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General Discussion / Re: Corona v1.3 vs 1.7
« Last post by cecofuli on Today at 18:25:13 »
Ok, new set of test, with all rendering Filter width = 1

Resolved feature requests / Re: RenderToTexture support
« Last post by mike_kennedy on Today at 18:03:06 »
I am getting lightmaps that are a bit off, I posted here about it.,16749.0.html

They say these are accurate, but it they don't look accurate to me. Like the they are baking 1 or 2 pixels off where they should be.

Corona for Sketchup / Re: Material Editor Suggestions
« Last post by franm on Today at 17:35:11 »
I had hoped to market myself with this renderer.  After using it I can´t go back to Maxwell, with it's "snow"  that takes forever to resolve. I've never been that excited about Vray.  So I don't have a renderer.  It's like Corona has ruined me for other SketchUp plug-ins.  I was really looking forward to the addition of interior lights eventually.   I hope it's just a matter of time!
General Discussion / Re: Corona v1.3 vs 1.7
« Last post by cecofuli on Today at 16:37:37 »
Hi guys..

I didn't expect so much interest.

v1.3 has default Filter setting, with Width 2.0.
I think that Filter Type isn't so important.

But, it looks like, with the same Filter width, the v1.3 add more "blurry" to the pixels.
So, it was better make the test with Filter width=1, in all version (Sorry)

In attachment the scene (Max 2012 - Corona v1.3 )
I need help / Re: Bake maps lacking contrast
« Last post by mike_kennedy on Today at 16:34:07 »
The walls and ceilings are separate objects like all of our interiors and most peoples I would imagine.
I can upload a Max file for Devs if they would like to take a look.

This link allows you too click on objects and turn them on and off if that would help.

Gallery / Re: House in the woods
« Last post by Hermes Romão on Today at 16:29:27 »
Incredible work!

Would love to know if anything special was done with the 'petit-pave' by the pool. Seems like high quality texturing. I can't find a good source for this type of pavement anywhere...

Thanks, vicmds

I did use the Portuguese floors from ( and tweaked a little bit in photoshop for tilling, add light 0,5cm displacement for the final result.
I need help / Re: Bake maps lacking contrast
« Last post by romullus on Today at 16:28:02 »
Re Lightmap accuracy,

I don't think Corona is accurate, yes it's is tighter, but the lighting is off by at least a pixel in terms of over laps.

That picture says nothing if we can't see how geometry is created.

, the seams issue is the bigger problem buy far, we can't remodel everything, we have hundreds of interiors that would need that done.

Well, too bad. Apparently you can't expect to cut corners in real time apps as easily as you can do that in off-line renderers. Maybe there is some solution appart from remodelling everything, but i'm not aware of it.
Hi Nikola,

I'm totally new to Corona and yesterday I failed to install Corona under OSX Sierra 10.12.6. It seems to be installed in the correct folder (Cinema4d R17 plugin folder where all plugins go normally) but it simply does not show up in Cinema 4D interface; not as a render engine in the list nor in the material manager to add a Corona material. He doesn't seem to recoginze or accept the Corona Plugin.

I've been looking on internet but I only found this forum thread and found no solution to make it work. Deleted Corona and reinstalled but no succes.
I aslo read this topic:,14443.0.html but in my case C4D starts up perfectly and doesn't crash but it simply doesn't show up. I also tried what Binke was saying here above but also no luck. Can you please help. Possible via Teamviewer to have a look.

My system is iMac 3,4 Ghz with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX.
On my MacPro I'm still running OSX 10.7.5 and didn't upgrade yet on that Mac because of some older software uncompatible with Sierra so I first wanted to testrun on my iMac before potentially messing up my MacPro setup :-)
Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Art15 contribution
« Last post by Art15 on Today at 15:49:08 »
I am creating a post here to share my free models that I also share on my Patreon.

Hope you like it.

Corona for Blender / Re: Render Animation
« Last post by Rac Leborg on Today at 15:37:50 »
That works. Thank you
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