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Bug Reporting / Phoenix Fd foam
« Last post by Daskydesign on Today at 15:21:55 »
Phoenix fd FOAM is still not working (in release candidate too)????????????
Corona for Blender / Re: Blender 2.80 or Corona 2.0?
« Last post by cosimoras on Today at 15:03:11 »
Hi Blanchg and thanks for your productive dedication! I would prefer a stable Corona 1.7, otherwise you would risk losing everything ...
Hardware / Re: 10 bit monitor
« Last post by pokoy on Today at 12:48:32 »
The lower end Quadros are not really worth it, most of the time OpenGL performance is good but DirectX is way behind gaming cards. Most CAD programs run OpenGL so it makes sense there, not much for DCC apps like Max or Maya.

10 bits displays aren't really necessary since practically no target device will support it, 8 bits everywhere for consumer devices. Most higher end displays will work in 10 bits internally anyways and that's why it makes more sense to invest in a  wide gamut display and a calibration device - that's what makes display colors accurate and reliable.
Hardware / 10 bit monitor
« Last post by GeorgeT on Today at 12:16:26 »
Hello everyone, I was planning on buying the Benq 240sw 10 bit monitor for color accuracy but then I found out that for 10-bit support in Open GL (for Photoshop) I would need a Quadro card.
My questions are:
-Does anyone have experience with 10-bit monitors? Is the output worth it, or do I just need to look for some color calibration services for my current monitors?
-Right now I'm leaning for an NVidia Quadro P2000 card is it a good/bad choice? (I have no experience in Quadros)

Thank you!
Gallery / Embracing Spaces
« Last post by sarkawt on Today at 11:48:26 »
Hello Everyone, this is my latest work (Embracing Spaces)
Architectural Design by @MArch Sulaiman Mustafa
Visualization by Architect Sarkawt Haider

Mixed use project
location: Kurdistan (Erbil)

I hope to enjoy it & share it ..
sw: 3d max , corona, ps...
my page:-
Resolved bugs / Re: PhoenixFd Foam bug in Corona 1.7
« Last post by Daskydesign on Today at 11:09:42 »
Hi, foam is supported now in release candidate????
Gallery / Re: Northern Wisps
« Last post by Sportler on Today at 11:08:02 »
Woah, congratz on this one! All the images look truly stunning and amazing. I love the night shots where you really see the structure of the cloth!
I need help / Re: Problems with creating of matte aluminium.
« Last post by beanzvision on Today at 10:22:44 »
Migrating was a bad choice of words, Just adding Max to my tool set ;)
Corona for Blender / Re: Blender 2.80 or Corona 2.0?
« Last post by blanchg on Today at 07:24:50 »
That is a different topic entirely 😁 with some community help we might be able to get close but not exact
Corona for Blender / Re: Blender 2.80 or Corona 2.0?
« Last post by lacilaci on Today at 07:08:34 »
I think making support for corona 2.0 in blender 2.8 now doesn't make much sense.
Who knows what will change until 2.8 releases so I guess development of plugin/exporter would be even slower now.
So support for latest existing corona for latest official blender release would make more sense.

Anyway, do you think it would be possible to convert blender 2.8 principled shader to corona material? So that it would be possible to create materials in realtime viewport and then auto-convert them when switching to corona?
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