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I need help / Re: Can't open old file with Corona 3
« Last post by patrick.testa on Today at 14:11:59 »
At present it only happened to me on one of my older works, done with Max2016 and Corona2. I reinstalled Corona2 to work on that scene and than returned to version 3 without further problems on other files… (the scene with that issue still doesn't work)
I have the same problem. win 10
Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: Corona Image Editor (C4D)
« Last post by 4b4 on Today at 13:21:55 »
Thanks Beanzvision. It's the standalone image editor where I'm getting the error. I've just activated it with the 45 day demo option for now so I can continue using it.

If it helps I'm on Win 10 - anyone else having the same problem?

Everything within C4D works as normal.

General Discussion / Re: Issue about light selection.
« Last post by Tanakov on Today at 12:53:53 »
You probably need to manualy set the "Render element Output" or try saving your file as CXR and then manualy save all the elements.

Its more of max than Corona limitation.

(This should be in I need help section)
Gallery / Re: Traffic light
« Last post by Tanakov on Today at 12:49:47 »
What really did you expect? This is amazing! Great work.
I would also suggest trying to use the wrap deformer instead of the bend deformer. No 'stick texture' tag needed.

Hi I recognize the same bug. The preview is OK, in the rendering it distorts the texture. Even with sticky tag. See the screenshot.

Care to share your scene file with us?
Private Uploader:

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Cinema4d material's nodes broken
« Last post by beanzvision on Today at 12:36:42 »
Hi, were these materials originally made with an older version of Corona and then tried to be used on a newer version or were they created with the same version you are running now?
I need help / Re: Can't open old file with Corona 3
« Last post by romullus on Today at 12:34:31 »
Can't speak for everyone, but i personally had never encountered this.
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