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Resolved bugs / A6RC1_Light reflection bug
« on: 2014-03-12, 10:37:22 »
1. If we use the absorption then lights are not reflected
2. Some troubles with caustic too
No absorbtion

With absorbtion

PS: with small value of asorbtion. And this effect we can see in ME mat.preview if we set abs. to 0.1

Build timestamp: Feb 23 2014 23:56:41
dark highlight in the refl.glossy if we use coronaconstant outside the window

scene in attachment

Porting and API / What about Houdini?
« on: 2014-02-06, 09:51:18 »
It would be cool to get hold of the crown on Houdini and very prestigious for Corona.
Of course here I have a personal interest :). Maybe someone there who can implement ;)?

Why appears fireflies on CoronaLight material in Constant mode on thin geometry? This is shader core limitations? Because scene don't have GI.

I did some comparative tests of new renderers.
For the tests I used the exact same scene and tried to keep the same conditions.
Only GI feature


max 3 GI bounces

1. Progressive mode

2. BF+irr.point cloud (importons or vraylike "lighcahe"

Very blured details

3. Irr.Map+Irr.pcloud

MtoA (Arnold)

Diffuse bounce = 3

Corona renderer

build 17/09



Resolved bugs / Builds compare
« on: 2013-12-12, 20:08:04 »
equal conditions

CoronaConstant emitted when refl is on.
This give lot of noise and unuseful (

General Discussion / Warning!!! Disable bitmap paging!
« on: 2013-09-21, 22:26:29 »
This must be uncheck, otherwise you will receive a slowdown render to 3-4 times! Need to restart 3dsMax or save and reopen the scene after uncheck!

Build from 17-09-2013 some changes in the bump value?
Now you need to set the values ​​of the bump a lot more than the old version.

Resolved bugs / The memory is not cleared after rendering.
« on: 2013-09-14, 22:30:34 »
Build from 14-09-2013

The memory is not cleared after rendering.
Open the scene - 2.3 gb
After a series of test renders - 16 gb and next rendering increase the memory usage.

3dsmax 2014 is crash when uncheck the stamp in VFB.

Ies don't work and mirror the propagation of light !
Hair&Fur don't work - causes the error! (for 3ds Max 14)

Resolved bugs / Bug of new CoronaCameraMod
« on: 2013-09-06, 20:35:19 »
If on "Override type of Camera"

General Discussion / Some tests with many lights
« on: 2013-09-05, 19:18:11 »
I decided to test a very large number of light sources in a large interior:
The scene contains a large number of lamps (mid poly) - Emitters, totally of lights = 165 000!
2100x1400, 3h30min

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