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Title: Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD – Status and Downloads
Post by: Jan Špaček on 2018-11-15, 09:51:07
Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD is now in Alpha version that can be freely downloaded and used. It is not yet ready for production, we are waiting for your feedback, suggestions and bugreports to guide our development. We will publish any updates and new version of the plugin on this forum.

The plugin is available for ARCHICAD in versions 18* to 22, on 64-bit Windows only.

* Please note that the support for ARCHICAD versions 18 and 19 is experimental, so you may encounter some issues or crashes. CoronaProxy and CoronaLight will not work with these versions. We will decide whether to support these outdated versions depending on your feedback.

This post will be kept up-to-date, you can always find the latest version here.