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I need help Cinema 4D / Re: Volumetric Fog in C4D (not mist)
« Last post by TomG on Today at 18:19:09 »
Ok, that bug report has been checked, and it wasn't using a 3D space for the Noise shaders (World, or Object), but was using Texture. This incorrectly worked in earlier versions of Corona.

So, if you have the Noise set to some 3D mapping and are still having problems, it would help if you could send us the scene :) Thanks!
Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: "Inside Volume" broken in Volume material
« Last post by TomG on Today at 18:17:14 »

So (as you know from direct discussion) we've looked into this - mapping for the Noise needs to be some 3D, such as Object or World. The noise here is set to Texture, which "uses World but then applies the projection from the material tag", and the mat tag projections are all 2D projections rather than 3D.

The solution is to swap the Noise shaders to World or Object.

From what we can see, it should never have worked in Texture mode in earlier versions of Corona (looks like the "then applies the projection from the material tag" was not being done, leaving it as Object space) - which means the current version is working as intended, even if earlier versions did not :)
I need help Cinema 4D / Re: How to use Zdepth in Cinema4d?
« Last post by houska on Today at 18:09:29 »
Can you post a screenshot of your setup?
I need help Cinema 4D / How to use Zdepth in Cinema4d?
« Last post by TeoRossi93 on Today at 17:56:24 »
Hey guys, I can't figure out how to setup zdepth pass correctly and i can't find documentation about it.
I have my zdepth pass in the multipass tab, I set the minimum and maximum z depth according to my camera settings but I do get complete black zdepth pass.
Any quick tutorial on how to set this up correctly?
Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Ambient Occlusion
« Last post by lollolo on Today at 17:43:34 »
@beanzvision I thought that material stacking is only possible with Corona Layer Material..
Was it always possible in the past?
But very cool!

I learned something new about Corona today :)
Gallery / FERRETTI YACHTS 960 Interior
« Last post by buildAV on Today at 17:42:04 »
Hello everyone ,

Here is our visualization for a Ferretti yacht interior, we used a reference images of an existing yacht, and we tried to achieve good images with high quality of realism.
The project was made by Build team.
Here you can have a tour inside the interactive scene that we made for the Yacht :

Studio: build Architektur-Visualisierung UG
Non-Commissioned Project.

build Architektur-Visualisierung has been creating high-quality and realistic visualizations and interactive architecture since 2015.
You can find more information about our services at
Please also check our Behance profile to see more of our work

Feature requests / Re: Improved behavior of IES lights
« Last post by ankerstjerne on Today at 17:28:18 »
It would be nice if the intensity was manually loaded, with the option to override of course. But are you also saying, or suspecting, that even when inputting the correct intensity into a Corona Light, the output intensity is not correct? How do we know that the photometric light is not wrong?

I have no way of really testing this. But based on my experience of corona lights generally being buggy with IES files, I am inclined to believe the photometric light is behaving 'correctly'.

Can you please provide some comparison screenshots?

Here are some shots from my test file. All lights in these images are loaded with the same IES file from the iguzzini website (renowned manufacturer).
For the sake of clarity, I want to point out that lumen is the unit used to measure luminous flux which is the total amount of light emitted from a light source regardless of direction.
The IES file is a capture of how this light is distributed in different directions. Therefore I consider lumen the logical unit to use when inputting intensity for an IES file: The lumen value defines how much light is emitted. The IES file decides where the light goes.

Left: Corona light set to 25mm disc, intensity: 50(default). Right: Corona light set to 25mm sphere, intensity: 50(default). Result is identical.

Left: Corona light set to 25mm disc, intensity: 800lm. Right: Corona light set to 25mm sphere, intensity: 800lm. Result is not identical.

Left: Photometric light, intensity: 570lm (loaded from IES file). Right: Corona light set to 25mm sphere, intensity: 570lm. This is the issue OJ also showed in his images. NB. exposure was raised in this image to make up for weak intensity of photometric light.

To summarize my problem: It doesn't really matter to me whether Corona or 3ds max lights are 'correct'. I have other software for lighting calculations that need to give me precise values hitting a surface. In a render, the exposure can be adjusted anyway, as with a camera. BUT as long as corona lights are buggy and the user interface for IES files is opaque (as illustrated above), I am still more confident using the photometric lights for IES files. And this is where I have a problem: not being able to use corona lights and photometric lights in the same scene with any confidence that the lumen values are reliable.

Thanks for taking part in the discussion! Again, all suggestions, comments and corrections are welcome.
Best - Christian.
Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Ambient Occlusion
« Last post by beanzvision on Today at 17:28:01 »
@beanzvision would be nice if you can tell, how to put grime on the upper edge (top to bottom) as ask in the last post. thanks a lot!
At present this is a bit tricky to do. However, I would suggest a workaround by using a secondary shader and stacking that on your object. I have attached an updated scene for you to explore. I hope that helps.

Gallery / YEAR ZERO
« Last post by stawski on Today at 17:21:53 »

After series of catastrophic events in the world in 2042, humanity goes through an intense process of extinction when the world is plagued by thousands of nuclear warheads, releasing lethal doses of radiation into the air. The radioactive cloud of Cesium-137 and Iodine-132, contaminated countries from the west to the east. The only survivors who remained on earth are in emergency shelter caps provided by the government.

3dsmax | Corona Renderer
Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Soft selection > Crash
« Last post by lollolo on Today at 17:06:22 »
I updated to hotfix 2 but it didn't change something.

Successfully uploaded as
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