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Feature requests / 'Keep aspect /proportions' on Corona Bitmap
« Last post by LKEdesign on Today at 10:22:01 »
It would be cool if you Coulter add  'keep aspect / proportions' option in real World Scale on Corona Bitmaps. Should be an easy task to do but has tremendous effect on the workflow, - at least for me.
I have never really understood why this feature has ben left out, as it extremely useful.

Corona for Cinema 4D - general / Exclude an object of post effects
« Last post by lenogre on Today at 09:52:35 »
Hello from France.
I've activated bloom and glare for an animation and there is a car with too much bloom and glare. The best choice would be to delete these post effects just for the car.
Is there a way for excluding the car of post-effects ?
Bug Reporting / Round Edges 1.6
« Last post by build on Today at 09:34:04 »

With the new Version of Corona there seems to be a different in the handling of edges of geometries. Before I could apply the "round edges modifier" to separated objects with the same material. As long as they where connected the edges where never shown. But now this behavior changed. Even when I attach different geometries to one object the former edges still render as outer edges. Inserting new edges to an object still works okay.

Thought there may be a new setting inside the round edges modifier but still looks like the old one. Maybe I am missing something?

Feature requests / Re: non-relevant alpha needed...
« Last post by Naxos on Today at 09:23:10 »
"always black" = -1

i gotta say after using Corona for a while i still think V-ray had this set up better
object properties were a lot easier to set up for proper alpha than materials

Setting this within a material can help in some cases : you can have 2 materials with different settings put into a multi-sub material, and animate a material modifyer... i use that all the time...
Gallery / Re: Night Shift
« Last post by belly on Today at 08:57:53 »
well done!
Corona for Sketchup / Re: Unrecognized materials
« Last post by jenujacob on Today at 08:48:16 »
I think that's the problem right there... 200Mb for texturing is not the way to go - keep your texture map sizes efficient and manageable, nothing more than 500kb in Sketchup, anything more renders the texture unusable.
Most of what I do for architecture rarely ends up more than 20Mb in SKP file size. For Interiors it rarely goes beyond 10Mb.
i think its more to do with the model itself. If you look closely to the screenshot the OP has posted, you will find 3d grass blades and the trees that hes used is rather highpoly itself. The building alone would be much smaller in size i am sure. Again, its just my assumption based on the screen shot posted by the OP.
Gallery / Re: Night Shift
« Last post by karklinskarlis1993 on Today at 08:44:24 »
so lovely.
Bug Reporting / Re: Corona 1.6 VFB
« Last post by Ondra on Today at 08:42:50 »
were you using interactive with docked vfb at the time by any chance?
News / Re: Corona Renderer 1.6 for 3ds Max released!
« Last post by warlock on Today at 08:00:41 »
Congrats team... 

Gallery / Re: Night Shift
« Last post by warlock on Today at 07:59:44 »
One cam only? Great job!
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