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Hello again, Walter!

Sorry to hear about the crashes and the lagginess. Could we have the scene from you to be able to debug the issue? It would help us tremendously. Thanks for reporting!


here you could download an easy movie that show you the slowness in load scene and refreshing material... as you could see at the start the material refresh it is very slow and fortunately in this scene we have only a few material:

the scene it is a free stuff that you could download here:

concerning the continuously crash during the render on the OSX, i will try to prepare a scene, cause I could not send you my client project file. As soon as possible i will send you.

Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:16:51
Version: B2 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R20.030 S
OSX: high sierra 10.13.6

Hi Walter!

Is this taking longer than with older Corona versions?

yes... older version are fast to open and prepare to render.... this version it take a long long time to refresh material and prepare to render.... and also in the OSX version had the same problem.... it start to render and after 50 or 100 passes, it crash every time.... :-(

the problem is when i open a scene, the material load and prepare scene to render take a long long long time... impossibile to work. This is the stuff:
Build timestamp: Oct 31 2018 17:16:51
Version: B2 (core 3)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R20.030 S
OSX: high sierra 10.13.6

anyone notice that?!?

Hi Walter, Sorry for the delay. I did not see your other thread so I apologize. I have downloaded your report and have forwarded it to one of our developers. I will return to you as soon as I have more information to give you. Thanks!

any news about this issue??? i still con't work with corona B1 under OSX... corona crash everytime...

sorry for the up... but there is any way to solve this problem?
i cannot use corona... under OSx yosemite he does not work....

as I report in another thread and don't have any answer, and as other users note, I cannot work with corona under OS X Yosemite.
When render start, after 200-300 passes, corona crash... he seems to be working but if i try to save the .cxr, corona crash or unexpectedly close cinema... i don't really know what to do, cause I cannot work with it... no matter scene size.. no memory problem ( under windows he work perfectly in a computer with less memory )... the only thing I know is that with OS X yosemite , corona don't work...
I attach the bug report... i hope someone could help me soon with this problem


I am using 10.10.5 & 10.13.3... with R18, almost run renders fine, facing some crashes which I do posting at forum.
Try few step... to find where its crashing... maybe helpful to render.
Its a big scene... disable/hide few objects (both red light) and try render and then few... I hope you will find that.
Try one render with orverride... see its still crashing or no, if it not... check materials.

I hope you will find the crash...!


i'm sorry but i've already done all the possible step that I could imagine... this is why i  made this post... the problem seems to be related to big resolution... after some step ( 10 o r20 or 60 etc..etc.. ) corona crash... only in OS X version... on windows everything goes fine.... i'm really sad.. :-(

is there any way to solve this problem on OS X or we have to turn back to some RC older version??
we cannot render on OS X with the latest version.... :-(

it happened only when the mac is inactive for me.

I can render 300+ passes without crash if i move the mouse. But if the mac is in sleep mode it crash after some passes ..

no sleep mode... no screensaver active.. no energy safe mode... in some scene the crash happen after 10 or 20 passes.... or when i try to save the CXR file.... i don't understand why....

Happened to me very often.

C4D freeze after a couple of passes, like 35 40 ...

the same thing happen to me.... don't matter the count of passes but, in OS X c4d freeze everytime with corona.... 50 - 60 - 100 passes.. once you try to save the CXR files  c4d and corona crashes....
in the WIN version everything seems to work fine....

cannot render with corona under OS X yosemite 10.10.5 and cinema 4d studio r19. unfortunately i cannot post the scene... but the same scene, rendered in the PC WIN renders fine.... same scene... same resolution everything it's the same... rendered at 4000 x 2000 in OS X corona crash after some passes.... i have a mac pro late 2013 with 32 G of ram.... the PC it is a simple i7 with 16 G of ram... and if i renders the scene in the PC at 7000 x 3500 everything is fine.... in the mac version corona crash....
i use:
Build timestamp: Feb  5 2018 10:05:29
Version: B1  (core 1.7)
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R19.053 S

in little words,on OS X , the renders start and seems to work fine.... when i try to save a CXR step, the plugin crash and i have to force the exit in cinema 4d... a cannot understand what's happen. I post a screenshot and the bug report.txt.
thanks a lot


Yes, I do have a hard time understanding what your problem is. You're the only one with that problem.
From your last post, I'm not even sure what you mean.

So your botched workflow with normals doesn't work anymore because the normal shader works as it should?
Maybe there were changes, or maybe not? How could we find out?
Maybe one could consult the wise man on the mountain or read the patchlogs! But instead, you meander around on the forum.
Just do it properly from now on and you won't have any problems.

even with other kind of problems I was the only one... and thanks to Nikola I solved them privately .... unfortunately I do not have any more time to waste with your useless speeches ... do not be sad if you do not understand....


The normal maps work fine. burnin and he previous posters already said everything.
A while ago, in your thread, we have "found out" that Corona uses DX maps(flip Y), but you refused to accept that things are handled differently.

I'm sorry but I made other test, with other normal map and using your method of swapping red or green or both... the result is similar but the corona normal shader don't work well for me, and the results is not equal to the one gives other engine.... the only way to obtain the exact result is using a leveled material as I posted in my scene, and not changing the normal color... OpenGL or direct X I expect that a map, work fine in any engine render...  that's my opinion...

Your expectations of how things ought to be don't matter nor will things change according to them. Just accept it and advance. Do it properly in the future and spare us and yourself the hassle. If you are too lazy to make a small change to your old materials(in case you even need them), then that's your problem.

the case I report now i totally different from the post i've posted ago... in fact in the previous post layered normal or corona normal works fine till alpha A5... now i'm reporting that normal done with alpha A6 don't works fine with the last rc1 version ( r19 and OS X yosemite ) ... this are two different thing... if you don't know what i'm discussing and the problem I'm reporting please shut up... maybe you are to lazy to understand what I'm discussing of....

@ Walterfog

IMHO, your example shows "How Normal Maps should NOT be handled".

my example show how normal map work correctly till the last alpha A6 of corona... if  now the way to handle normal is changed, then I have to change all material with normal map....

Well I'm sorry if I am repeating myself but if the only thing that is bothering you is the "missing texture" icon then you can safely ignore it. It works.

For the facets, that happens when you have a really rough / strong normal plugged in so if you hit render in your scene you'll probably see the polygons on that sphere. That is "normal" for Corona and you'll need to adjust the strength value to an earthly value :)

this is due at something changed from alpha a6 and the last rc1 beta 1 ? cause in the last alpha a6 it works fine... same object... same project.. same material... same normal setting... probably in the last RC1 beta 1 normal setup is changed....

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