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General Discussion / Re: Time to ditch sRGB/Linear as default (?)
« Last post by bluebox on Today at 20:07:25 »
Guys (especially Rawa), please restrain from personal fights, or switch to private messaging. This thread is to discuss specific topic, there is no point in adding the extra spam.

Funny. I see this exactly the opposite way :)
Rawalanche is trying to bring up a case with which everyone seems to agree with (myself including) presenting rational arguments, while Njen goes like "trust me, I'm an angineer , what you say is wrong and I know this cuz I'm an engineer" :D absolutely failing to acknowledge that Rawalanche is not proposing to make Corona unusable in classical VFX pipeline BUT instead to work by default like a DSLR with the option to work like it does now after activating a checkbox. Win-win situation.
No offence guys, with all the respect to your amazing knowledge, what you achieved and worked on (this is not irony), leave your egos outside the door please :)

Personally after watching that lecture about ACES I'm all for the change. It simply looks so much better and easier. If it would help even a tiny bit in fighting constantly too dark renders then please do it :)
General Discussion / CoronaVolumeMTL: Bounces parameter?
« Last post by cecofuli on Today at 19:49:24 »
my question is related to speed up the calculation of CoronaVolumeMtl (clouds, for example).
As we know, Single bounce only = ON, the rendering time is very low, but also the quality.
When it's ON, the rendering time is HUGE! Almost impossible to use in production.
Corona uses 25 bounces (as a default).
With 5 bounces it's enough to obtain a good quality, with low rendering time.  ( I used a little bit of Emission in my test)
With 10 (with a little of Emission) I have almost the same rendering, but the rendering time is so different!
Maybe it's good idea to add a new parameter to set the light bounces for CoronaVolumeMtl.

We are speaking about  20 minutes (10 bounces) vs 42 minutes (25 bounces) with almost same result!
Ok, I know that we don't want to add too much parameters as in V-Ray, but... here we should do an exception =)

What do you think?

PS: with 5 bounces, I had 8 minutes with NL= 0.7  (^__^)

Feature requests C4D / ZDepth - Use Camera Focal Distance
« Last post by twc on Today at 19:45:45 »
So far we have Value, Target Object, Whole Scene, and Camera Clipping as options for ZDepth values.

It'd be great if you could have "camera focal distance" that auto updates as you switch between cameras.

Corona for Cinema 4D - general / Re: C4D beta still on target?
« Last post by nikolat on Today at 18:40:57 »
I am sorry for displacement crashing. This is definitely high priority bug for us. Could someone create the large scene which causes the crashing and send it to us so we can open it and immediately see the crash? We would be very grateful.

Yes i can send u a scene.

So please send me private message with link to the scene. Thank you.
I can confirm.  I am not getting and alpha channel in A6.2 Mac.  Rendered in the previous version and alpha works.
Gallery / New kitchen Exercise
« Last post by grafichissimo on Today at 18:35:33 »
Hello guys, I had some spare time so I decide to create this scene in order to share some stuff with the community.
So here it is a small scene that you can use wherever you want.
I did model everything but the lion.
The lion is from scketchfab where you can download it for free:

I use a reference photos I found here:

The MAX scene is here:
Yeah I'm just hoping when they release the node editor in Beta 2 that it helps simplify things further.
Guys (especially Rawa), please restrain from personal fights, or switch to private messaging. This thread is to discuss specific topic, there is no point in adding the extra spam.

How is my recent post a personal fight?

In 3ds max, with his compact UI, you can see almost all the shader parameters in a tiny space.
In C4D you have open a lot of different sections. =)
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