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Bug Reporting / Re: VFB lags
« Last post by mh on Today at 01:44:12 »
Hi guys

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think it's Windows performance issue as everything else is running smoothly.

It seems to be scene independent - it happens on both current project file, a blank new scene (even without any objects) and on old files that were previously fine. I am running Corona 4 HF1, I can't switch to 5RC yet as I am in full production mode right now and rely of render farms. I have the usual set of plugins (Forest Pack, RailClone, floor generator etc) but it happens irrelevant to the fact if they are in the scene or not. And it happens in both IR and production render.

The issue is a bit similar to what nkilar has posted, though it seems even more obvious in my case. But the weird thing is that it definitely happened after installing 3ds Max 2018 and it propagated itself to 2016 as well, which was previously running ok (on Monday). Is there something being installed with the 3ds Max installation that might have caused this, and might be worth trying to reinstall/update?
Hi everyone,
This is the first time I'm publishing on this forum!

Finally, after ages, I've managed to spend some of my free time updating my portfolio, and this is the first few images that I created.

The main focus while working on this project was on image composition and lighting with the aim of creating different atmospheres and feelings in a modern public building.
Bug Reporting / Re: VFB lags
« Last post by iancamarillo on Today at 00:03:14 »
I've had to uncheck "show window contents while dragging" in performance options in windows. might help
I need help / Re: Render to network path & open rendered image in VFB
« Last post by mancdan on Yesterday at 22:57:47 »
Lots of reasons for the CIE - e.g. you just want to do some adjustments to an image, you don't have to wait for Max to open. You want to just edit an image, you won't have the chance to confuse yourself that the image in the VFB is from the current scene where you can get into a bit of a mess by erasing your image by starting or resuming a render where the scene doesn't match the image. The CIE is "leaner and meaner" so can do some things faster since it's not inside Max. You can batch script the CIE to process multiple images at once. And so on :)


Cheers for this!
Gallery / Re: The Depression Short Film
« Last post by Ufuk Pamuk on Yesterday at 22:56:32 »
Hey arqrenderz! Thank you so much
I made a mistake because I couldn't fully learn the forum. Thank you.
I need help / Re: free experimental scene with caustics in corona4
« Last post by evalery on Yesterday at 20:09:01 »
so i tried again to render the scene with the glass (from the beginning of the thread) with some changes of materials and lighting, i mean simplifying it and i had a funny error (attached)

Hi Evalery,

Do you mind if we share this scene with Autodesk? We have found a strange occasional crash in this scene and it seems to be caused by the gradient texture in it.



Hi Rowan,

Yes, sure please share it, it's absolutely OK. Can you please then let me know what was the problem with the gradient, I'm just curious.


Gallery / Re: Noir
« Last post by PauloRosario on Yesterday at 19:50:16 »
Nice. I really like when someone try a new approach.
I need help / Re: Corona network licence
« Last post by Frood on Yesterday at 18:23:58 »
Glad to see it's working now. And thanks for the feedback,

Good Luck

Gallery / Re: Noir
« Last post by iancamarillo on Yesterday at 18:22:09 »
This set instantly inspired me. Really special images. Thank you
Gallery / Re: MOSCOW METRO concept
« Last post by Noah45 on Yesterday at 17:32:33 »
Super artwork and renderings. I also MB peoples, seems the first renderings stairway could use a few 'slower ' peeps?
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