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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Re: Soft selection > Crash
« Last post by lollolo on Today at 17:06:22 »
I updated to hotfix 2 but it didn't change something.

Successfully uploaded as
Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« Last post by Jens on Today at 16:24:37 »
Thanks Juraj! Will get into bios tomorrow and look at the details. Too many instances of max open right now to justify a reboot hehe

(sorry for high-jacking your thread Stephan ;) )
I need help / Re: Corona Licence also offline working ?
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:09:44 »
A couple of hours, definitely :)
PM sent with download link

Hardware / Re: Ryzen 9 3950X build
« Last post by Juraj Talcik on Today at 16:02:08 »
CPU to two ports, not Y-splitter. I think I connected case fans through Fractal PWM controller (small split board), which I don't remember if also came with C case, or my R6 previously.

Sorry for vagueness, it's been one month :- D I honestly don't remember.
Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« Last post by Juraj Talcik on Today at 15:55:19 »
If you get blue screens, that there is definitely something wrong on hardware level, at best driver level.

Do you have good PSU? What do you mean running "standard" on memory means? Loaded XMP profile? What Capacity & Frequency & Timings is it? On which board?

Swapping is virtual memory, when Windows offloads data from system memory onto your (mostly) main drive. With large enough memory, this isn't strictly necessary anymore, and while Windows should be efficient in deciding when to do this... it doesn't mean it can be trusted.
thanks a lot Rhodesy!

by the way we prepare atm a great new 1.1 update, free to all Q-TILE-PRO users, with new features, a much simpler to use GUI, and a new shader preset library interface with free extra  shader setup examples shipping.

after few days of testing it will be released(we notify all via email)

best greetings
Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« Last post by Juraj Talcik on Today at 15:50:50 »
Ok that's a really good usage, I wouldn't have guessed that sims can write that much data. I contemplated Raid 0 for a moment, but then saw that Q1 random access is even slightly bit worse for most part, so since I don't write anything at all to system drive, it wouldn't make sense.
But I am contemplating investing into Optane for system driver instead.

Good for you, Samsung claims their next drives will be "immortal" :- ).
Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« Last post by psanitra on Today at 15:41:23 »
What do you use Raid 0 NVMe for?

As main work drive. I do a lot of heavy Houdini sims and need both size and speed. Like on current job i do a 2-3 sim iterations a day,  roughly 1.5TB written, and maybe 2-4TB read back daily, Doing viewport previews, renders, converting volumes to vdbs, alembics, that kind of stuff, i can utilize both 32cores and NVME drives with running 1-8 deadlines slave on single workstation. Some times i can see disk the utilization peak over 50% on raid 0, running 2x2TB Samsung Evo. I wonder how long those drives will last...
I need help / Re: Corona Licence also offline working ?
« Last post by marcello on Today at 15:31:55 »
thanks for the answer.
So working couple of hours offline should be fine ?

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