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I need help / Re: Ornatrix problem
« Last post by Daskydesign on Today at 14:26:37 »
I forgot the attachment :D
Hardware / Re: 4k monitor workflow
« Last post by mike288 on Today at 14:06:21 »
OK, great. What about VFB? Do you experience the slow response that you are talking about also there? Still if you can record a screen capture, so I can see your setup and actions, it would be great.
Hardware / Re: Memory per core?
« Last post by nauticus25 on Today at 14:04:25 »
Thanks Ondra.  That settles it, then.  New render nodes have been ordered.  Can't wait to run the benchmark! 
Gallery / Re: V SPACE
« Last post by hseenfx on Today at 13:09:25 »
Thank you very much guys for the feedback ..and about denoising you are absolutely right .. images could get away with lighter denoiser but i couldn't wait more on them in render beacuse they were already taking too much time since i did this project on a laptop.
Bug Reporting / Re: corona 1.7 interactive render problem
« Last post by cexec on Today at 13:08:25 »

I'd like to report the same problems with interactive rendering since updating to Corona 1.7, Max 2016.
It never took that long to load the scene into the IR window before. Now, I often have to wait couple of minutes until the image appears, even while working on small scenes.
During that time the IR window is either black or pixelised (see attached image).

contacted rebus about this
I can ask all of my colleagues to report this as well if that helps.

I don't know why other people don't report this bug but for me it's quite annoying.

If i could "collapse"  the ligthmix, when i turn on denoise i wouldn't have to be concerned about what passes are being denoised because i would just have the beauty pass looking like my previous lightmix. This would save a lot of time by not denoising light passes.

We work with very tight deadlines and it's quite common to have 5 views inside the same file (because it's interconnect spaces) , and that means that we also end up having a lot of lights for all of those views.

If you could fix this before version 2.0 it would be very appreciated.

P.S.- As a side note i have 5 licenses attached with this account so i'm representing at least 5 people :)

I need help / Re: Ornatrix problem
« Last post by Daskydesign on Today at 13:03:23 »
Hi Maru, I've tried your solutions but as you can see from the attached image nothing has changed.
I set GIvsAA at 6 and change the hair end with a value greater than 0.

Does it seem that there is nothing to be able to work with Hair and Fur animation in Corona.
I need help / Re: Corona and Thinking Particles Issue
« Last post by Ondra on Today at 12:56:49 »
sorry, we did not get to this yet
I need help / Re: C-1.7 some ID masks render with ghosted beauty
« Last post by Ondra on Today at 12:50:59 »
Pavel is currently debugging this
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