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Title: Shadow output multipass
Post by: Nuno on 2019-02-14, 13:36:04

I am trying to extract the shadow pass as it is when I render the final image, by using multpass shadow. But, the results are not the same am I doing something wrong?

What I am trying to do is... when I render the image I cut the desired objects with a alpha mask (so that I after can introduce any king of BG) and then insert the shadow pass, but the shadow pass comes out grainy and not as expected (at least to me).

The only way I could achieve a comparable look in the shadows was by disabling seen by camera on the objects and then use a pure white floor and render as a normal render image. This way the shadows are as I expect them and can be used for composite.

Here's some images and the file I am using for the test, am I missing something?

Thank you in advance :)