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Feature requests / Re: Cryptomatte support like in vray 3.6
« Last post by OccultMonk on Today at 04:59:37 »
Bump, I would still really like better/full support for Cryptomatte :-)
Feature requests / Better OSL Support for 3dsmax 2019
« Last post by OccultMonk on Today at 04:44:24 »
Here is an interesting thread about OSL. It can be used for generating curvature maps and many other things. Arnold currently seems to have better support for OSL than Corona.

"Some Raytracing elements are only supported by Arnold since Arnold nativly supports OSL.
Most of the OSL maps works with other renderes, some has tracing calls which developers must support."

Interesting thread on Polycount:
Okay, to answer my own question looks like "Highlight clamping" fixed it.
Hi all,

I have a scene of an interior with just with camera movement/pan, all lights stay the same. When I render the animation, I get a light flicker in the reflection. What is causing it? I am using "load UHD Cache from file" option and "Animation (flicker-free)" preset, all other settings are a default.
In the gif attached you can see an example of the flicker.

Thanks for suggestions
Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Layered material doesn't work properly
« Last post by burnin on Today at 01:48:42 »
It is layered. Based on your source. Those changes were made only on 'sclera' everything else is left untouched.

Layering from my limited tests, works properly. 

About your understanding...

Hmmm... i don't think you see clearly, thus don't fully understand neither the basic principles nor see the whole picture yet... What computer shading, light transportation is. Also, it seems to me, you're mixing 2D effect with 3D, and also surface shading model properties with volume shading model properties influencing each other as is in nature.

From my understanding... Here (within binary code) we are still mostly (happily) approximating what science finds as physically real and possible to simulate as light transportation with binary calculus. Thus we simplify and make such simulations possible and as plausible as they can be within our limited tech. Why surface shading model is different, a separated mathematical model than volume is.
While in reality Substance (pure or mixed elements) is the Volume and the Surface combined holistically intertwined and mostly defined by micro/nano/molecular/atomic structural pattern that photons collide within thus push each other further, from an atom to an atom... with the speed of light.

& again, of course, i could only be imagining it all... Thus I can only forgive. Hope you can too.

My advice: keep learning.
Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Layered material doesn't work properly
« Last post by danielsian on Today at 00:01:50 »
Thanks burnin for you time in replying to me. I really appreciate it.

I understand the phisically accurate principle in Corona, and because of that I'm not questioning why I can't use refraction and SSS in the same material.
In my mind, logically, a layered material should be the solution.
Like in photoshop, we mask layers to reveal what is under.
Looks like the layered material is unfinished, sometimes it has a strange behavior.
The slots inside it should be independent, but this is not what happen.
I understand the volumetric issues from SSS and the surface issues from refraction, but it seems we are ignoring the most basic principle of CGI. Everything is fake in this world.
And Corona calculates everything with precision, what is awesome, but should give some control to the artist take advantage of this fake world. This control means to use a layered material to mask 2 different  materials without problems.
I need help / Re: Gamma Baked into Jpeg for diffuse?
« Last post by Njen on Yesterday at 23:38:17 »
*If* you are using exr's, and using a program like Nuke, it is way more convenient and simpler to work linearly with a gamma of 1 on everything.

I understand the title was specifically about jpg's, but if someone wanted to work with a gamma of 1, I thought I would mention it.
Gallery / Re: Pavilion House
« Last post by kgWUmu0Wo1 on Yesterday at 23:34:49 »
Indeed it's very photo-realistic but I would try to work a bit more on the glass, somehow it's too perfect compared to the rest of the scene (like the ground leaves).

Good job!
Corona for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v3 released
« Last post by burnin on Yesterday at 23:05:39 »
Yes, thank you very much Ondra, for continuous support & motivation :)
Bug Reporting C4D / Re: Copy and Paste Layered Materials
« Last post by burnin on Yesterday at 23:01:56 »
I think that's the concept that Cinema4D simply doesn't acknowledge. There's no C4D layered material in AR or PR, so there's no need to support such action with the code (no referencing a material within a material) - observed same in Indigo.

Copy/Paste them all
in one go/single action (this way connections stay; also watch out for naming conventions - no duplicates)

disclaimer ;)
Based on experience so, let developers chime in, explain, confirm...
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