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Jobs / Re: Freelancer needed for simple interior set
« on: 2019-03-13, 13:33:56 »
I would like to know more also :)

Gallery / Re: Audi r8
« on: 2018-11-07, 09:02:01 »
Ahhh that makes sense now :) Thank you for clarification.

Gallery / Re: Audi r8
« on: 2018-11-05, 09:26:23 »
Weird that it took so long, materials are very basic (like a CAD sketch almost) :/

Gallery / Re: Lake Of Love
« on: 2018-10-01, 07:57:13 »
Amazing work :) love it!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Custom Honda NX650 Tracker
« on: 2018-09-21, 08:35:58 »
Sick stuff :) I just love those ultra-detailed models/materials. Keep us updated :)

Gallery / Re: BMW X3 CGI Shots
« on: 2018-08-02, 09:05:41 »
Really nice renders :)

Only thing that I have noticed that bothered me a bit is that front-face shot which appeared to have skewed/distorted lights (probably glass material refraction or something)... check the real thing here for comparison.

Other then that specific camera view, it looks top notch!

Looking good like always :)

Gallery / Re: Westworld tribute
« on: 2018-04-21, 19:02:37 »
And another still :) again inspired by the Westworld intro

Just a note that for physically accurate materials, all dielectric materials should always have 100% white reflectivity. It all comes down to adjusting the glossiness and bump. If you have set reflectiveness to anything other than white, then you are effectively telling the shader to reflect back less energy (light) than it is receiving, which goes against the theory of energy conservation where a surface should not reflect more or less energy than it receives.

Exactly :) That's why I added white reflection material with 75-80% multiplied thin film texture over it to simulate the effect. Anyway, glad that we got this sorted out :)

Nice! Would be much appeciated!

There, a simple scene that I used for testing. You will have to plug some HDR map into light material for the sky since I didn't send you mine (was around 150mb). Updated the scene with Corona Layered material (1 base, 1 reflection mat) for easier management.

Looks pretty dern good, thanks! Now I just have to switch from C4d to 3ds Max... maybe it's time to learn both.

No, no, no :) This is Corona for C4D! If you like it I can send you the scene that you can play with (it's C4D R19 though). You can use C4D's native Thin Film texture, it's working great with Corona.

Hmm, maybe using Thin Film in reflection slot of Corona material with multiply over standard reflection color could work. You would have to play a little bit with thin film thickness and IOR to get the desired effect.

Here is a quick test with normal texture in diffuse, reflection white with glossiness 0.8 and added thin film into reflection texture slot (multiply 0.8) Thin film thickness at 350nm and IOR 1.5

Tweaking IOR and thickness through interactive render gives you various amount of results that you can check until you find what you need :)

Lightning is a single HDR only.

Also, you can use Corona Layered material and have one mat for the reflection and another one for the base if you prefer (I have set it up like that in my test scene that I have posted in last post).

Could you give us some example of an effect you are trying to achieve?

Gallery / Re: OccultArt Giant Head
« on: 2018-04-17, 09:21:58 »
This is just fantastic :) Love the amount of details and especially the materials... really amazing!

General CG discussion / Re: octane 4
« on: 2018-04-17, 08:31:47 »
Holy $hit :O I completely missed the "free tier" part.... this is really amazing for small users and freelancers. Honestly, 2 GPU-s (especially of high class like GTX 1080/Ti or Titan) are more then enough for normal work, hell even one of those is blistering fast for product rendering for example. This is pretty huge to be honest!

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