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Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Procedural noise does not work correctly
« Last post by Cinemike on Today at 17:49:28 »
The noise in the viewport will be different from a rendering with the Advanced Renderer, too, unless you use the noise in 2D-UV-space.
I need help / Re: Help with handling large siteplan
« Last post by mferster on Today at 17:49:02 »
Hmmmmm that's weird, I just did a quick test I didn't have that issue... what what version are you using?
General Discussion / IPR performance & Material Override exclusions
« Last post by NicolasC on Today at 17:40:29 »
Hello guys,

Something I'd need to investigate a bit more, but do you guys face a big performance dropdown when using IPR with a scene where you use Material Override with some objects excluded ? I'm still not sure about that, I'll try with other scenes, just wondering ;)

Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Team Render - SSS Does not Work
« Last post by TomG on Today at 17:06:32 »
This works for me, both from TR to PV, and through the TR Server. Are you sure the same version of Corona is installed on all the nodes?
Bug Reporting / Renderings phases - CPU usage
« Last post by NicolasC on Today at 16:58:22 »

Not sure if it's a bug or to be expected, but here we go. I've noticed that phases before GI passes (parsing scene, preparing geometry, Computing Sec GI) are pretty slow, then I checked CPU usage ... please check this video capture: I've hidden the VFB on purpose, because of NDA. The scene is illuminated only by an HDRI in environment.

Hardware: bi-Xeon CPU E5-2630 v4 @2.2GHz / 64Go RAM
Software: 3dsmax 2018.4, Corona V1.7.2 / Windows 7 Professionnal x64

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Command line resolution
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:52:53 »
TY Frood - yes, trying the link directly, I just get a "Site can't be reached, took too long to respond" message. May be blocked by my ISP or something at a guess (only noting this as it could be important for users when sharing images - they can be uploaded directly to the forum, which is a sure fire way that they will be visible to all).
Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Command line resolution
« Last post by Frood on Today at 16:49:52 »
Page -> Source:

Code: [Select]
It's 1.png to 4.png. Fails for me as well.

Good Luck

Feature requests / Some crazy idea:)MSI for Corona material
« Last post by denisgo22 on Today at 16:41:47 »
Here is some crazy idea Guys:)
Max Sample Intensity option for Corona material to avoid noise and fireflies for extreme reflective materials in scene only in partial way and speedup rendering process, without changing brightness of reflection's in all scene with
global MSI/
Same option very useful for games with caustic/
For example: Corona light in Lamp's Bulb or inside of reflector in the lamps in scene, to avoid fireflies in all scene from this materials and objects/
maybe I'm wrong or it's impossible.
Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Command line resolution
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:41:28 »
They don't show at all for me :) Apparently they are linked from someplace, but I just get nothing at all, no sign there were even links there - will check in and see why that might be :) However, the important people can see it so that's ok for now!
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« Last post by agentdark45 on Today at 16:15:17 »
I want to state that all my posts are directed to still image architectural visualization. The stuff I post is not directed for people who use a "pipeline", like CGI film. I need to get quick and good results straight out of the frame buffer. I like to think of VFB as a photo, and then I can open the "photo" in Lightroom/CameraRaw and do the final tweaks if I want to. The logLUTs are a temporarily "hack" solution, until Corona can get a more advanced tonemapper with custom matrix. It's not a question if Corona should get a new tonemapper or not, but when. Currently I use my own custom scripts in Fusion, but I really don't want to. fStorms tonemapper is superior in every way right now. It has a shoulder, it has a toe. It adjust light intensity according to real photos. It has a custom matrix that takes care of the blue turns to pink problem. It might not be 100% photo correct, but it's not pink. I only use Corona, and it hurts to say this, but it's the truth. We are not on top of the food chain when it comes to tonemapping, and there is no reason why. Corona Team = Best Team.

edit: fixed some typos, damn you auto correct!

All of the above x2

If you check the gallery, most guys on the forums are posting archviz stuff made using 3ds max. Only a small minority of Corona users are messing with Nuke e.t.c. I don't see why improving the tonemapping features of Corona to make it on par, or even surpassing the quality of F-Storm somehow detracts from the functionality for the compositing guys (it will still be there if you want it).

I'd bet my left arm that most people want an all in one solution that can produce the prettiest images out of the box, with the least amount of hassle.

This is also why I stick with Corona and don't go full into F-Storm, there are too many limitations with it despite it producing very photorealistic images.
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