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Hi! Can you let us know which version of Corona, version of C4D, and OS? Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« Last post by SairesArt on Today at 01:16:28 »
Anyone knows about this and can explain?
If you mean in general, multi socket boards have existed since forever.
In case of threadripper you are correct, there are no multi socket boards for thread ripper, only for the epyc line up.

The Corona benchmark accidentally counts the multiple dies as multiple CPUs. Whilst you could make the argument, that the way thread ripper is set up it's not too far away from that idea, it's a bug.
To replicate the issue, set up a material with a bitmap linked to a filter shader, and then input that to the diffuse channel. Use another filter shader and input into the reflection glossiness, and bump maps. This would be a very basic way to set up a material if you only have one map to work from.

If i then start IR, and try to adjust the filter parameters, the material shows up as a bright yellow in the IR (Sometimes causing a crash). I then need to restart the IR to get the material to show the changes i just made to the filter shader.
Feature requests / Re: image upscaling factor location
« Last post by Juraj Talcik on Today at 00:27:46 »
Well it's also feature people might avoid using when they have to switch between VFB and Settings.

No strong opinion but its place in VFB would be similarly justified to denoising checkbox when both are used in IR.
Feature requests / Re: image upscaling factor location
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 23:31:24 »
I think there's much more people who don't need upscaling and bringing that UI element to VFB, would be rather distracting for them.
Hi Serghei,
previously it was only fixed in daily builds of version 4. Public version of v4 was released few hours ago and it should be working there (you can download it from our download page).
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: bottle of water
« Last post by cjwidd on Yesterday at 22:07:33 »
Basically I am tinting the glass slight green and the water slight blue, but the problem seems to be in the glossiness of the glass surface and the glossiness of the water.

Decreasing the refraction glossiness of the water too much creates a gel-like appearance in terms of reflectivity, making the solution appear more solid than it should.

It would be nice to emulate the condensation that is blurring the surface of the glass, but I have yet to find a solution. Perhaps a glass map will do the trick?

I experimented with the velvet shader to imitate the effect, but to no avail.
I need help / Issues with new caustics in Corona 4
« Last post by Sacifair on Yesterday at 21:45:08 »

I have some problem with new caustics, in interior scenes!
I tested it first in some "Object scene" and everything was great, awesome! new caustics!! but, happiness didn't last long :(

And then, I opened a scene (interior).. that I built a few days ago, and wanted to RErendered it (cause a new caustics, new filter) so..

I got some "white fireflies" or "white dots" and this problem was in all interiors I checked (HDRI or CoronaSky+Sun doesn't matter)
I did all of that I could do :(

Here are renders with this problem:

Parameters where the interior with materials: HDRI, all glass of windows have thin+CoronaRaySwitchMtl, and all windows have CoronaPortals of course!
I rendered the full image for 4 hours! and nothing, fireflies continue to stay (Core i9 7980X) I rendered before this the same image on Corona 3 for 30 minutes "facepalm"

Parameters in another picture I sent: Just a grey box with grey material on the walls with reflections 0.65, CoronaPortal and there is not any glass and windows. The same issue! but, I noticed that this issue can be fixed here by decrease "Reflections" on material of walls!

And the last one, the first scene but without any materials (only windows and the door have it) here the same problem

Please any help with a decision! Thank you

(Sorry for my English)
I made this super quick after downloading the new nersion of Corona today. It's two primatives, a light and a plane. Take a look at it and you'll see how simple it is to get something with volumetric shading pretty quickly. Just used a couple of noise shaders and played around until they felt OK. I used an HDRI in my sky, but used just a light material in the attached scene.

General Discussion / Re: rendering large images
« Last post by Juraj Talcik on Yesterday at 20:54:56 »
I would like to note, that DPI of the file is important as for the overall document, it makes difference for vector graphics/fonts.

It still doesn't mean the raster graphic need to have such large input. 17meter billboards are not shot with latest medium format PhaseOne just because the print is large, or in panorama mode to get more pixels into single photo.
The photos there are in 95perc. never more than 24-50mpx in origin (shot on regular full-frame SLR), so 8k render is enough whether it's 2 meters or 20 meters. Even the AI upscaling is fully optional.

Just because we can (in rendering compared to photography) doesn't really mean we should or have to. Enough CGI guys get suckered into this uneducated nonsense and soon enough it will be requested regularly. Let's not make this a thing !
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