biosed setup for the speed.

I began with corona for interiors only, but after 1.4.1 make exterior too. Main thing for me, that with denoise I may stop it in 10 minutes, if my client needs render urgently... 

Now I am a little beet confused with new materials and need to prepare new libraries. Old materials are not working now. I used CoronaMix a lot, now it mixes in sRGB and all my materials oversaturated now. So all my same trees and same people need to be changed. I prepared them for 1.4.1 only some monthes ago. :(

As I understand, today I can't take material from my library, adjust glossy and forget about it.  I'll need tweaking, testing... OK, we'll look ...

Honestly i think that thread could be addressed with a simple video tutorial series explaining each feature and what it could do.
Im surprised nobody has jumped on the bandwagon and submitted one to digital tutors yet quite frankly!

It's not so useful. Usually I am looking for 5% of info, but I need to see whole tutorial. May be 2 min. tutorials.

It's not offtopic at all. 250 modelers = 250 licenses. And only few of them are really Artists.

@Christa Noel

I really respect this. 1. Not everyone able to make Ferrari. 2. 40 Fiats Panda probably will give me more income then one Ferrari. 3. After crisis of 2004 and 2008 I prefer to produce Panda and to bye Ferrari ;) . It's just another business model. I'd like that Corona will be good for both.

Only thing that I looked for - To put diffuse from library, to take LRV from catalog, to put it in reflection slot and to manage glossy independently as it was in the past. It's good for Panda.

As I understand Corona today will be mostly Ferrari instrument. Changing in glossy will lead to changes in reflection.
And my client ask for reflection from catalog. For example they want compare stucco which reflect 55% of light with stucco which reflect 47%. So I just looking for a way. It's not for battles.

PS. My clients doesn't interesting in true lighting model, in mood and emotions. He want only to sell his property. And if he wants blue windows and oversaturated sky (very common case) - I'll give him.

Thank you, Benny, it was a great speech.

There is no label "For great artists only" on my Corona licenses. I am really not from a team, which may make tweaks glossy for hours and days. Super result after 2 weeks of work just bad result for me.  To be poor but proud is not a best thing in the world, I think.

I know to work with numbers and get result good enough for my clients in two hours. If there will be a new concept, I'll learn it. I do it for 20 years. Only thing, I'm looking for effective way. 

I have respect to artists absolutely. But they usually don't understand the word "efficiency". I met this a lot in my 20 years of experience.

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