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Title: Calibration "rig" model
Post by: maknu on 2018-12-06, 20:21:11
I'm not usre I'm calibrating my materials in a neutral environment. A template .pln with with proper lighting would be really helpful.
Title: Re: Calibration "rig" model
Post by: Jan Špaček on 2019-01-06, 09:32:07
Hi! I'm not sure I understand you well; do you want to be able to use an arbitrary .pln file in the material preview inside the material editor? Note that there are multiple shapes for this object, and you can also rotate it, adjust its radius and/or the light intensity. The main light used in the preview is pure white, with another smaller light with a slight blue tint.

You can also preview the edited material directly in your scene, if you start interactive rendering before you open the material editor. (Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, you cannot start interactive rendering when the material editor is already opened.)
Title: Re: Calibration "rig" model
Post by: maknu on 2019-01-07, 09:54:44
I'm looking for something like the attachment. A .pla with an environment and sun/sky and the cool looking thingy used for applying the materials. I'd like to focus only on the material settings and not sun and or sky etc. If I could use one controlled environment for my materials I could create consisten material settings better...I assume. I'm maybe totally lost here and maybe the material preview is good enough...?