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Gallery / BMW
« Last post by fa2020 on Today at 11:02:24 »
I used Corona for rendering this image. Do you like it?
Gallery / Re: Bimota EB1 Concept - CGI Animation
« Last post by Flamingo on Today at 08:05:45 »
Very impressive
Gallery / 021/365
« Last post by mXiyaan on Today at 06:59:55 »
Gallery / 020/365
« Last post by mXiyaan on Today at 06:58:27 »
Gallery / 019/365
« Last post by mXiyaan on Today at 06:55:20 »
Gallery / The Eastern Window
« Last post by 3dmachine on Today at 04:42:39 »
An interior project I did just for fun, trying the power of Corona.
hope you like it .

I need help / Re: Underwater Pool Light
« Last post by Noah45 on Today at 02:01:05 »
So, 2 mats for this ? (prol better than photo)
Gallery / Re: Bimota EB1 Concept - CGI Animation
« Last post by philippelamoureux on Today at 01:32:12 »
superb! It's nice to see something other than architecture here! Keep it up!
Yeah.. It's really cool how Corona sun and sky can give really very good results :-).

Well, you guys should have been the one to do it even if it meant vacation sort of since it would have been done properly and with no hitches. These things do happen. Love the view, looks great especially from an atmospheric and lighting point of view. Can I ask what area this is? :-)
Bug Reporting / Monitor 4K & Crona VFB pixel size
« Last post by Dionysios.TS on Yesterday at 23:16:27 »
Hi guys!

I notice a small bug here while using 4K monitors where the size in pixels of the real rendered area in the Corona VFB is not correct. (I love working lately with 4K monitors btw).

How to reproduce:

- Hit Render button.
- Render a 1000x1000 pixel image. You should already notice that the render area is smaller than it should really be.
- Hit Stop render and then > Max (copy image to 3ds Max VFB).
- The 3ds Max has the correct size now while the Corona VFB didn't.

I use 3ds Max 2017.

Please let me know if you notice this problem too.


Dionysios -
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