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Gallery / Re: K11 House
« Last post by yagi on Today at 00:56:32 »
SUPERB! showcases coronas photo realism.
Feature requests / Selection of cores in the VFB
« Last post by rmartineziruela on Yesterday at 22:58:23 »
A good utility would be to be able to select in the crown frame buffer itself the possibility of using more or less cores. Imagine launching a render with all cores and in the middle you want to select less because you have a new task to do while rendering. Thank you
Gallery / Ocean View From Cliff
« Last post by santos3D on Yesterday at 22:48:44 »
Tribú - Outdoor Collection

Thanks for your help.
Basically, I removed the big ball to make sure everything is OK.
Next thing I tried to follow the two videos and here are the problems:
1- The difference in quality between the images in the interactive Rendering and hence the rendered Image and the saved one.
2- the overall quality of the images from the model is not that good comparing to Vray performance.
3- Images are still suffering from either too dark or too bright.
I am attaching the images I did collect under different circumstances: I have added a corona sun to the model based upon the videos and get images when there is only a corona sun and with corona cun and corona sky ( environment).

Am I missing something here as the images look not that good. I will attach all the images here
Gallery / Her
« Last post by Mouhamad Asswad on Yesterday at 20:55:53 »
Royal Master Bedroom
When i Can't Tell You Something Special About Your Self But i Can Do Something Special For You More Than Anything Else.
With All My Passion 🖤
Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: ambient occlusion
« Last post by myattcp on Yesterday at 20:01:29 »
I think you just want to use a layer map in the diffuse slot, You diffuse texture then add a Corona AO on top set to multiply and adjust the percentage (kinda what you would do with the AO pass when compositing in photoshop but directly in the material).

How Can I send you de archive? Inbox, mail or...?
I need help / Re: How to achieve a fluffy yarn?
« Last post by AHigh20 on Yesterday at 18:28:55 »
Thank you for the reply. That's the exact tutorial I came across in my searches and what I followed, however to no success. The yarn still looks fake and very flat. I'd stick with the Corona Scatter however it takes a lot of instances to achieve the effect which slows down the scene so much and rendering takes ages.
I demoed this too recently and I liked the simplicity but as far as I could tell you couldn’t template it or batch submit to farm so I looked elsewhere and discovered Vexus. It’s way more powerful and as simple/complex as you make it.

THanks for the tip, that looks indeed like a tool with a lot of options. I will definitely consider it if I one day need more possibilities than currently offered in Pulze (though for 99% of what I do Pulze will do the job perfectly)
So you are saying you can send the various renderjobs you set up directly to a renderfarm from Vexus? Like rebus or just network rendering?
I need help / MOVED: Uninstall on macOS
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 17:04:18 »
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