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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Corona shaders hidden in sub-folder?
« Last post by tennet on Today at 08:31:43 »
Thanks Tuami! Then I’m not alone with this issue.. I only have the Realflow plugin using shaders, except for Corona.. so I don’t want to disable this. Thing is, I have the same plugins installed in R19 and there I don’ have the sub-folder ”plugins” — only in R20 and R21.
I need help / Re: DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« Last post by pokoy on Today at 08:19:52 »
I've requested this a loooong time ago. Given that this is a rare request it hasn't made it yet into Corona. It would definitely be useful to have. 
Gallery / Re: Teeny-Weeny Sparrows
« Last post by Mohammadreza Mohseni on Today at 07:29:53 »
Feather surface is too even / contours are too perfect.

Surely not easy to simulate realistic feathers on a bird... but I´m sue you find out how. :)

Rest looks very real.
thank you. I will try harder next time.
Gallery / Re: Teeny-Weeny Sparrows
« Last post by Mohammadreza Mohseni on Today at 07:28:46 »
That's completely amazing, I can' believe how u made this perfect scene, Well done

thank you
I need help / 32 bit to 16bit (2019)
« Last post by cjwidd on Today at 06:58:44 »
Converting an approximately ~6000 x 8000 pixel image from 32-bit (.EXR) to 16-bit destroys the tonal range of the image. I understand this is a historical problem that has been addressed before, but the previous solutions are not working in this case.

Note that rendering at a lower resolution (~3000 x 4000), saving to 32-bit (.EXR), and converting to 16-bit produces a more consistent result.

Is there a workaround for converting 32-bit to 16-bit for high resolution images, or is this where tiled rendering comes in?
I need help / Re: IPR Full Resolution
« Last post by cjwidd on Today at 06:54:33 »
Is that to say that if you ran the IPR on a second monitor - vertical or horizontal rotation - that could support the desired rendering resolution, you could essentially full-screen the IPR on that monitor and deal with it that way?

Of course, this seems cumbersome even if it is possible. Running IPR at the output resolution is possible in Vray, and I expect it is possible in Corona, but I imagine there is some upscaling or downscaling that is required (?)
General CG discussion / Re: Siger Studio crashes max
« Last post by subpixelsk on Today at 06:23:02 »
yes I can confirm the same worked for me :) I wrote him and he sent me missing files
I need help / DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« Last post by Alex Abarca on Today at 05:22:14 »
Hi Corona Team,

I would like to add depth of field and chromatic aberration to the camera to match more or less the photographic effect of the backplate. Currently, If I were to add these effects on the camera it gets pre-multiplied on the backplate. I know I can solve this in post, but my question is directed in achieving this in the VFB.

Can we have an option to ignore DOF and Bokeh on the backplate. Or is it possible to do this now?
Gallery / Living room
« Last post by Alethea on Today at 04:18:19 »
Design & Rendering by "Super Renders Farm"
Software: 3DS Max
Off-Topic / Re: Best 360 camera for hdri
« Last post by nealhogan on Today at 03:45:44 »
We use the Insta 360 Pro for HDRIs. Its quick, okay resolution and allow you to quickly set different exposures(no automatic bracketing im afraid :( ) and stitches the result in camera. So all you have to do is merge the HDRI when you get back.
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