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I need help / Re: Displacement not work on VertexPaint
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 23:51:29 »
Displacement only works if map if plugged into base material. You can swap your materials and invert vertex colour map, then displacement will work.
I need help / Displacement not work on VertexPaint
« Last post by ionico on Yesterday at 23:21:39 »
Hi all, please check my test scene (attached)
I have a problem with displacement on VertexPaint areas. I painted on the plane white area
I want to have material on black area and another material (with displacement) on white area
I make coronaLayered material
Material with displacement for white area
I'm starting render and I have no any displacement on white area
Why displacement not work on white areas?
Hey Bossco,

Just getting into your plugin 3.1 for C4D, excellent work...thought you'd want to know there's a typo:

For example:

'Blade lenght' - Blade length
'Lenght subdivision' - Length subdivision


Hahaha yes I've realized that but it was too late... I hope I fixed that in new Grass Kit v4 that I posted in this thread...
Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« Last post by danio1011 on Yesterday at 21:23:03 »
We just got a couple of Asus Turbo 2080 Tis and I can recommend them.  They are blower style and with a custom fan curve stay quite cool.  They are laughably loud though.  They sound like a hairdryer.  I’m considering moving that desktop to the back room and running cables to the main office.  If I were to build another rig I might consider watercooling it.
General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« Last post by killer000sp on Yesterday at 17:01:07 »
Hi, is here anyone else who noticed the decision of Rebus to put away option for setting job cost in ferminizer? Now there's only option to set pass limit. It's really disappointing thing for me. Rebus is not perfect - I have same problems as you guys but after searching for alternative I found almost nothing such user friendly or maybe I missed something... Also this option was crucial for me since I'm student/freelancer and I don't have so much money to spend on testing number of passes which suit for specific scenes.
I would be glad if someone could recommend some alternative to Rebus with user friendly UI and well-arranged Max plugin. I don't know if it was something special on Rebus but I would appreciate if cost setting was there. I don't have much time for research and mainly for research pricing policy of each render farm so I would like to know your suggestions.

One thing surprised me the most - I wrote to Rebus support asking why they put away that particular option and they replied that Corona licensing policy changed and is too expensive for them. Also they don't plan to bring back this option in future. I don't know what to think...
Corona for Blender / Re: Corona Proxy
« Last post by Sanekum on Yesterday at 16:53:17 »
@blanchg Is it possible to use a group instance for proxy?  Under Corona Object Properties, I can choose a group instance in the Instance Object filed, but when I hit render, it doesn't show up in the render.

You can just Shift+A>Group Instance
It's easier to preview and manipulate, effect wil be the same and it works with external proxy very well

Gallery / Re: Works by my students 13 "R"
« Last post by Designerman77 on Yesterday at 16:17:01 »
Valentin, with all respect to you and your skills... what if all of us will start to spam the Corona forums with such HUGE amount of advertising for our businesses?

Many of us are capable people and some of us also teach 3D etc...

I don‘t agree that this forums are for personal adverts!

Do it on FB, twitter of whatever...

Here most of us want to respectfully discuss & exchange knowledge as a big family of 3D-pros, helping eachother without money as the main motivation.

However, super great work of you!
And thanks fpor sharing the great images. On can learn from watching at them :)
Gallery / Re: Works by my students 13 "R"
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 16:12:45 »
Just write somwhere in your post "all artwork is presented with the permisssion of the authors", if that's really the case, of course. Do not asume that everyone knows some thing, just because you think it's obvious.
Gallery / Re: Works by my students 13 "R"
« Last post by denisgo22 on Yesterday at 16:09:06 »
i saw tons works like this, and better--- that without any courses from "Cgbandit", or whatever it is called:))
I think that now it is not at all relevant.
Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« Last post by dfcorona on Yesterday at 16:08:05 »
Here is something new.

Thermaltake Releases Threadripper-Specific Floe Riing RGB 360,39124.html
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